Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Reverse Ghetto Fabulous Money Management.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Liberal’s love living the American Dream, they just can’t afford for their constituent’s to know it.

Hillary Clinton is determined to convince people that she knows what it’s like to struggle to earn a living; Joe Biden and Michelle Obama have jumped on the bandwagon as well. They don’t realize that their voter’s could care less whether or not they’re rich or grew up rich, because that’s not why they vote for them. Democrats vote for their politician’s because they believe that despite being rich Democrats care enough for the “little man” to give them free stuff that they take from the rich people that they’ve been taught don’t care for them at all. This is greed and envy of the worst kind because it’s based on your wallet and not you heart. Unfortunately, they’ve not yet figured out that they hurt themselves when they demand that their politician’s take more money from their employer’s via over taxation. Wealth obtained honestly is no big deal. On the other hand, wealth obtained while you teach your voter’s that poverty is a virtue all the while demonizing rich people is a big deal. Allow me to quickly recap my last article Ghetto Fabulous Money Management, Democrats, and Seattle’s New Minimum Wage, because it’ll help you understand what Hillary, and many other Democrats are up to. In that article I explained that many minorities like to “floss.” That is we like to purchase things that give us the appearance that we’re wealthier than we really are. As a far left Democrat Hillary has managed to box herself into a corner. How do you convince your base that you’re down with their struggle when you make $200,000 a speech and you’ve never been down on your luck, at least not for the last forty years? You can’t!

Therefore, Hillary has endeavored to try a new tactic. You guessed it! Reverse Ghetto Fabulous Money Management. That is, she must convinceclinton-biden-2014 her base that she’s not as wealthy and out of touch with the middle-class as her assets suggest despite the evidence. A Conservative could never pull this off, but the question is can Hillary Clinton? Yes, as long as her friends in the left wing media allow her to. Today’s journalist seem to be in the business of attacking Conservatives and reporting as little news as possible if they believe the stories will hurt their candidate.

Surprisingly, ABC’s Diane Sawyer and The UK Guardian pressed Hillary Clinton on she and her husband’s wealth. This leads me to believe they’ve got Hillary fatigue themselves, or they’re so concerned that her income could become an issue for 2016 that they prefer to “Romney” her now in order to clear the way for Michelle Obama (it could happen) or another left wing radical that can build on the Socialist foundation that President Obama has built.

Quite frankly, I’m surprised that people are surprised that Hillary’s book hasn’t been selling well. Liberal voters don’t read! However, they might closer to 2016. Hillary Clinton is already a known entity to her fans. Everything they want to know about her they believe they already know. In my opinion, continuing her book tour will only do more damage to her image, because she’ll be forced to answer questions in public that she hoped her book would answer for her. Let’s face it, Hillary is no Bill.

She talks too much and she’s not quick witted. Overall, she’s just not inspiring anymore. Her desperate attempt to pretend that she’s an average person speaks to the evil that resides in today’s Democrat party. Instead of encouraging their constituent’s to use their God-given talents to achieve monetary success, they demonize wealth all the while building their own financial portfolio’s and power structure so they can continue to rule over the very people they claim they want to help. Like I wrote in my last article, Democrats succeed when you fail, and Republicans succeed when you succeed.

As long as you’re financially dependent or emotionally invested in Uncle Sam Democrats like Hillary Clinton know they stand a greater chance of securing your vote. If her book tour continues to go as bad as it has, liberals may throw her under the bus just like Obama did his grandmother and preacher in order to save Liberalism itself. The sad reality is that Hillary would’ve truly helped her voter’s had she written a book teaching people how to build themselves up. Instead, she’s trying to convince them that she’s just as lowly. How sad is that?

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