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Rapper Shawty Lo, 10 Babies Mamas Give Us TV Buffoonery 101.

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( In case you’ve never heard the phrase “ghetto polygamy,” consider this to be your formal introduction to the ratchedness that some have come to define as “black culture.”  Oxygen has decided to give a platform to ignorance by creating a show featuring the rapper Shawty Lo, his 10 babies’ mamas and the 11 unfortunate children who have the pleasure of being born in the middle of a pile of irresponsible bullsh*t.

If you think I’m being harsh on Shawty Lo, the fact remains that I could never be as hard on this brother as he is being on his kids, many of whom are going to grow up wondering if their daddy actually loves them.   I’ve spent my lifeShawtyLo raising children of fathers who are all too eager to spread their seed without accountability, and I found myself hurt to the core when witnessing the intense emotional damage that comes from having a father who doesn’t give a d**n (my own biological father also abandoned me at birth, so yes, this is personal for me).  There’s nothing wrong with a man having a lot of kids, and we can even justify some of them living in different households.  But 11 children with 10 women is like spraying your s*x organs in every direction without thinking much about the target.

But here are some thoughts I had when hearing about this show (appropriately called “All My Babies’ Mamas), which I’m sure will be the biggest thing to hit the TV screen since “Flavor of Love” and “Driving Miss Daisy” – thanks to Oxygen, Shawty Lo might be able to pay that child support after all:

1)      Someone needs to call the Center for Disease Control:  People do realize that in order to get a woman pregnant, you typically have to have unprotected intercourse?  Also, if we presume that it takes multiple tries with multiple partners to get a woman pregnant, there are probably several dozen instances of unprotected interludes that take place over time.   What is scariest is that some people run through a lot of partners and have never in their life gotten a full STD panel of tests at the doctor’s office.  This is a crisis in the making, and someone has to speak up about it.

Oh yea, anyone who sleeps with a man just because he’s famous should realize that you’re also sleeping with dozens (or even hundreds) of other people that the man has been with.  That’s just flat out nasty.

2)      Collecting babies’ mamas is one of the easiest ways to go broke:   An immature man gets excited when he finds that every woman wants him.  A more mature man realizes that too much female attention can be a curse, like an obese man with heart disease working in a bakery that offers him free food. Having a long list of mating partners increases the chances that a stripper named Shaquanda ends up taking you to court every time she hears that you got a raise on your job or a new record deal.   She also wants her money even if your record deal is now expired and you’re trying to survive with a 12th grade education.  I’ve seen far too many brothers singing the child support blues after forgetting about the importance of a man being selective about where he chooses to plant his seed.  Yes: most men are attracted to beautiful women, but gluttonous and short-sighted behavior is a great way to destroy your life.

3)      Most people with “multi-baby-mama-it is” obviously care nothing for their children:   Producing a bunch of children with a stack of babies’ mamas with no plan to care for the children is one of the most selfish things that a man can do.  Mothers who are complicit in such plans or who keep the child’s father out of his/her life are also to blame.  Your children now barely have a chance to succeed in this world, and it’s your fault.  There’s no reason for me to be nice when saying this, because you weren’t being very nice to your kids by bringing them into the world in a manner that positions them for failure. Even the most well-intended parent is going to have trouble giving appropriate time, resources and attention to 11 children in 10 different homes.  It’s d**n near impossible.

4)      This is commercialized hip-hop at its finest:  I’m not sure who decided in hip-hop that black men are supposed to have s*x with everything that moves.  Adopting these destructive cultural norms not only leads to the rampant spread of STDs, it is also a huge disservice to the millions of children being born in unstable situations.   The white man doesn’t have to kill us if we’ve already agreed to kill ourselves and each other:  Commercialized hip-hop’s steady formula of excessive drug/alcohol consumption, promotion of gun violence, financial irresponsibility and s*xual promiscuity does a great job of keeping us on the psychological plantation.

