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How To Know The Difference Between A Black Man And A N*gger.

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( Let’s be clear:  There are millions of black people who’ve been taught to believe that they are n*ggers.  If you don’t believe me, just listen to the radio and count the number of times you hear I’m a n*gga in Paris.”   Of course statements like “I’m a thug n*gga,” “I’m a rich n*gga,” “ we can make the distinction beween the ending with an “a” and the ending with “er,” and that distinction does matter, to a point.  But what is also true is that even ending the word with an “a” still means that you may have been tempted to adopt specific, self-destructive behavioral patterns consistent with your “Badge of N*gga Honor.”

For the purposes of this article, I’ll use the “er” ending, since that’s how I wrote it in the original piece.  We can debate the “a” vs. “er” ending at a later date.

I am going to focus this article on men, but here’s another thing to remember: To be a full fledge n*gger, (or n*gga) gender is irrelevant.  You can be male, female or even transgender.  The key is that you are fully indoctrinated into every type of brainwashing that the white man has made available to you.  You can get n*gger-training from your friends, your family or even your local radio station.  America’s Army of N*ggers is growing daily, and they’re always looking for a few good coons.

So, if you are wondering what a black man looks like when he has not yet been transformed into a n*gger, here are some differences you’ll want to keep in mind:

1)      A black man prides himself on seeking knowledge and education, even if he doesn’t have much to begin with.  A n*gger just loves being ignorant and might think it’s OK to be illiterate since he knows how to dribble a basketball.

2)      A black man saves and invests money to build wealth for his family, he might even start his own business.  A n*gger will brag to you about how he spent $1,000 at the club last night and will often be seen throwing money in the air.  He also makes fun of the black man with his own business because the big white corporation has given him a fancy job with a big office so he can live paycheck-to-paycheck until he cries racism after being downsized.blackmanvsniggers-2014

3)      A black man supports black – owned companies so they can create jobs for other black people.  A n*gger thinks black businesses are second-rate and would much rather spend his money on a $200 pair of Air Jordans at Foot Locker.

4)      A black man takes care of his children, providing them with the love, guidance and support they need.  A n*gger doesn’t know his kids’ middle names, doesn’t plan for their future and doesn’t even know who is taking care of them.  A niggerette doesn’t want the child’s father in his life, and lets any old man into her house so he can molest her kids when she’s not looking.

5)      A black man tries to live a productive lifestyle and avoid incarceration if possible.  If he is incarcerated, he uses this experience to gain a chance for redemption and an opportunity to help other young men learn from his mistakes.  A n*gger thinks that going to jail is a badge of honor, never learns from his mistakes and is happy to see his mama go broke bailing him out every time he does something stupid.

6)      A black man is somewhat disciplined about his sexual choices.  If he likes the ladies, he at least tries to respect the women he interacts with and tries to be responsible about his health.  A n*gger just wants to have a “flock of hoes” and hasn’t been tested for an STD in the last 14 years.   His p*enis is like a water gun, spraying fire at any working v@gina within a 100 mile radius.

7)      A black man, despite his mistakes, seeks to grow as a person and become more responsible. A n*gger has no concern about living in his mama’s basement and assumes that somebody else is going to take care of the kids he’s making every year.  Condoms don’t exist in the mind of a true n*gger.

8)      A black man pulls up his pants and at least tries to live a life of dignity, even if he is dead broke.  A n*gger is forever sagging, even at the age of 35.

9)      A black man is willing to take up arms to defend his community.  A n*gger will take up arms to go kill another n*gger.

10)   A black man will recite hip-hop lyrics that speak on how brilliant, proud and powerful, strong and intelligent he is, as well as the richness of black history.  A n*gger will recite lyrics bragging about how he’s high and sloppy drunk all the time and glad to get behind the wheel while he does it.

11)    The black man may want to study at Howard University or Morehouse College and learn about the greatness of his people.  The n*gger presumes he’s far better off at Harvard or Yale, since everything white is better.  He also thinks everything good was invented by a white man.

12)   Although he may sometimes date outside his race, the black man exalts and appreciates the beauty of black women.  The n*gger explains to you why he only wants to date white women because they will give him pretty kids with good hair.

13)   A black man is, quite simply, a MAN:  He stands up against racism, protects those that he loves, and is a block of power on which you build strong communities.  A n*gger is both a little boy and the one who thinks that the black man I’ve just described is “acting white.”  He also is the one who will read this article and say that I’m being “uppity” for even mentioning the ideas of black self-reliance and personal responsibility.  In fact, he’s complaining on my Facebook page right now.

On a serious note:  The truth is that we’re not perfect.  Most of us have been infected with the N*gger-virus on some level, myself included.  It’s all rooted in slavery, which affects us till this day.  But we’d be idiots not to realize how this flawed and destructive thinking is ruining our communities and keeping us enslaved.  Also, as much as people might want to read a polite, politically-correct article that makes everyone feel good, the truth is that times are too serious for us to bullsh*t one another.

