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Blacks Have More Reasons to be Fearful than White.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) In the years after enslavement, Southern Whites did all they could to return to a manner of slavery.  No White “owned” a Black person, but many Whites behaved as if they did.  Theoretically, Blacks were free to come and go as they pleased, but if they went to the wrong store, sat in the wrong part of the bus, or failed to yield narrow sidewalks to Whites, they could expect a physical confrontation. All a White woman had to do was cry “rape” for a Black man (and usually the wrong man) was beaten or lynched. Whites expected deference from Black people, and when they didn’t get it, they demanded it with physical threats or worse.

In the months after World War II, 12 million soldiers returned home.  Seven percent of them – nearly 800,000 Black soldiers – got something less than a hero’s welcome.  Indeed, thousands of Black World II veterans were beaten, often because these men wanted the same rights at home that they fought for abroad.  Their sense of dignity and equality seemed toBlack-FEAR embolden the Ku Klux Klan, which was responsible for soldiers in uniform being pulled off busses, beaten and shot.  In some cases, these soldiers had their eyes gouged out; in some cases they were castrated, tortured and lynched.

Whites engaged in the writing of Jim Crow laws that were imposed on Blacks such as vagrancy laws that made it possible to jail a Black man because he had no money.  These unequal laws made it as easy to find a nearly free labor market as it had in slavery.  There was no relief from this unfairness until the late 1960s and early 1970s.  And Whites attempting to reinforce the myth of White superiority by reinstituting the practice of deference found a Black population less ready to defer, more willing to engage the courts (and in some cases the streets) in a quest for equality.

When the myth of White superiority does not work, too many Whites hide behind their so-called fear as a way force deference or provide penalties for those who will not engage in White people’s fantasies.  If Michael Dunn were so afraid of Jordan Davis and his friends, why did he get out of his car and confront them about their loud music?

None of us of a certain age loves loud music, but most of us know how to close a window and tolerate it for a moment or two.  Dunn says he was afraid of teens playing “thug” music.  Those teens might well have been afraid of him, just as the World War II veterans had been afraid of the KKK. Jordan Davis and his friends might have been as frightened as formers slaves were, when they refused to cross the sidewalk into the streets so that Whites could go first.  Some of these Black folks ignored their fear and attempted to exercise their citizenship rights.  Some were lynched because they would not defer to outmoded customs.

Gary Pearl could be Michael Dunn’s evil twin, with a pecuniary twist.  In 1983, Pearl left his job as a city sanitation supervisor in Louisville, Kentucky because he says he had a nervous breakdown, which he attributed to having to work with Black people.   A psychiatrist testified that Pearl was suffered from paranoid schizophrenia; judge ordered that he be paid $231 per week.  The state appealed the award, it was eventually overturned, and Gary Pearl returned to the obscurity he had before the “fear” defense.

What would happen if every Black person fearing White people got to file for unemployment compensation, or carry a gun around to assuage himself of his safety?  Would a jury be as lenient toward that Black man as they were with Michael Dunn?  Would they acquit just like the jury acquitted the men who killed Medgar Evers (it took decades for a jury to finally do the right thing).  A hard read of history suggests that Blacks have more to fear from Whites than the other way around, but it is Whites, rationalizing their fear, who get to shoot without justification.

A thorough read of history, however, would remind us of the Dred Scott case where the Supreme Court ruled that Black people have no rights that Whites are bound to respect.  Clearly, Michael Dunn, George Zimmerman and the others who have Klan sensibilities and invisible hoods, believe a 19th century Supreme Court ruling instead of 21st century realities.  For folks like Dunn and Zimmerman, however, the 19th century is not very different than the 21st.

Written By Julianne Malveaux

Official website; http://www.juliannemalveaux.com/




5 Responses to “Blacks Have More Reasons to be Fearful than White.”
  1. Pat says:

    Excellent article!

  2. CD Smith says:

    The Homosexual Movement: White Privilege in Action

    It is estimated that the homosexual community represents between 3%-5% of the population (some believe less than 2%) but yet the so-called “Gay” Movement over the last 40 years has flipped the foundations of American culture on its head. To give some perspective, it took over one hundred years for members of black community who were enslaved, murdered and maligned in the public sphere on a daily basis to get the Civil Rights Law passed to simply “enforce” rights that were already enumerated in the Constitution and another 40 years for American society to accept it.

    Homosexuals have been able to “harness” the same mediums that were/are being used to enforce sterotypes/biases against the black community.

    Movies, Television, Newspapers, Political Lobbyists,Lawyers, Hollywood entertainment complex were used all used to as a steady drum beat of indoctrination and coercion to forward their agenda. Many of them are the sons and daughters of power brokers that run the economic systems in America. At the end of day, it always come back to same thing, white privilege. As a final insult, the homosexual movement has successfully, “hi-jacked” the black Civil Rights movement as if to say their behavior/choice is equivalent to “being black”.

    To bad that so many so-called “black” leaders eating the scraps provided from the table of this movement have sold us and our communities interests out.

  3. cicero says:

    Interesting…I’ve been playing thru the narrative for the last few months. Only problem is…. We are the Minority, us shooting first and asking questions last, would not be good in the long term. Short Term success would have to be sharp and concrete.

    DC had a lot of officers shot at along time ago during the crack era 80s-90s. It stemmed from some officers not protecting and serving. They went out on the streets with a new conviction to protecting and serving,,,

    There was some brush back, but in the end DC is better than it used to be. The conflict led to respect for both sides…community and police…

    Conflict with this narrative would bring respect to black sides.

    Lets get it out in the open, white people scared, but the law can’t be serious in letting the FEAR become un punished if they are found to be wrong.

    My conclusion after thought…..

    FEAR…. you can’t use it as self defense, especially when you could have ran or avoided the situation.

    Once you choose not to run or avoid, then you cancel out the FEAR argument.
    Case Closed. Florida Laws suck…

    Its like allowing someone to say they are Scared of BEES, and then they stuck there hand into the BEE HIVE.

    Black People this is what happens when your favorite movie is “12 years a Slave”… You are what ya Eat, quit snackin on low hangin fruit and narratives which are provided to remind you of the worse and not the best you have to offer….

  4. There is some truth in this,now that I’m a little older I can look back at some of things that have happen to me.

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