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Don’t Just Blame The Police.

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( Ferguson, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis and the list goes on. There are many good police officers who risk their lives every day and yes there are officers who should themselves be in prison. Who are you expecting to fix the problems of rogue police, police brutality and young African American men with targets on their backs? Some of the problem is in the poor training of officers like the mere 10 weeks of training many officers have. Some of the problem is racist police who should never have passed the psychological exam they took before being hired. Some of the problem is gung ho cops who should take that bs to Afghanistan against people who can bring it back in their faces. But some of the problem is our people – the weed, the sagging pants, the resisting arrest, the violence, the driving without a license, the funky confrontational attitudes and parents who will not be real parents.

If you fit the profile, you will be profiled. It’s not right, it’s not fair and it may not even be legal in many cases, but it’s reality. Some of the problem is that we do not hold our elected officials accountable for those they hire and appoint and they know we won’t so they don’t hold the police accountable. Some of the problem is that we are not teaching our children how to be respectful, how to interact with the police and what our children’s rights are. You should always know where your children are and in 2015, they should not be where they do not have to be.

Some of the problem is that many of our people do not have enough respect for themselves or insight for the future so they do not respect others – and they pass this slavery mindset on to their children. Some of our people are too busy carjacking, robbing, raping, beating women, skipping school, cranking out babies, getting money, smoking weed, selling booty, playing crabs in a basket (like the Kings) and watching sports to care what is happening to our people as a whole. Police-2015

Some of the problem is that many of you are letting trashy Nikki Minaj, Little Wayne, Playstation 4 and Grand Theft Auto train your children. WAKE UP! Make your children go to school. Ask to see their homework. Encourage them. Be the example they need. Spend time with them. Talk to them then LISTEN. Are you hearing their fear, their anger, their frustration, their desperation and their hopelessness? Give them hope that they have a future, don’t just blame the police.

Yes the police often stereotype based on their experiences, criminal profiles, reasonable suspicion and guilt-laden factors. But they are also dealing aggressively with what our people are producing. This does not mean police officers should shoot unarmed young men or use excessive force. And if they do, they should go to prison. But are you holding the district attorney’s office accountable when they will not prosecute police officers? Are you going to meetings, mobilizing others and calling for the resignation of the police chief, the district attorney or the supervisor who let rogue police officers get away “with murder”? Or are you ambivalent and too busy until it happens to someone in your family. We are connected and we must unify in support of each other. Wake up, don’t just blame the police.

Are you waiting on President Obama to fix the problem? I told everybody when the President was elected the first time that he was NOT a savior. But our people got mad at me. Now the record shows that African-Americans are worse off than before President Obama got in office. And yes I have the facts to prove it. Has he done some good things? Yes. But overall he is a team player and not just for our team. The presidency is bigger than any one man and the agenda is set by forces much more powerful than a president (Rothschilds, Rockefellers etc.)

Do I blame the president for everything? No. Did he fix everything for our people? No and realistic people should never have expected him to. Your leader and your hero is in the mirror, not President Obama nor Martin Luther King Jr. We need to step up and be examples for our children – not Xbox, not Little Wayne and not Nikki Minaj. We need to know where our children are, tell them to pull up their pants and teach them how to deal with law enforcement or how not to fit the profile.We need to hold our elected officials accountable when the police who answer to them are abusive. But we are not doing it. That is our fault. People do what you allow them to do and our people have not unified in a preventive effort hardly at all.

Furthermore, there is rampant black on black crime but there are few marches, rallies and protests for that, if any. Why wouldn’t Zimmerman or a rogue white officer think they could get away with murder when they see how we are ambivalent unless it happens to our families, divided and more interested in who won the freakin game/ If we devalue “black life“, every other race, ethnicity or nationality will devalue “black life”. Our race is teaching other ethnic groups how to treat us by what we stand for, what we accept and how we treat each other.

As a former detective, I created a 16 page FREE Ebook on police brutality and what YOU can do about it. That being said, now let’s see how many of you email me at and request the free Ebook. This guide will give you 18 key things YOU can do to combat police brutality without placing yourself directly in harm’s way. Remember it is easier to blame the police than to accept that we are part of the problem if we are not part of the solution. What are YOU doing to address the problem? Get the Ebook and share it with everyone you know, especially our young people.

Staff Writer; Marque-Anthony


4 Responses to “Don’t Just Blame The Police.”
  1. toomanygrandkids says:

    Blame law enforcement is what a vast majority of blacks have been doing for years. Not just when situations do classify as brutality, but while criminals are doing illegal things and get caught for breaking the law. For years, blacks assumed that even criminals were innocent of charges and they still do. For some reason, there exist black people who think that every black person does nothing wrong even when there’s evidence to prove otherwise.

    But what should’ve had our attention was how black cops helped and protected drug dealers. They’ve been getting busted, sent to prison, and not being allowed to ever be cops again. Seems there are just as many criminal cops as street criminals.

  2. lolz@"marque says:

    Not bad. I like this one, i read the staff page this website has and im relieved to not see your name there. The guy who thinks homosexuality is the work of the devil and cannabis kills. although now i can vaguely comprehend why you passionally hate cannabis(being a former detective, your opinion toward the matter is biasly influenced). Perhaps you should of stayed as a detective, instead of becoming a freelance journalist. At least you would prob. end up shot or living off your shitty 401k and not spreading dangerously false ideologies(this article being a exception, for your intent is in the right place)

  3. MsScripter says:

    The police have been stopping and killing unarmed Black folks (not just men!) since the slave patrol. If one was in turned with their history, they would understand that. When brothers were wearing suits, they were getting beat and killed by police. As a matter of fact, they were even being lynched by law enforcement and nothing was ever done. Police brutality is deeply rooted in one’s history and they are ensuring the status quo is protected and keeping up with the tradition that Black lives do not matter.

    Lastly, when we loved our community, had our own businesses and ensure the safety of the community, that same community was burned to the ground by whites (including cops!) Over 3,000 men and women were burned alive and property were looted. I’m talking about Black Wall Street in Tulsa. When we were unified and utilized Black pride, COINTEPOL was introduced by J. Edgar Hoover and his racist gang, thus the unjust killing of many leaders and the mass incarceration of Blacks on phantom charges were introduced.

    I just wish we stop with the respectability argument and just analyzed history. The country was built on savagery and that tradition continues to be exhibit in the present. Pointed fingers at those who continue to be oppressed by these savages are misguided to say the least.

  4. Reese says:

    And it isn’t just black men, but also black women. But no one will address the role the black community and leaders play. These high profile black men were in some cases breaking the law and some even attacked the police or resisted arrest. You do not fight the police in the street period. They have a system set up for rogue police and it isn’t marching and looting. Most criminals know this and choose to do one of three things. The first and most common is avoid the police at all times, the second is hide in plain site(pillars of the community who are the biggest criminals nobody knows). And the 3rd is the ones bad enough to provide protection of themselves and their communities without the police(mafia type)who you never hear of them getting beat down by the police because the cops are scared of consequences. We cannot say f the police and still rely of them for protection. Where is the black community sense of self reliance. Where are the men in community to provide protection? If we are unwilling to do this we will always be at the their mercy.

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