At this point in our history, we have two choices:  Either strengthen ourselves or perish.   The Democrats don’t love you, the Republicans want to see you dead, the school systems want to keep your children stupid, white people aren’t going to ever give you enough good jobs, and the prison industrial complex sees your sons as a source of highly-profitable food.   If we do not hunker down and protect ourselves and our families, we will continue to be the class clowns of American society.

Part of the Financial Juneteenth/New Paradigm Concept is to help all of us heal from the ways of thinking that hold us back so we can take on new approaches to life that will allow us to live as free and empowered human beings.   So, I didn’t write this article for everyone, I only wrote it for my fellow Runaway Slaves, who are tired of living on somebody else’s plantation.  I wrote this for black people who aren’t afraid to stand up to the n*ggers and tell them that “we’re not going to let you destroy our community.”  Our revolution must begin with the mind and we must protect our children from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

It’s really that simple.

Staff Writer; Dr. Boyce Watkins 

Dr. Boyce Watkins is the founder of the Your Black World Coalition.  For more information, please visit


14 Responses to “How To Know The Difference Between A Black Man And A N*gger.”
  1. Publius says:

    God bless and keep you for having the courage to speak the truth.

  2. Jerome Almon says:

    This should be REQUIRED daily reading in every Black home. It is as simple as that you are a man or you are not.

  3. peckerwood says:

    jose is absolutely right, but dont waste your time on these feral vermin. seriously, the average IQ in their community is 85, just a few points above legal retardation. think about their top gun is the likes of sharpton, and jackson.

    when you talk about the thousands upon thousands of irish that lost their lives in the southern swamps, because like you mentioned they came here on their own, and did not have to be bought, and due to the british, had no choice but to take chances and continue coming here. the blacks never had the lives or had to go through what the irsh have. you would only know this if you ever researched or cracked a book on your own, hell, even pbs of all people did a documentary on it. again, they prefer to be hand fed and told what to think by their filthy handlers who are the ones that really benefit off their misery. say what you feel thats all you can really do, they are a lost and evil people that cannot be saved.

  4. Steve says:

    @Jose Salavar, you just exhibited a classic case of being monumentally ignorant as to how capitalism works, not to mention you clearly lack any knowledge of history or context. Do us all a favor and go back to sleep. It sounds like that’s what you did best through most of your academic career, although by some of your statements I seriously doubt you had.

  5. nell says:

    My grandfather was an irish slave. People been enslaving others since before recorded history. So done with this slave shit mentality. As a genealogist for hire I can say that the average black person has no idea who the hell their GP or GGP are anymore than any anglo-euros, asians, latinos or natives do. So unless u really study and research these matters, you dont really know if your ancestors included enslaved people. And that includes ALL races. Recent african slavery by no means holds the lock -down on slavery. So tired of lazy ass men and women of all races acting like victims. Would it KILL ya to crack book, get a degree, get some money? Sheeee. And NO hell to the no do black women need to apologize to black men in general. If anything, the reverse is true.

  6. Malcom Johnson says:

    The difference between a black person and a N

    Really? Co-opting the N word in a reverse-slut shaming type style? This just emboldens the use of N for misguided brothers, great now being a N is transient, its now a virus…its even now more-so in our culture.

    Why?! Airing our dirty laundry? More old-school and new-school victim-focused mentality? How original

  7. Jose Salavar says:

    Also just to clarify, i am not white

  8. Jose Salavar says:

    re: Ty Brown US Army
    Slavery has existed throughout all of human history and it exists even today, Africans are still currently enslaving other africans. You forget how whites and many other races have been enslaved throughout the millenia

    Barbary Pirates – over 1 million European whites enslaved by muslims, many killed
    invasion by Japanese against the Chinese and Koreans, many enslaved, pyres of their severed noses and ears from their captives
    Spartans enslaving other greeks and macedonians
    Lets talk about Genghis Khan, the atrocities he committed have never been done at that level even today ( including WW1 and WW2) . I don’t see any of these races blaming their oppressors. I like how you mention a movie, you do know that movies are not real, there is no such thing as Iron Man, Hulk or batman. They are not real, TV shows are also not real, i know its hard to separate fiction from reality. Did you know how much slaves cost in America during the 17th century, a good stocky adult, strong Black African male would cost between $3000 – $5000, recalculated for inflation that amounts to:
    In 2013, the relative value of $5,000.00 from 1774 ranges from $149,000.00 to $2,700,000.00.

    If I owned something worth $149,000, you think i would risk to injure or kill it there by reducing its value to 0. You should understand the difference between history and the past. History is what is popular and it is continuously revised to fit the narrative, while the past can be found in books from the 18th century, which actually give a more precise record of what actually was. I would not give as much emphasis on books published after 1910 onwards because of various agendas in play.

    The case of slavery is vastly overstated if you look at census figures for the South. If you also look at the details of those that ran the slave trade, from buying to transporting to selling, it was done mostly by the Jews. They practically controlled the port city of Rhode Island and Charleston where the slave markets used to be closed for Sabbath.

