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GOP; It’s Not Benghazi, It’s President Barack Obama.

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( The GOP won’t give up on Benghazi for the simple reason that any and everything no matter how big, small, trivial, or downright nutty, that even remotely allows it to slur President Obama it will race to the stars with. Benghazi is not simply the latest in the hit plan against Obama but the longest standing and most relentless of the GOP’s ploys. The GOP sniffed administration blood on this from virtually the moment the first bullets were fired at the embassy. Failed GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney quickly piled on calling it “disgraceful” that Barack Obama allegedly did not condemn the attacks but worse seemed to go out of its way to express sympathy for Arab protestors.

The race was now officially on to make the case that Barack Obama did not just fumble the ball on the attack, but was deliberately derelict in duty, and lied to cover-up both. The hope was that by tossing enough mud on the administration’s wall two months before the November presidential electionsObama-Benghazi would be enough to cripple, and in a best case hope for the GOP, sink Obama’s presidential reelection bid. The even-more-hoped-for collateral benefit was that Benghazi would taint then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton enough to knock her out the box as the presidential front runner for 2016. It did neither.

But the GOP still clung to the notion that there was enough dirt in the Benghazi fiasco to hector and gnaw at Barack Obama. This, despite eight hearings, 30 briefings and interviews with more than 100 witnesses, and an exhaustive report from the Accountability Review Board that did find lapses in security, but nothing else. The sole purpose of the GOP prodded dog and pony congressional hearings is to rehash the old charge that Obama covered up for his and Clinton’s supposed downplay of the terrorist threat, minimized security concerns at the Benghazi and other Midflr East U.S. embassies, and ignored its own its own intelligence experts and has weakened its intelligence apparatus.

Everyone, but GOP hit operatives, have found that there is no proof that Obama had conclusive evidence at the time that the attack was the handiwork of a terrorist organization, or if it was terrorist organization. As for anemic embassy security and the administration’s supposed slow motion bungled response to the actual attack, GOP congressional witch hunters at first were stone silent about their relentless fight to cut funding and personnel for the very embassy security that they blame Obama for not providing the Benghazi embassy. In fiscal year 2011, lawmakers shaved $128 million off of the administration’s request for embassy security funding. House Republicans drained off even more funds in fiscal year 2012 — cutting back on the department’s request by $331 million.

When the finger pointed squarely at them for cutting embassy security funding, the GOP admitted it and then quickly sprinted back to its main whipping point of an alleged Obama cover-up of the attack.

The sad fact is that the Benghazi hearings are only the latest in the GOP’s continuing pitiful pageant play in a bigger drama. That’s to create enough public skepticism and doubt about Obama’s policy and legislative initiatives, and to hopelessly cripple the White House’s effectiveness. The defeat for the moment of the gun curbs in the Senate, the sniping at the immigration reform package Obama and the Senate are trying to cobble together, and the continued assault on the Affordable Care Act, are all part and parcel of the drama that the GOP hopes has one ending: that’s to widen the public perception of a failed presidency that voters will take with them as campaign 2016 soon unfolds.

Some in the GOP aren’t content to wait for that. GOP stalking horse and talk show host Mike Huckabee typified that with the outlandish quip that Benghazi will sink the Obama Administration before his term ends. Huckabee, like the other Barack Obama GOP scalp hunters, didn’t say specifically what new fact that would be uncovered about Benghazi to cause Obama to tender his resignation.

Benghazi notwithstanding, Barack Obama’s overall foreign policy successes have been too pronounced to be cavalierly dismissed as inconsequential, or ridiculed as disastrous and harmful. During the third presidential debate, Romney lightly took a stab at tarring Obama with the alleged Benghazi cover-up smear. It didn’t take. He ended up agreeing more than disagreeing with Obama on several key foreign policy initiatives. This was done partly out of the necessity to appeal to the moderate center, and partly out of the fact that there was no smoking gun revelation to nail Obama with deception on Benghazi. The GOP, though, will continue to do all possible to hammer the White House with the fiction that it is directly culpable for the murderous sequence of events in Libya. It’s not about Benghazi, It’s about Barack Obama.

Written By Earl Ofari Hutchinson

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7 Responses to “GOP; It’s Not Benghazi, It’s President Barack Obama.”
  1. hassan_aziz says:


    how bad does the POTUS have to lie, and screw up before you finally admit that maybe he does not have our best interest in heart and was not cut out for the job. i am amazed how this mexican president continues to have an army of black boot lickers.