5)      What in the h**l is wrong with Oxygen?  Perhaps the Shawty Lo show is Oxygen’s black male version of “Honey Boo Boo.”  In both cases, a middle class audience is lured in to make fun of the lives of lower class Americans.  I’m not sure what Oxygen hopes to accomplish with this show, but I’m sure Shawty Lo will be the next great black role model propped up by the oppressive tradition of Hollywood…they can put his picture right next to Martin Luther King and the rapper 2Chainz. Maybe some of the show’s income can be used to pay for these kids to get a good education along with therapy to overcome the abuse and trauma that all too often happens to children who don’t have a father at home to protect them.

Forgive me for being emotional as I share my thoughts about this show.   But the truth is that we have to speak up for our children.  We have to call out ignorance when we see it and challenge ourselves to make better decisions.  Many of our outcomes are imposed upon us by an oppressive society, that is absolutely true.  But in far too many cases, these problems are due to an oppressive partnership in which we have become willing participants.

Let’s go ahead and kill the stupidity so Shawty Lo’s children can become better parents than him.  Also, this story is a reminder that we must show appreciation to those powerful men who take their parental obligations seriously.  They don’t get the recognition they deserve, and they will never get a reality show.  So, if there is a strong black man in your life, please go and tell him “thank you.”

Staff Writer; Dr. Boyce Watkins 

Dr. Boyce Watkins is the founder of the Your Black World Coalition.  For more information, please visit



34 Responses to “Rapper Shawty Lo, 10 Babies Mamas Give Us TV Buffoonery 101.”
  1. not a fan says:

    @Mack do your home work……Oprah is co-owner of Oxygen and OWN. NBC is majority owner of both networks.

  2. Ramses says:

    I love this brother…wise words and dire warning to mangina dudes everywhere…i’m not the only one giving OG knowledge

  3. @ Mack

    Thanks Mack, I stand corrected. My apologies to Oprah.

    Black Unity means financial independence and happiness

  4. Mack says:

    @ Not a fan: Not true: she sold her shares in the network shortly after it was sold to NBC/Universal, around 06-07.

    Shortly after, thats when those silly ratchet shows like Bad Girls Club started showing up. So don’t put this on Oprah. Do your research people. 😉

  5. not a fan says:

    She is co-owner of oxygen and own.

  6. Mack says:

    Oprah’s getting a bad rap for this one. She’s no longer involved in the channel and hasn’t been for years:

  7. Say it aint so Oprah!

  8. Oprah’s network must really be in trouble to stoop this low. She did this before when the Jerry springer type shows took off. I’m very disappointed in her as a so called intelligent Black women, but money makes you do things you don’t want to do, and she’s a billionaire.

    Black Unity means financial independence and happiness

  9. DaTruth says:

    This show is nothing but spectacle of pure black thrash that is broadcasted for the world to see. This sorry ass good for nothing man and his 10 stupid ghetto sperm buckets probably believe they are actually doing something positive for the black community. Many black folks have devolved to a new low point that their ignorance is now also a badge of arrogance.

  10. sankofa says:

    To Quote the Last poets from the Mean Machine…

    All this shit will kill you fast
    All products of the Mean Machine
    The Devil disguised as a human being
    And he will even preach that God is dead
    And some of y’all will believe what the Devil has said
    And he will then act as the world’s police
    And the sun will rise up in the West
    And set down in the East
    And when it came time for the end…
    And when it came time for the end…
    And when it came time for the end…
    The men will look like the women
    And the women like the men
    And some will dance in a hypnotic trance
    Like as if they have no care
    But these will be signs of the changing times
    That the end is drawing near
    For it was prophesized many centuries past
    That the end will come in a fiery holocaust
    And only the righteous people will survive the blast
    And the Devil’s machine will bring about his own end…

