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Fathers Teach Your Daughters.

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( A million fathers needed to help raise confident, intelligent, positive, motivated and stable young ladies. Research has shown that a father’s involvement in the academic lives of their  children will last beyond their childhood; in fact their influence will expand well into the child’s
early adult lives (Rosenberg & Bradford, 2006).

Fathers have an accountability and responsibility to teach their daughters that their bodies and minds are not the place for temporary visitors, their minds and bodies are temples that should be respected, nurtured, protected and valued.  Their minds and bodies are not places for chaos, confusion, torture, drugs and multiple visits by multiple men and multiple ejaculations.

The duties of a father is to guide, teach, mentor, provide correct discipline, offer support, engage  their daughters with high self esteem  and social wisdom. National Center for Fathering Gallup Poll 97% of children participants suggest that fathers need to do more to be involved in the Father and daughter decorating Christmas cookies
education of their children. Children need to see their fathers visiting their schools. As an educator I hear girls state they wish their fathers’ would visit them, to eat lunch and speak to teachers.

I see the pride and love girls have as their fathers walk them to class, arrive to eat lunch with them and provide hugs and kisses before they leave. The United States is ranked in Math17th and Science 24th “Barrington Irving: Teaching From the Skies” Imagine how better our girls and boys can be if fathers are more active and the impact to our nation.

The media of this nation seems to be on a mission to present Women of Color as easy, slezzy and only able to be successful if they sleep and sleaze their way to success and fame.

The current television programs, movies and sitcoms seem intent on showing Women and Girls of color that their status or existence is only elevated by the value of material items and that being happy is determined by following the carnal laws and teachings that would demean woman, particularly Women and Girls of Color.

What has happened when girls are dressed up like they are two or three times their age and it is cute to cuss and perpetrate being older? Looking at Miley Cyrus what father would promote her activities in the entertainment industry.
There is a fine line between cute and pretty and sleazy and sexually suggestive. The use of Social Media is showing more girls that they are violent, sexually promiscuous and verbally violent with profanity.

The hurtful observation is the media makes it look glamorous and acceptable, but the truth is that it makes girls look cheap and unmarketable as scholars, business leaders, intellectuals and responsible. The absence of fathers as models and being pro-active teachers is seen in schools and churches.

There was a time when fathers taught their girls to be lady like, to be intellectually quiet, socially polite, cordial and learning social graces that allow girls to create the perceptions of social acceptance. Girls must be taught the skills, abilities, wisdom, strength to compete when it comes to being successful in a competitive world.

This school year, schools across this nation need a million fathers to support their children. Fathers, grand-fathers, uncles, step-fathers and other men in communities, and those of the clergy are allowing schools to be closed in our nation’s cities. Demographics are showing that more schools are closing in Communities of Color. This should be un-acceptable for fathers because closing schools decreases the value of neighborhoods, homes and even religious institutions.

Are Men of Color so mentally and emotionally castrated that they cannot volunteer at their children’s schools, chaperone field trips, eat lunch at least five times a month, attend parent/teacher meetings and school board meetings?

I’m sure that I’m preaching to the choir, but this needs to be told for children’s sake. Women are rising in the poverty statistics of this nation and in order to compete need to obtain a quality education. President Obama has stated that, “the best antipoverty program is a quality education.” Fathers support your children’s education.

Fathers of Color are quick to state..“that is my son or daughter” when awards are given out, scholarships are awarded, athletic accomplishments are recognized, but what about supporting the most important part of the educational process   LEARNING!!!!

Classroom discipline issues are on the rise, the school to prison pipe line is flooding like the pipes of crude oil flowing from the Middle East to the United States. In each case billions of dollars are being made. Children of Color are worth more in the prison systems than they are in the educational systems. Slavery is still strong and growing in the 21st century. Even as the March on Washington has shown there are still injustices, People of Color especially fathers need to be proactive and involved.

The Million Man Marches, the Million Father initiatives, the Save Our Sons Inc., National Men Make A Difference Day for Academic Success (Dr. Michael A. Robinson) and others are important, they set a tone for improvement, but these have to be sustained and supported by the community as a whole. There are hundreds of thousands of Fathers of Color doing the “Right Thing,” but there needs to be “Millions of Fathers of Color” doing more.

Fathers need to be reading to children, sharing wisdoms of life, mentoring and taking children to libraries, visiting museums, and attending cultural events. Daughters, step-daughters, grand-daughters and nieces need the wisdom of the men in their lives. If men don’t take the time to teach their daughters the streets will.

In the spirit of Fatherly solidarity: Every Father in America Should Take A Child to School on the First Day of School and revisit to eat lunch and talk to teachers.

Staff Writer; William D. Jackson

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