  2. Danny Peters says:

    I agree with what dcarter910 says above…he is EXACTLY correct…every tyrant throughout history is forced to use “victim-hood” ideology…they must have someone (national enemy) to blame so…to get EVERYONE on board with their ultimately tyrannical agenda…most rational people wouldn’t stand for what tyrants do…if it weren’t for the emotional pleas for unity against the “common enemy”…Liberalism uses the same ploy…it is how they achieved legalizing Abortion…the sob stories of the poor women in society themselves just VICTIMS (forced to the will of men) who couldn’t even feed themselves let alone an unwanted child…”poor women” forced to seek the DREADED “back alley” abortions…done in unclean conditions…literally forced to risk their lives…how many women had to die?…yada, yada,yada…TRUTH IS…in the year preceding Roe V. Wade…one (1) woman died seeking an “illegal back alley” end of their child…since there are record numbers of people seeking adoption…”common sense” asks the question: “What about the life of the INNOCENT child?”…Obama is a tyrant and some day History will look back at those who voted for a man just because of the color of skin…and they will name them for what they are…RACISTS!

  3. dcarter910 says:

    Leaders with a victim mentality can count on the support of their weak follower that share that same mentality. But what those weak followers can’t count on from their Leaders with victim mentalities is; truth, accountability, responsibility and integrity. Because of course, it’s always someone else fault or someone if “picking” on them.

    It’s funny, with just a little research you find that every major Tyrant in history had the same victim mentality; Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Napoleon, etc. and every great Leader in history had the opposite mentality, the mentality that says…”the buck stops here, good or bad, i am the leader…I failed but will do whatever is necessary to make things right” George Washington, Dr. ML King, Gandhi, JF Kennedy, Winston Churchill, General George Patten, Malcolm X. Pick a great leader and compare them to Obama and you will find there is no comparison..even to good leaders.

  4. Ford says:

    …people died obama lied. Grab that video maker and throw his butt in jail. Kiss muslim ass. PRETEND the koran ain’t the root cause. What I did see that gave me hope was the SPONTANEOUS DEMONSTRATION of sadness and respect by those who came and put flowers and notes on the street side shrine for Ambassador Stephens saying “He was our friend.”

  5. TC says:

    I get what Robert says, MSNBC is running a similar article on their website by Bashir, I guess what these articles should be titled is “circling the wagons”, hey, we all know they blamed that lame video at first that no one had ever even seen, this whole thing is bizarre and not that long ago either.

  6. ROBERT says:

    THIS is one of the most bizarre stories I have ever heard.I have to question either the honesty or the sanity of the author.NOTHING in this article is anywhere close to reality.THE reason there is no conclusive evidence in the BENDHAZI matter is because the #1 witness; HITLERY CLINTON refuses to testify.FURTHER more the OBAMA administration has been intimidating whistle blower’s who wish to come forward and testify.THIS criminal president of your’s is covering up his illegal weapons deals with his terrorist buddy’s AL QAEDA.WHICH bring’s us to the next point the author has made about OMAMA’S foreign policy successes.IF you call success destroying LIBYA ; the wealthiest nation in AFRICA and killing 50 thousand people in the process I find that odd.OHH and I forgot to mention his drone’s bombing the poorist and defensless people of the planet.AND did I mention the 70 thousand SYRIAN’S that OBAMA and his gang has murdered so far.HAVE’NT you OBAMA supporter’s fiquered this out yet ;this is the same criminal government that BUSH was leading. OBAMA is a war criminal like;BUSH CHENEY’RUMSFEILD; RICE;POWELL etc.I have to warn the OBAMA supporters to be careful not to be caught on the wrong side in the coming day’s; because justice has arrived and it has no descretion.

  7. Leslie says:

    I get it. You all don’t want to hear aything about the truth. You want to play politics. You are the kind of people that God fears would turn on his word. Your cold and calous hearts have forgotten that lives have been lost and familes are still hurting and wondering why they had to die. Have you listened to them. Have you heard their cries? I am sure you have not because you are too filled with the hate that satan puts in the hearts of the weak to win the battle with God. So you run to save a person you do not know before you hear all truths. Look at yourselves. Do you live for God?

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