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Yes, A Black Conservative Explains His Dilemma.

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Tweet ( Jackie Robinson is remembered for breaking the color barrier in Major League Baseball, but he played a less heralded role in Republican politics and black community activism. Robinson was a vital voice of reason in the early ‘60’s as the black liberation movement in the urban north grew more radicalized. He struggled to preserve... [Read more...]

Why Rapper Lil Jo Jo’s Murder Angers Me So Much.

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Tweet ( I consider the South Side of Chicago to be my second home.  I love this community like no other, and I find this part of the city to be filled with hard working, intelligent, loving and industrious citizens.  The South Side gets a lot of attention for the violence, which is a serious problem.  But it is also a bastion of inspiration... [Read more...]

How Will President Obama Haters Be Viewed By Posterity.

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Tweet ( I often wonder why Obama-haters tend to hate Obama so much more than they do the Republicans, who have a much more malevolent agenda towards the American people. The GOP is engaged in an ongoing campaign to abolish Medicare, Social Security, organized labor, the minority’s right to vote, and they repeatedly hold the American... [Read more...]

Yes Motivation Killers!

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Tweet ( Have you ever joined a gym or bought the latest exercise video, only to lose motivation and quit altogether? If you’re like most folks, you know what I mean. Your intentions are good, but the fiery motivation that gets you going eventually fizzles and you find yourself right back where you started – or worse. So... [Read more...]

African Americans in Politics.

February 21, 2013 by  
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Tweet ( It has always been intriguing to me that we have elected thousands of Black politicians since Reconstruction, especially since 1970, while the number of Black economic advocates pales in comparison. Understanding that Black economic advocates are not elected per se, it makes sense to me that if economics is at the bottom of everything... [Read more...]

Getting It Together.

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Tweet ( Sorry I’ve left you guys without any “real” articles to read. I was busy focusing on my classes to get my Associates degree but I’m back again with some free time on my hands, so let’s get down to business. With all of the crazy events that’s been going on lately from some of us who believe Obama owes us a handout... [Read more...]

Christopher Dorner, Thy Movie.

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Tweet ( You know it’s coming. Of course it is. Even as you read this, somewhere in Hollywood an anxious, enterprising producer is  having a Christopher Dorner script developed. Names like L.L. Cool J and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson are being bandied about. Or producers could simply recruit an unknown with an engaging smile and 20-inch... [Read more...]

Valerie Jarrett, Yes President Obama Pays Less Attention to Race than Any Democratic President in the Last 50 Years.

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Tweet ( Research at The University of Pennsylvania says that the nation’s first bi-racial president has made among the fewest references to race in American history.  According to a study by Daniel Q. Gillion, an assistant professor of Political Science at The University of Pennsylvania, President Barack Obama has been the least racially-responsive... [Read more...]

ATL Bishop Eddie Long Gets Sued For Serious Financial Deception.

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Tweet ( Bishop Eddie Long of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church has been sued for allegedly encouraging his congregants to enter into a Ponzi scheme.   The documents were filed in DeKalb County about three weeks ago, and hold Bishop Long accountable for bringing Ephren Taylor into the church to encourage members to invest in his... [Read more...]

I’m a Barbie Girl….in a Barbie World.

February 19, 2013 by  
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Tweet ( So…this picture was emailed to me, and supposedly this is supposed to be the “new” Barbie Doll, though at this moment, I don’t think that has been confirmed by Mattel. At any rate, the message attached to the email was that, I was the “perfect person” to declare and express my outrage at the... [Read more...]

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