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Don’t Let Intolerance Rob Us of Our True Freedom.

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( Thus far I have heard so many variations for and against the institution of same sex marriage, and have logically come to the foregoing realization that America has greatly changed.  Be it for the good or the bad that is where many of us will part company.  As logical as the argument may be as to why same-sex marriage should exist, is as adamant as I am about who God is to me, and where He has brought me from.

I am unashamed of the gospel that saved my life.  It is that same gospel that showed me I was inadequate alone, and had a void that needed to be filled. 

It was that same gospel that taught me how to love, and not judge my ownChristian-MAN family members who identify themselves as gay.  I have been charged to love everyone where they are, because we are all on different journey’s, but when society ask that I deny the power of the Living God that resides in me, you have undeniably juxtaposed my faith with your flesh, and I call that intolerance.

Whether or not the SCOTUS weighs in favor of gay marriage or against, Christian’s and the Gay community must learn to respect boundaries. 

Unfortunately many of us that have opposing views to gay marriage are made to feel like a 6th grader behind the school who refuses to take a puff of a cigarette because everyone else is smoking. 

For America to continue to grow strong we need both types of personalities, how else can your ideas be tested? Not everyone is going to agree with your position, not everyone is going to be the consummate champion of your cause, and that is ok because at the end of the day if you love yourself the rest is irrelevant.

For my gay brothers and sisters you must understand that most Christians are not staunchly against you, but there is a Word that has been divinely given to man, and by that Word many of us live our lives. That does not mean Christian are perfect, I have fallen like everyone else, but I understand the power of forgiveness, and repentance, for that I owe Him my complete and utter allegiance.  

So as times change we must be wary of intolerance, and learn to love ourselves despite what your fellow American might think.

Staff Writer; Sydney O



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