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Background Checks For Gun Buys Are Just Common Sense.

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( Make no mistakes my dear reader.  This is a competition, a competition amongst the contrasting views of what America will be well into the 22nd Century.  The GOP thus far is in the church but the wrong pew.  14 years into the new century and they have not yet begun to better fashion their arguments, they are stale, and draw no emotion from perspective voters.

While on the other hand the Democrats have been forging in roads into the lower economic communities, middle class communities and doing a bang up job of courting minority voters.  While I don’t agree with many liberal philosophies, I do agree that the selfish adults on both sides of the isle, in red states and blue states must put our children first.  We all need to come to a conclusion from both of the sides according to Tom from Goog Gun best reviews only then both sides can win.

Unfortunately this is where the liberals have a leg up in the gun debate. Theygun-control-debate have fashioned the gun debate to focus on the safety of children. Are the children not our future? Is their safety not important? So when I see the NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre running the gamut of Sunday morning talk shows vehemently defending our Constitutional right to bear arms he exudes passion but very little common sense.  I am still trying to figure out how background checks for obtaining a firearm will abridge any American’s right to bear arms.  We have credit checks, we have waiting periods in most states to obtain a marriage license and serious restrictions on operating an automobile.

I have read the Constitution and with out question consider my self a “common sense texualist.”   When the founders bestowed that great right to bear arms it was bestowed to citizens of an infant nation.  Many uncertainties existed, and as that nation grew new issues where drawn to the forefront in which how we handled each issue varied.  We are no longer an infant nation however in the panoply of history we are still young, but no longer in swaddling clothes. We have experienced wars and natural disasters and have developed a cognitive ability smell the rife aroma of special interest.

This is the GOP’s prime moment to show that it genuinely desires to change, this is where conservatives say with unbridled truth that something must be done about gun control not just for the present generations, but for all of our progeny.

I too believe in the second amendment, but when approaching this debate reason must be our guide.  So Mr. LaPierre if you stand defiant in the square, hands crossed, toe tapping and chin cocked in the air, what you are really saying is; I am too childish to agree, and what that tells America is that you are not serious about our children’s safety, or our safety.

Staff Writer; Sydney O



One Response to “Background Checks For Gun Buys Are Just Common Sense.”
  1. Ford says:

    ….get rid of gang scum and most of the problem is solved. Make it easier to address the insane among us and get them help wanted or not. My wife’s childhood friend lost her father to insanity. The family pleaded for help from the state and there was no help to be had. He could not be committed against his will. One morning he burned the house down with him in it because the furnace was talking to him. So, Marlon, thats the change I want.

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