  11. Ramses says:

    These are the types of books that have your sons turning out to be faggots

  12. Ramses says:

    @Sankofa that’s why you can’t get pulled in…..when I was at georgia state we had a former panther come to my professor’s class and he talked about the group. He said the one thing they lacked as a group was a spiritual foundation. I have never seen people, especially women, who lacked a spiritual foundation, gain one. He said that a lot of those members had dealt with being molested or raped or abused..This is why you preserve yourself properly. Most of these females, especially in our so-called community are lost because of behavior like this. They’re not coming back in this lifetime. They will have to come back in another lifetime to right their wrongs in the previous one. Some of us are planets and some are black holes. Some people represent darkness (absence of light which is truth) and if we’re not careful they will swallow us up. Many of these women represent darkness and they seek to destroy men. The sexual energy many of our women possess is some scary Michael Myers type shit. It’s one of the main reasons I broke up with my ex couple years back. The chick I loved at the time had this demon in her and I was not trying to be apart of that. She dealt with a demonic dude before me who she let basically put his sperm in her at will. Once a woman does this, she intakes that man’s essence, which is what Mack tried to warn these females against. But he had females and I think some males argue against him. So basically these people were arguing against Mack’s notion for a woman to be pure in thought and flesh. I know dudes who say “a woman can whatever she wanna do.” I’ve seen weak ass negroes at places like Lenox Mall with their chicks dressed like they’re on the hoe stroll (on the corner). And they have no problem with it at all. I’d rather be in Brazil around women who have culture. These females have no honor or culture and I have no desire to deal with a woman who lacks cultural refinement and I really don’t care why she doesn’t have it. If her parents didn’t care enough to show her properly then somehow someway, she has to figure it out. If I didn’t have a father to show me how to be a Man, I would have to figure it out because society would expect me too just because I’m a Man. We make excuses for these hoes when we shouldn’t. They put themselves on to be bought and sold. White people didn’t do that: they did. I do not even bring up white people concerning our people anymore becaue we give them too much power and a lot of them don’t think about black people like that. We are so invested in this black/white divide, we can’t envision a world where we actually get along with one another. When I was locked up for a traffic ticket, my cell mate was a white dude from california. Looked like he could have been a clan member. He heard me talking in our cells and by the time he left, he told me “that I was one of the most intelligent men he had ever met in his life.” This was a caucasian who could see past all that white black shit and give me respect. This is where we need to get to as a people. They need to work on their side and get their people in order, just like we need to do the same. These chicks make choices to be hoes and get judged accordingly. Excuse time is over for them and the negroes who keep their mouths closed withholding criticism scared they won’t get any ass. Now that’s what I call a bitch: a Man who won’t lay down the law

  13. sankofa says:

    Family…one of the tools the oppressor uses to entrench enslavement on the minds and souls of African people is to alter our overstanding about sex. In ancient times sex was a highly spiritual involvement, where a meditative state is achieved as the Kundalini energies travels up to the crown chakra, sparking the pineal glands for introspection. Sex has been devalued and regulated to the base chakra or animal levels were fucking and all acts related to that is common place. Fucking is what dogs do. That is why many male with four feet will breed a bitch and keep it moving. Only a few animals actually stay together as a family. Why? I don’t know.

    When White Supremacy removed spirituality from sex, it broke the connection not only between us and the outerverse, us and the innerverse and us in complementing each other. That is why people with deep spirituality always explain that the act of homosexuality does not contain complementary energies, even if one TRIES to recreate the feminine or masculine energy associated with the opposite. Likewise as MACK said in another article about sperm wars, the transference of energies during intercourse gets corrupted when there are multiple partners, exchanging multiple negative or polluted energies, which often affects the female more adversely as she is the receptacle. @ Ramses…I can’t begin to talk about the numerous images and videos I see out there of females’ skanking out, showing out their ass and cunts. I use those terms because that is what the female’s sacred womb and body has been regulated to. Shit like this is not sexy to me, don’t give me a boner and don’t make me feel good about the prospects out there for my sons.

    When you have songs with lyrics like, my neck, my back, lick my pussy, lick my ass…but then follow that line up with respect me, you know we are dealing with not only mental health issues, but the fact that emotional immaturity and disassociation is running rampant in our community. Watching hard core porn or soft core porn like Flavor of love, basketball wives or this sick piece of trash Dr. Watkins commented on, or even masturbating for recreation, we are transferring the spiritual energies into a created reality of baseness that continually lower our defences against psychic attacks and degradation.

    “What became of the Black people of Sumer?’ the traveler asked the old man, for ancient records show that the people of Sumer were Black. `What happened to them?’ `Ah,’ the old man sighed. `They lost their history, so they died.”

