Why Bill Cosby is Under Attack.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Come on now, white women have always, and I mean always screamed rape and pointed her finger at a black man. That’s not nothing new. The generation of old bags pointing their fingers at Cosby is typical. And my god….they didn’t age well. But here are the facts. Bill Cosby is on the hot seat for three reasons:
First, the rich whites and Jews who use to protect and shield old Bill are gone now; dead. Cosby actually (probably) did rape half the women in question. The other half are just (wellin’) as the young folks call it. Everybody that made money off Cosby paid big bucks to keep his image clean. But like I told you before, once white supremacists are done with you they throw you away; no matter how much of a loyal dog you’ve been.
Second, the black male image is under serious attack. Black football players, new black serial killers popping up, anything negative whitecosbyandcamille supremacists can throw at you in the media about black men, they’re doing it. If you watch television one would really think white folks didn’t commit any crimes, wouldn’t you? Why? They’ve always done it but since Michael Brown’s vicious murder people all over the world saw the young, black male as a sympathetic character and a victim of American White Supremacy. And American media had to change the narrative and make it look like he and they deserve what they get.
Third, Bill Cosby literally went on tour for about 10 years dissing black folks, sounding like an angry white man instead of a man thanking black folks for their 50 years of support. Universal balance required Cosby’s nasty mouth and attitude to be humbled because he was out of control with his insults. Now, he literally went mum on everything. Do you see the CREATOR’s hand in that?
And look at Cosby’s wife. Quiet for 50 years. And if you think she didn’t know you’re a fool. Oh, and I guess you want me to tell why Cosby was raping white women? Okay, other then being a pervert, during Cosby’s life a black man in his industry caught hell crossing the color line. So, to get back at the white establishment he took his frustration out on young, white women. And at the same time satisfied his lust for them.

Why do you think his wife is so light skinned? He wanted to get as close to white as he could without going over. Yeah, you can be rich and famous and still have self hate. Look at rapper Little Wayne.

Staff Writer; Xavier James
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