The Case to Ban Religion.

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( In making my case I first need to make some key points on the nature of religion and the intent in which the concept was conceived. Although there are many points to be made, I will only outline the few vital points that I believe will make my case clear.

First, religion itself was established by Adam (The first human being). The worship of god in his eyes was a way of calling back to earth the spirit of god (His Father). All the rituals ect, were a means by which he could summon back his father (Which he perceived as dead). Religion to him was a means of resurrection, meaning resurrecting the dead (i.e. God, His Father).

Which brings me to my next point, Adam was like an orphan on the earth whose parents had died, or left him behind. He was alone and he longed to be with his parents again- as any child would. And through that longing and love and sadness and grief he created (Religion) as a means to reunite with them through supernatural means. And long after Adams death his feelings have been passed down through humanity (His Children) that is why we long to see god as Adam did. Today in modern times we would call what Adam was doing ancestor worship, and that is correct – but in all religions (God) is the ancestor we are worshiping but many don’t see it that way.

And although this process of beckoning god to return is possible, it is morally wrong.

(Why?) Spirits have lived and transcended this material world and where they exist now is total and complete freedom (Paradise, Heaven). To beckon them to return to this material world is like asking a prisoner to return to prison after being free and living in Hawaii with millions of dollars for 50 years (How would you think that person would feel about that?).Creation of Adam - Michelangelo

Well, that is how spirits feel when they are beckoned back here to earth, they now perceive this material world as a “prison “. And to come back and be confined in flesh again, they would become resentful and angry – it would be the worst form of enslavement imaginable.  And they would perceive mankind as their jailer.

Which brings me to point out another aspect of religion which is offering the body as a “Host “ for Gods, or lesser spirits.

This too is a very bad idea and dangerous to the human being’s mind. We as human beings are not evolved enough which makes us mentally enable to encompass the mind of god – it is too massive and too powerful. It would literally destroy the mind because that is far too much information to compute in a human mind, the mind would overload. (Human minds are too fragile despite what we want to believe). The knowledge we have here on earth can drive a person insane, do we really believe we can handle the infinite knowledge of god?  

Secondly, to go a little deeper into the subject of knowledge, I believe we were created in god’s image of himself “as a child “un-evolved and unlearned. I believe his true intent was for us to live without the burden of knowledge. (i.e. the forbidden fruit). I believe he wanted it that way because above all “Ignorance is bliss “, and knowledge inevitably brings suffering. I believe as any father would, he wants to live out his youth again through his child and warns the child of all the mistakes he made. By saying that I believe god is burden by his power and knowledge in a lot of ways and he didn’t want that for Adam

We ourselves can imagine how life was when we were children; life was bliss until knowledge of things began to creep into the picture. Then soon after the depression of reality set in and took away our innocence.

I really believe god wanted us to remain blissful as he once was, I believe he longed for that innocence again – that bliss of having no knowledge, so he created us to experience that bliss.

(God was Right – Genesis 3:3)

Knowledge leads to death, it is a great power but at the same time it can be a detriment. I believe that knowledge will be the end of all things in the end because of its obsessive productive/destructive nature that is never-ending as long as it exists.

Which brings me to my last point, I believe the evolution of religion must end in this simple thought, “we must let god (Our dead parents) go”. We must let him/them rest in peace where ever they exists now – they are free from chaos , why bring them back to suffer our problems that we can fix on our own ? We must learn to forget him/them, they are gone – the son has become the father now.

We must turn our attention away from the stars and turn it towards the material world in which WE exist. We must worship the earth, the air, the water, our brother’s and sister’s in humanity. God does not want to be here, who would want to leave heaven?

Yes, he loves us that is why he wanted us to live in bliss, but Adam let his loneliness and grief overpower his reason and drive him to madness. And that madness has disrupted the flow of the laws of nature as well as the laws of the spirit realm. And religion (which is the spirit of Adam) has continued to teach us to disrupt these laws. But disrupting the law only causes a severe penalty for the lawbreaker. (And in this case the penalty will be catastrophic)

Psychology has taught us the destructive effects of loneliness and grief, and if you couple that with the madness created by knowledge. And then you add the intent to force the natural order of existence to come out of accord with the laws that bind and separate all things. The end result will be total annihilation of all things that exist anywhere in any realm.

When a love one is gone, we must learn to let go or it can destroy us. And this is what Adam could not accept, and as his children it is instilled in us to not except it either. But we MUST, we are no longer alone (like Adam was) we have children, we have brother’s and sister’s, we have a whole world of family to love and comfort us. We no longer have to feel alone, but that is Adam’s curse on his children – loneliness and grief. And the only way to break this generational curse is to abandon religion. And by doing so through us the spirit of Adam can have closure, it is our duty as his children to close that chapter and put his spirit to rest.  And I believe that his peace will bring peace to all things that exist in the universe.

Thank you for your interests and may you ponder the possibility.

Staff Writer; King Nazir Muhammad