    –A Sumer Legend

    @ Terrence Amen, I got your Book from Marcus Book store and am waiting its delivery.

    @Steph…try this,

  14. Ramses says:

    This is what plenty of females are out here doing….very hard to build anything when females want to be this

  15. Wow

    It’s beautiful to see we are all on the same page with this. I talk about this in my book. I really can’t add much more to the comments, only to make key points that have already been mentioned. I also believe in having a long term mental relationship before you even think about marriage, then sex. This is so sad how far away we’ve gotten from out basic traditions and values. I also agree that you can’t judge a man by how many degrees he has. What is most important is what you have in common, are you both willing to help each other grow.

    I know it will be hard to find a man who’s willing to wait, but as someone said, this is how you’ll know if he really loves you. One of my goals is to create an environment where like minded people who have the same values and traditions, or willing to relearn them in order to have a more fulfilling life. This used to be the church, but we all know the church is not what it used to be. This is why I can’t give up on our people, there are too many of us who needs direction, support, and love.

    Black Unity means financial independence and happiness

  16. Ramses says:

    Exactly Sankofa that’s how I separate myself from blacks who don’t want anything. Ask them to invest in something and they’ll tell you all you need to know. At this point it’s about commerce. Nothing else. Malcolm had it right. He said he din’t care if you were an atheist. If you were about moving black people forward, then he could work with you. I don’t care what your religion is, everyone likes money. If you can’t out your religious difference to the side for business sake, then you deserve to starve. CHina and the US, who hate each other (although they play nice in public) can sit down and do business together. You mean to tell me two countries with nukes at their disposal can sit down at the business table, put those differences to the side, and work together to make money but black people who get on here and claim how much love they have for one another can’t? That inexcusable

  17. Lex Dras says:

    It’s Mama’s Fault! Don’t believe me? Just take a look at this fool’s mama and how he was raised then re-examine my statement. The cycle continues.


  18. sankofa says:

    @Ramses…words have power. Words bring into reality what the imagination pulls together from the ether. Hence the saying…” Be careful with your thoughts, for they become your words. Be careful with your words, for they become your actions. Be careful with your actions, for they become your habits. Be careful with your habits, for they become your character. Be careful with your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

    This is knee-grow relationship and culture in a nutshell. I use the term compliment to indicate the woman in my life or that which I desire in my life. A GIRL friend or BOY friend is not enough, because you are telling me you or I are not mature enough. A wife and husband, based on current divorce rate, are not a very complete example. Actually, according to old English language, a husband is one who takes care of farm animals (animal husbandry), so I guess it is appropriate based on the actions of some of these hood rats. But I digress…

    It’s interesting that you mentioned in this and previous posts about mutual economic partnership. Since 1991, I have been promoting African man-woman relationship as a business endeavor where partners bring specific skills and experience to the table and we work towards a mutual goal…which is to build this business call they family. First though there has to be a mutual interest and then is compounded if we agree on an alliance. A modern relationship in the west should never be about “falling” in love, because based on our group immaturity, short shortsightedness and lack of socio-cultural planning, is mainly about lacking control of ourselves, losing our balance by falling.

    @Steph… I believe what your mother was passing on to you is to set your bar high and don’t settle. I don’t smoke, drink or consume flesh, it would be hypocritical of me to hook up with some female who does all of these then bitch on her when she does what she is used to do. It’s good that you found out dude was allergic to books, imagine you trying to have a serious conversation with him that doesn’t involve some superficial shit like access Hollyweird or whether Jay Z is part of the Illuminati or not. I am going to be straight with you sister, many college educated females have been conditioned to look over brothers without papers for clones who do. Up until 1970 females were conditioned to get an education because they needed it to (a) be of comfort and support to your man as you both raise progressive educated children and (b) Something to fall back on if you don’t have a man or you both split up. Somewhere along the way, after stage 2 feminism came into effect education for males and females become some badge that gives you elite status. 2013 is a new game and playing field. The employment scene for men is different and because of these women economically is involved in areas that are now denied men in droves and if men are in those areas, they have proven to be arrogant bitches themselves and are often unworthy of sustained complementary relationships. Yet women still gravitate towards these males believing now-a-days, the job defines you instead of you enhancing the job. Find a man of character as Ramses says; don’t confuse education with intelligence or common sense. Also being able to carry a quality conversation says a lot about you and him, than if y’all were speaking with great dictum or eloquence to impress and audience.

