5 Reasons Black Women Should Not Give Up On Black Men.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) As a black woman if I were to rely on the media’s portrayal of the black man I would be running in the other direction. Black men are said to be deadbeats, criminals, thugs and just no good. And of course all black men are dropping black women like flies.

So it would be understandable if I chose to abandon all black men right? Wrong! Let me give you five reasons I believe that black women should not give up on black men.

1. They Can Relate

Black men and black women have a commonality that mixed couples do not have. Not to pose anything against interracial couples, but black men and women have worries and concerns that only affect the black race. They can deeply understand one another’s fears and apprehensions that only the black race experiences.

2. Our Sons and Daughters Need You

Our daughters need their fathers to love them better than any man ever could. When fathers are there for their daughters they face a lesser chance of looking for men to replace that love they may lack from a father being absent or not active as they should be.

Being the mother of a black male I need his father in his life to show himRomantic couple on a beach what it means to be a man. I know I have made some women upset and maybe even some men and I apologize. Yes I can raise him to be a gentleman and even a good man. But being a woman there are pressures I will never experience simply because I am not a black man living in here in America. Therefore I need you to help me to raise our son as only a black man can.

3. I Love Black Men and They Love Me Back

The black men I know have never turned their back on me. Yes I know there are sisters out there that would not agree with me. I know there are some brothers that have tossed the sisters to the waste side, but I still love black men. I know that many, if not most of you can’t get enough of the sistas and I love you for that. And I know that black men are still loving, uplifting and marrying black women.

4. Black Men Are Fine

Black men are fine. No one can argue that fact. You know it, other women know it and black women definitely know it. Your sexiness, swag and confidence are irresistible. When you walk in a room you turn heads. You are strong, intelligent and powerful. You are leaders and wonderful fathers, regardless of what the media may say.

5. No One Is Perfect

I can’t turn my back on the black man. Turning my back is the same as me walking away from my son, daddy and brothers. Yes black men may have their problems. So do other people and that includes the black woman. But God is working on them just as he is working on everyone else. Some have stumbled and fallen. But when they stand back up I’ll be there waiting for them.

Staff Writer; Eleanie Campbell

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