    How many centuries are you going to keep blaming whites for all your ills, and is it whitey’s fault that Africa is in such disarray too. You only have to look to Ferguson to prove my point, you loot steal and burn down everything around you, your gas stations, convenience stores, restaurants, then you demand that you get jobs and that you don’t have access to necessities. You riot, burn and loot, you transform a criminal with multiple arrest records to a gentle Messiah (Mike Brown). Your heroes are basketball players who just shoot a ball inside a net, or rap stars that degenerate everyone white, black and asian with their harmful messages, and football players who just run with a ball across the field. You don’t need me to point out how this would be destructive to future generations. The biggest issues is continuously perpetuating that slavery is to blame for all the failings when that is not the case at all. There were many free blacks in the North who never suffered through slavery and you also need to know that a few well off black people in America also owned slaves including white slaves, its more to do with economics and labor than persecution since slavery has happened to all races, black white , asian, mexican. Also, the anthropological record backs up that Europeans were in America several millenia before so called Native Americans who were not native to the North American continent. The europeans were most likely wiped out by so called Native american Indians, and the tribes of native Americans fought, killed and enslaved each other as well.

  9. Marie says:

    @ Jose Salavar
    Sounds like you’d be better off around those niggers that the author talks about. You’ve no place around Black people. Your face simple doesn’t fit, no is your miserable and retarded contribution wanted.

  10. Jose Salvar maybe YOU should read up on the past and consider all of U.S. History regarding slavery and the mentality that has been and still being cultivated today by the ” white” controled media. “Ass,ass,muh dick,getting high” is talked about and allowed only because it’s “entertainment” to you. But let the same entertainers say derogatory things about white Americans, it would be scrapped so quick you would think that a crime was comitted.

    You talk about the slavery of Irish people, please. Its always someone comparing “other” slavery to “black” slavery like it was all the same. I suggest you review the movie 12 years a slave and understand how not only the African man being sold out but how the white man systematically degraded them in a society that perpetuates this same idiology to this day. Do you think the term “white priveledge” was made up? Irish ancestry or any other race for that matter, don’t have to worry about not being hired because of their skin tone. Besides being triple qualified than a white man WITH a criminal history. And no thats not affirmative action, thats straight being biased and racist.People like you will soon die out to make way for a more diverse society. Until then, thank YOUR ancestors for creating the constitution….after stealing a land and calling it their own. ALL men created equal right?

  11. toomanygrandkids says:

    Does the black man know there’s a difference between men and niggers? I often wonder because so-called black men will not only claim ALL black males are the same’ but they’ll excuse niggerish behavior and actions.

    @Realman2…you are so right about that.

  12. Realman2 says:

    This was an interesting article – but in my opinion, the so called nigger always wins among blacks. A black man coming back to his community after earning a masters degree will basically get no kudos while a nigger getting out of jail/prison and going back home will get more respect from women, young people etc.

  13. reality_check says:

    You can’t be serious Dr. Watkins, I hope this was a joke. Who exactly are you posting these “This vs. That” articles for? Who is your intended audience?

    You know you have some brass gall, Dr. Watkins- you really do.

    How about adding this one to your list:

    #14) A real black man, instead of just talking about how great institutions like Howard and Morehouse are (See #11) and about how much he loves himself and his people, would actually demonstrate this love of self and community by using his intellect and knowledge to teach and advance the next generation of BLACK people. A n*gger would feign self-love and extol the praises of Historically Black Institutions all the while using his energies teaching and advancing WHITE people’s children at some lily white school in any east coast state of your choosing. And as if that isn’t enough, only a CERTIFIED n*gger would then write several articles crying foul, invoking racism and generally b*tching about the unfair treatment that he and his ilk experience on their journeys to advancing the great white race.

    Which side you fall on, Dr. Watkins?

  14. Jose Salavar says:

    This is a very interesting article, from what i have seen, the black man is a mythical creature even rarer than a unicorn. You mentioned that significant money is spent on Air Jordan, which as far as i know is owned by Black person. Hiphop and rap is destroying your community , why would you quote it, and rap lyrics are so childish all they have to do is rhyme, we used to make rhymes up in 3rd grade, and you see adults doing it and the crowds go nuts in jubilation. How about something more elevated like prose rather than ass, ass, muh-dick, getting high. The best part is avoiding all responsibility, blame it all on slavery. You should actually read up on the past, the irish were also bought to America as slaves (not indentured servants) and their value was less than half of African slaves so they had more abuse done to them and suffered more casualties. I don’t hear the irish complaining about their slavery past, most are not even aware of it, and they definitely don’t blame their problems on slavery. I bet 1000 years from now, black people will still blame slavery for all their failings and call out the white devil as the source of all their problems, and they will still be walking around with their pants around their ankles. TRUST ME you are better off in America than you ever were in Africa where they have cannibalism, mud huts, no running water, no indoor plumbing, famine, death and disease. You should be thankng your lucky stars that your stupid ancestors sold you to the white man for beads and weapons, if they had any brains they would have sold themselves, coming to america was the best thing that could have happened to them, You should be thanking white people for introducing you to civilization, you can all see first hand what happens when you let niggers run a city, Detroit was the crown jewel of Industrial America, and look what the niggers did to it, its looking more and more like one all the mismanaged African cities.

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