  19. Ramses says:

    @Steph….what you have to realize, which I don’t think a lot of women take into account is two things are at play when one gets with a Man. First and foremost is his character. Do you like him. Before you get to the part where he masters your body, does he master your heart? I say all the time any man can stick his penis in a woman but it takes a Real Man to be able to speak to the heart of a woman who’s willing to have it spoken to. Is your heart accessible? A lot of women wombs are accessible but not their hearts. Men want that heart because it’s the only thing that’s gonna make them open theirs. Women out here think they will fuck their way into men and their hearts and then feel used when it doesn’t work. Well they should feel used because they did it to themselves. Once you have decided you like him (love him as well) then the next thought should be is how can we economically coexist? Economics allow you to take your relationships to higher levels. When a man can tak you to the finer restaurants, it makes him feel good. However, women don’t help men build towards that. Look most of us didn’t inherit vast sums of welath through inheritance, which means we are gonna have to work together to build wealth if we expect longevity for ourselves and seeds as well. If you can marry someone when they don’t have a lot of money, it means you actually want to be with them because sometimes the only entertainment you will enjoy will be each other’s company. If you can stand to be around each other, then chances are you have something. However, a Man without ambition is really a waste of time. However, one with ambition is a longterm investment and longterm investments eventually mature. Most women out here tend to invest in junk bonds and only end up being emotionally indebted to a man who only reflected their own weakness. A woman by definition should always pick a man stronger than her mentally because to choose to be with a weak Man, for a Woman, goes against nature. At 34 years of age, I know women my age are not changing. They are who they are. If they’re not into investments now, they never will be for the most part. So it’s a futile exercise to convince them to be on it. You have to pick someone who compliments you. Not equals you because how do you measure equality between man and woman? You can’t. But you can have reciprocity. Now it’s one thing to approach someone with info they never heard before and they take it and expand upon it. That’s different. However, when you have to convince someone that they should want more wealth, that’s your answer. Some people are content with just skating by and not drawing attention to themselves. These are people that men and women need to stay away from. People with billions don’t even think they have enough!!!! So it just goes to show you that you have to be on top of your game for real. @Sankofa you know how I do!!!!! lol

  20. Steph says:


    Your comment is interesting. But things are not that simple. My ex- that I really cared about was a God-fearing man. However, it seems that having a BA was enough for him and did not aspire to do much more! I will never forget his reaction when I suggested once if we could spend time at Chapters (I live in Canada and Chapters is the American Barnes and Noble). He laughed so much because he did not want to be near any bookstores. It is like if he was allergic to books! I will never forget what my mom told me when we were not together anymore. She said Steph, you are so much more well read than him. You deserve better but the reality is, it is far from being easy. I will never forget again what I read in the book Is Marriage for White people? I learned that the few brothers who went to college behave like Kings and make feel the sisters that if they choose to be with us, they are doing us a favor. Why they behave like that according to the author? Well, because they know there is a scarcity of College brothers and they are playing with that!

  21. sankofa says:

    @Steph says:…”I totally agree with you about the importance of waiting. But honestly, because so many females made themselves accessible, most men won’t wait that long.”

    For me that’s how you separate a man from a boy. If he’s all about your panties, no matter how attractive he is, then that’s the dude you get. However, if enough females close their legs, all these dusty dudes will be getting are recyclables… and that stuff is literally STD in the bush.

    Let me caution you sister regarding ambition. Not everybody will have the same goals and achievement points as you, so don’t let it sway you, however, if a cat don’t have any ambition….do I need to say more?

    Kudos to you for your accomplishment and having a PhD is no joke, so you are ahead of the game. However it get’s tricky because I have a sistren that teaches at York U and what she tells me about some of these males with comparable education is both tragic and laughable. The man you should meet should exercise certain masculine qualities that is being filtered out by society and stage 2 feminism. Stage 2 feminism is where you compete with me to see who can do what better than the other. That is not the original case Caucasian females fought for initially…note I say Caucasian, because African women before 1965 was equal to the African men in many instances and except for a few, earned respect and protection from your men. We have to know our story to see the damage white supremacy did to us.

