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Danger, Danger Phil Robertson! Do Not Kiss Jesse Jackson’s Ring.

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( For the sake of America, please, please Phil do not surrender. We have seen this scenario played out on countless occasions; the left launching a shock-and-awe gang media assault on someone who dared to publicly challenge political correctness. The target of their wrath is bludgeoned into submission; overwhelmed with daily hit pieces filled with exaggerations, distortions and even lies about the target’s original comment and intent.

I am black. In his GQ mag interview, I felt no “evil or racist” intent in Phil Robertson’s comments about the blacks he knew in his youth. And yet, Phil’s intention is irrelevant to the left. Like sharks smelling blood in the water, they pounced on an opportunity to “trap” Phil; branding him a racist and a hater of homosexuals for simply quoting the Bible.

The left reminds me of the pious, arrogant and elitist Pharisees in the Bible. They hated Jesus for doing good works, miracles and connecting with the people. So, they launched a campaign of word games designed to “trap” Jesus into saying something that would help them to brand Jesus a lawbreaker and blasphemer. The left employs very similar tactics.

These people on the left are despicable. They are not about fairness or truth. They are about furthering their liberal socialist progressive agenda by any means necessary. So if dividing the country along racial lines helps their cause, so be it.phil-robertson-2013

They say the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Thus, it does not take a genius to know how the left’s war on Phil Robertson, which is really a war on traditional America, will play out.

Phase one is their tsunami of published hit pieces and media pundits branding Phil Robertson a sexist, racist and homophobic. Phase two is to have the whole bowl of left-wing alphabet soup (NAACP, GLAD and NOW) attack Phil Robertson from all sides.

Phase three is Sharpton or Jackson demanding that they “get paid” and the offender kiss their ring. In the case of the Duck Dynasty controversy, master exploiter and extortionist Jesse Jackson has taken the lead, demanding that A&E and Cracker Barrel meet with him.

Whether or not A&E and Cracker Barrel bows down to worship Jackson remains to be seen. My plea to Phil Robertson is that he please, please, please do not surrender. Do not on bended knee kiss Jackson’s ring and beg for forgiveness. It would be a mortal blow to the tremendous example he had set inspiring Americans to push back against the tyranny of political correctness.

In every incident of a slip of the tongue or misinterpreted comment by a conservative or a Republican, the left’s political correctness police bludgeons them within inches of their political life. The targeted person humbly surrenders and begs for forgiveness; all of which empowers the left, furthers their agenda and adds another notch on their gun.

To my knowledge, Phil Robertson is the first to push back against political correctness with the support of a vast majority of the American people. Thus, to Brother Phil Robertson I offer a few pearls of wisdom. In case of a near death experience, do not go to the light. As told to Luke Sky-walker, “Stay away from the dark side”; and when unjustly accused of being a racist, do not kiss Sharpton or Jesse (where’s the camera) Jackson’s ring.

Phil Robertson, surrender would break our hearts. Good folks across America are praying for you.

Staff Writer; Lloyd Marcus

Chairman of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama.

Please help me spread my message by joining my Liberty Network.

Lloyd is singer/songwriter of the American Tea Party Anthem and author of Confessions of a Black Conservative, foreword by Michele Malkin.




5 Responses to “Danger, Danger Phil Robertson! Do Not Kiss Jesse Jackson’s Ring.”
  1. open your eyes says:

    Look up the Lloyd Marcus Tea Party Anthem. Don’t kiss Jesse Jackson’s ring is dog whistle racism implying Jesse Jackson is a pimp. Lloyd Marcus is just an Uncle Tom.

  2. hassan_aziz says:

    You may be praying for some time Al, don’t even waste your time. It says in the Bible that God will knock, but after constant rejection you will be left to your own iniquities and reprobate mind. I find it amazing how quick everyone on here will quote scriptures and all the ministers we have the support our little black children (approximately 2000 aday) being slaughtered, the same ministers that will get up and openly support the sodomites.
    Say what you want about those crazy right wing crackers, but they stand up for more issues that in effect would better the black community, but we are too blinded by our own racism and bigotry that has been passed down for generations. I have come to believe it will take a few generations to get away from it. Hating whitey, and blaming whitey is just who we are, getting mad and being held back because someone don’t like us, ya know that distant imaginary white man that holds everyone back, that has never been seen?
    I’ll tell you something, I’m sure the geniuses on here will have a reason why, but when I was in college that place was full of black people; the only thing was none where from the U.S. a lot of Haitians, Africans, Jamaicans, etc. getting bachelor degrees, masters, and PhDs. It made me sick, and the sad thing was the American negroes thought they had some brotherhood with these black immigrants when the whole time they see us as un educated imbeciles, plain and simple. That is when I realized that using our skintone as a reason for our failures was complete and utter bullshit. Imagine that black people in many cases darker than us, that don’t even speak English coming here and getting degrees, and jobs in the most racist country the world has ever known.
    You can take a swine and give it all the training in the world, invest millions into its training to have it win horse races, but at the end of the day you still just have over paid pork. You either get it or you don’t, the race pimps and their ideology are becoming an anachronism and they know it.

  3. Al says:

    Thank you, Mr. Marcus, for your straight forward, color-blind assessment of the facts. Mr. Robertson never said anything racist nor anti-gay, but offered his personal observations and scripture references. For that, he’s being flayed by pundit, racist and humanist sharks, all seeking to extract their pound of flesh from someone who dares to be an individual outside their collectivist hive of influence.

    I humbly pray the others who commented here will awaken to the truth.

  4. DaTruth2 says:

    Re: Satchel

    Lloyd Marcus, the author you speak of, is an old man. I don’t believe he can or will ever grow a brain. Some blacks still love to buck dance for white people and the end of the day they will still let him know he’s a Ni^^er.

  5. Satchel says:

    The articles written by this author are transparent and cowardly. Statements like these are part of what’s wrong with politics to day. He dosen’t really believe or understand what he is saying, his need to be accepted by particular whites, surely will lead to self destruction. On the bright side, he will grow up one day, and cease to be a jerk in time.

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