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Black Unemployment and Social Security: A Final Reply to Satchel.

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( Thank you Satchel, for your comments. It is through understanding that we find wisdom. As the Good Book states, “Proverbs 4:7 Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.” My original question to Satchel in the comments section of the piece titled, was, “What about you Satchel, why haven’t you contributed to bringing this plan (The Davis Deficit Neutral Job Creation Plan) out of obscurity through the billboard campaign at the crowd funding site, Satchel replied to me with the following answer.

“I believe Social Security Insurance (SSI) is just that. An insurance Policy to Secure a basic living, for people in the United States, who can’t earn a living either by Age or Health.” I then took the time to explain to him in my response titled, the current financial state of Social Security and why my job creation plan is important to its survival as a disability and retirement program.
Satchel raised another issue in that piece in the comments section, without answering my original question. Nevertheless, I would like to go ahead and share that issue with you, my readers. He stated, “@ James Davis…I know you would agree that Millions of Americans depend on retirement, survivors and disability insurance to provide the funds for their basic survival. There are factions that are campaigning to eliminate the social security fund and put the funds into the hands of millions of Americans to invest as they see fit. This would leave millions of unsophisticated investors open to put their futureblackmenrecession retirement funds in the hands of Wall Street — the same wall street that was bailed out or cause a collapse of our economy. Rehabilitation is needed to be sure, but should include forbidding the borrowing of future SSI funds and mandating congress make good on the IOUs that SSI is holding and we would be alright.”
Without getting into a great deal of boring details, the short answer to his inquiry is that the Davis Deficit Neutral Job Creation Plan does not advocate taking loans from your Social Security principle, but a partial distribution of principle up to $40,0000.00 at the time of retirement, which is in essence a lump-sum payment. Neither does the plan advocate investing in the stock market. The plan, however, does advocate Congress set-up a payment plan to restore the trust fund over a period, to include enough capital to allow partial distributions. The plan is simply saying at the time we retire we should enjoy the same option that is currently being offered in the private sector, and that is the ability to manage our retirement through determining if we need up to a $40,000.00 payout from our Social Security principle. Once exercising the option to take a partial distribution, Social Security can then send us a check monthly for the rest of our life based upon the balance of our principle (see

Why is this option important to the Social Security retiree? There maybe credit card, car loan, or home loan debts that we may want to pay off, before retiring. A good example would be if we were making a $600.00/month car payment with a balance of $15,000.00. It may be in our best interest to pay off that loan, because normally, when most people retire, their daily income after retirement is less than what they made when working.  Some people, as they move into retirement may even need to purchase a new car if the car they drive is in bad shape. There are a myriad of things retirees can do with the partial distribution, not excluding making a down payment on a retirement home. Remember, not everyone under my proposal has to take a partial distribution of their Social Security principle. That will be their call.
However, what does this mean for the unemployed that such a benefit become part of the Social Security program for retirees at the time of their retirement? It means our economy, which is suffering from a lack of product demand, will benefit handsomely. Consumers represent 70% of the economic activity of this economy. Thus, any recovery program, which will genuinely affect unemployment, has to involve the consumer. Think of it this way, the fuel used in your car is gasoline and ethanol. The gas comprises about 90% of the mixture. Take away the gasoline and the car does not move. Your car is not designed to just run on ethanol. The American economy functions that way, also. If you reduce the amount of money the consumer spends, the economic engine of this economy stalls. This is why our economy is sputtering, due to the reduced purchasing activity of the consumer. Wall Street is doing great, due primarily to the Federal Reserve keeping interest rates low.
Most American corporations are in great shape financially with solid balance sheets and products ready to sell. THEY JUST DO NOT HAVE CUSTOMERS! If they do not have customers, it is hard to make long-term hiring decisions, thus unemployment rises. Demand starts with the consumer! Our nation needs a national job creation plan that will re-engage the consumer, and create 250,000 to 300,000 jobs a month. With national, state and local governments reducing their budgets, leaving gaping holes where their spending provided employment through government services and purchases, the issue of addressing the missing purchasing power of the consumer looms even larger.
The facts are the facts; the consumer represents 70% of the activities of this economy. Either the consumer will re-enter this economy as a purchaser of its good and services through slowly acquiring jobs over a period of time or through an economic job creation plan initiated by the federal government. Economists predict, the former will take at least 5-7 years or more for the economy to create enough jobs at its current pace to match consumer spending prior to the downturn of 2008.

Through the Davis Deficit Neutral Job Creation program, up to $800,000,000.00 million dollars a day can be pumped into our economy, thus ending high unemployment in the black community.  Thank you Satchel for allowing me to expose some needed detail about this job creation plan.

Please join us in bringing this plan to our nation by contributing to the bill board campaign at .

Staff Writer; James Davis

More information about JD and his Deficit Neutral Stimulus Plan Can be founded at

One may also pick up this “brother” latest book which is entitled; Hey…God’s Talking To You The Study Book.



5 Responses to “Black Unemployment and Social Security: A Final Reply to Satchel.”
  1. James Davis says:

    Thank you Satchel. God’s speed to you and yours.

  2. Satchel says:

    “I guess we will have to get it done without you Satchel.” Don’t write me off like that, like so many of our fellow Americans I my not have the wisdom to understand your job creation, but I am willing to admit it. I’ll keep reading as long as you provide the clarity at my level of education.

  3. James Davis says:

    Well Thank You Satchel,

    Thank you for the impromptu poll. That has been my experience also. The Davis Deficit Neutral Job Creation plan when represented properly has been received
    positively by almost 100% of the people I speak to about it. Well, on with the billboard campaign which will introduce this plan to a national audience for consideration! I guess we will have to get it done without you Satchel. Nevertheless, it was your questions that may have cleared up some misundersatndings about this job creation plan and for that I am grateful.

  4. Satchel says:

    “why haven’t you contributed to bringing this plan (The Davis Deficit Neutral Job Creation Plan) out of obscurity through the billboard campaign at the crowd funding site”, My mind is open to any plan that solve unemployment and Social Security, however according to you, one would need understanding to acquire the wisdom to understand your plan. I put this question to a small random group (25-30)of people since you directed your question to me. Q. Would like to have up to $40,000 lump sum taken from your SSI benefits. A. Yes if I don’t have to pay it back, my budget is tight enough as it is. This from the people who currently receive SS. Younger people said give me the money. Is that a fair question?


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