    The fact that any male over 16 don’t have a bank account is a tragedy of poor parenting and his lack of maturity/commonsense. A man…a real man, the basis of his manhood is to build monuments and a functioning society. He has to build a family that is part of society and he has to provide for all and protect all. This is the basis of manhood on this plane, anything else is to lead towards that or maintain that goal. When that brother crosses your path, don’t matter if he don’t look like Denzel Washington, just as long as he has god in him, you best step to him.

  22. Steph says:

    To Sankofa and Darla,

    I totally agree with you about the importance of waiting. But honestly, because so many females made themselves accessible, most men won’t wait that long.

  23. Steph says:

    I made a mistake, the name of the book is: Is Marriage for White people?

  24. Steph says:

    You don’t have to worry Sankofa, of course I always take my time. But, I am very disappointed to not meet serious brothers. I am very mature. I finished high school when I was 16 and I could have finished it when I was 15 if my parents agreed that I skipped another grade. When I was in my twenties, I could have bought a condo, have my PhD and so on. Unfortunately, I never met a brother (I want to be with a Black man) who has the same level of ambition! I read last year the book Is Marriage for Black people? And I found out that the situation is worse than I thought. My jaw dropped when I learned in this book that there are brothers who do not have a bank account. This means two things: they don’t have a job and/or are involved in illegal activities. I could go on and on!

  25. darla hanger says:

    I write about celebrities but have never seen this show. AMAZING and awesome article Dr. Boyce Watkins . ( I have sometimes quoted THY BLACKMAN in an article because I love the free flow of thought process.

    This is not an issue limited to blacks, and shame on OXYGEN for uplifting what you term “ghetto polygamy.” There is also “serial monogamy” which seems to be a common sport too, and men are “spreading their seed” around without regard to future of kids involved.

    Two months you said for women to wait? I say TWO YEARS ….. Years ago experts said wait a couple years until after marriage, so that you can establish a strong marital relationship. Heck for some people 10 YEARS might be better. They used to say have at least one year of engagement … good idea there too. Women and MEN both can wear masks, at least waiting one year can give a person a chance to get a good look at what they are tied to for life. (marriage or NOT)

    There is more to the puzzle about who is raising the kids than the parents too. Daycares are given preference when it comes to establishing parental roles for men (even for babies). Who is raising the kids? 11 kids is a LOT of money and time to spread out over the years.

    Dr. Watkins – excellent Expose.

  26. sankofa says:

    Lol! Steph…I hope you found out before you got intimate with him, that’s why I caution females to wait a couple of month before even entertaining that thought in order to see where these nukas are coming from.

    Lol @ Ramses with the flat screen.

  27. Satchel says:

    Many people talk bad about Dr. Watkins and the choice and quailty of articles he posts on this site, me among them. However, a well reasoned examination of this life style and it’s consequences is just the thing that should be brought out into the sunlight so we can see clearly. Dr. Watkins survived again.

  28. Ramses says:

    We talk about the men but if the women wouldn’t make themselves available, we wouldn’t have these problems…it’s a welfare mentality…you have a baby so you don’t have to work…that’s the strategy…just make sure you don’t live in these neighborhoods or you will see your flat screen walking down the street!!!!! lol

  29. Steph says:

    This reassures me to see that not all men are the same. I was so disappointed recently when I learned from a man (I was attracted to only the first time I met him) that he thinks that maybe he is a father! He separated from his ex when she was pregnant and never cared to find out what happened! It was a complete turn-off to me! In addition, the three last time I met him, he had the same jeans!!! He told me that in the past he was not able to do anything except sleep for three months. This means he was not working. I felt like kicking his butt!!! The worst part is, I am talking about a grown man who has a college degree! What the hell is happening with our brothers???

  30. sankofa says:

    Don’t have anything to add to this. The fact that you even sat down and watch this mess shows you are a more patient man than I. Your breakdown is tight, though, ashe!

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