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“Say It Loud: I’m Pregnant, Ratchet & Proud”

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( So recently on Twitter, Amber Rose said that she “loves it when Wiz calls her his baby mama because it makes her feel ratchet and she likes it.”

One of the definitions of the word ratchet according to the Urban Dictionary is:

(adjective) a term for someone that is either;

1. A whore
2. Dirty/Nasty
3. Ghetto as HELL
4. Annoying
5. Busted

So….. this is how building his legacy makes her feel. This is what she is thinking while she is pregnant with his child. Brothers, I keep telling you to look beyond big asses, thick thighs, and a pretty face because NONE of that is relevant if her mind isn’t right. You mess around and have your future trapped in an undeveloped mind, your child being held hostage in a mind that is not even close to thinking like God, therefore lacking the capability to give birth to one!

It’s already been revealed that she is having a boy. Let’s refer back to number one of the ratchet definition, which is “a whore” and  if she likes the way that makes her feel what is she teaching her son, regarding his view  of women  while he is in the womb? What will be his treatment of women?  A whore is defined as:

A woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse, usually for money; prostitute; harlot; strumpet.

If his MOTHER likes the way being a whore makes her “feel” then what type of woman will her son seek? Is he more likely to treat a woman like a whore, or already see her as such, and assume that she likes the way being a whore makes her feel, since this is something he learned from his mother? Right now because of her warped views and mindset, she is instilling warped views in the mind of her son.
It is true that women are the first teachers and  the FIRST  lessons are taught in the womb. When a woman is pregnant, whatever she intakes mentally, spiritually, and emotionally so does the child. That is why conception should take place in the MIND first. Brothers, you should see how fertile her MENTAL ground is, and if she can cultivate the spiritual and intellectually seeds that you plant there. What good is physical fertile ground if the mental ground is barren? 
Whenever I post something on my Facebook page, my inbox becomes flooded with messages, and this time was no different. When I wrote a status about Amber Rose and what she said, I was immediately emailed by several Sisters stating that he made her a “baby mama“, once again using old faithful, aka “deflection“.   When I initially saw what she wrote on twitter, my thoughts were, why do we love being baby mamas? Why can’t we love it when we are referred to as “his wife?” So when I received the inbox messages, I thought how can someone “make” you a baby mama? No one can make you what you aren’t or haven’t already volunteered to be. Every time you lie down with a man, and he is not your husband you are running for the position of “baby mama” and your back becomes your platform.

Basically the message stated that if he married her, then she would love it when he calls her his wife. Maybe if SHE made marriage a requirement before she allowed him to receive the benefits of marriage, then that would be the case, but SHE didn’t so it’s not.

Amber Rose is role model for so many of our young girls and young women. What message is she sending to them when she boasts of how she loves being called a baby mama? Instead of “turning a hoe into a housewife” our young girls probably think they have to be a “whore” in order to BE a wife, or baby mamas, which sadly, some of us feel like being a man’s baby mama, is the highest honor. This is a woman that said she was “a south Philly hood rat” and when asked about her previous relationship with Kanye West, she said that she was an “ill b*** to a rock star.” So she likes all things ratchet, she was a self-proclaimed hood rat, and she was an ill bi*** and this is the type of woman our young girls are choosing to emulate.

In order for God in a man to reproduced, the God in him must be present. Amber Rose is unable (at this time) to reproduce the God in Wiz, because he hasn’t revealed the God in him. She is reproducing him in his current mental state, coupled with her mental state.  If he was on an elevated level he wouldn’t have placed his future in the womb of a ratchet loving, ill b** hood rat. . If she was on an elevated level, she wouldn’t desecrate the place where life is being formed with those types of damaging thoughts nor would she see herself in that manner.

Listen to the immature terminology that we commonly use in our community, “baby mama and baby daddy”.  Black Woman, you were not designed to be ANYONE’s “baby mama”, you are to be his WIFE, and once you are his wife, then your womb becomes the pathway to extend his life. Through YOU, his legacy becomes physically manifested. 

Black Man, you weren’t created to be a “baby daddy”, you are to be her HUSBAND, and you plant the seeds that will continue your existence. That is the DIVINE order. We have to stop trivializing the procreation process. Sisters, you should love your husband so much that reproducing him is an honor. His qualities, spirit and mind should be so beautiful that you know that reproducing him is vital to produce a positive change in our community. Now does any of that sound ratchet to you?

Of course I also received messages that referred to men being ratchet due to their behavior and mistreatment of women. It never fails, regardless of what I say, women will always attempt to redirect it back to the men, but I navigate right back to us. Here is a woman, that with HER own words, says that she likes feeling ratchet, and somehow, someway, there was an attempt to shift it back to men.  Listen, if you have ratchet thoughts while you are pregnant, that equates having a ratchet womb, because as a woman “thinketh” so IS she, along with what SHE produces. So if you are  upset at the so called ratchet behavior that a man displays, I suggest you immediately seek out the owner of the ratchet womb that produced him.

Staff Writer; Nojma Muhammad
To learn more about this talented sister, feel free to visit; Nojma Reflects.


20 Responses to ““Say It Loud: I’m Pregnant, Ratchet & Proud””
  1. insults says:

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    for providing these kinds of information.

  2. Ramses says:

    I told you @Mack i told you. 30thoughts as usual doesn’t want to embrace reality. And this is how silly black females are. This chick says that Amber Rose is not black. Do yu see those hips and ass dear? I mean if that is not negro hips and ass then call me blind. I mean this is the sick game they play. She probably dark skin and mad cause the chick got a nice body and she doesn’t. This chick is from philly although her father is italian and mother from cape verde. But when she was raised in philly you know what niggas did to her, tell her she wasn’t black because she wasn’t dark. The same thing 3othoughts is doing. You’ll did it to barack before white folks agve you permission to vote for him. You’ll were ready to hitch your ride to hillary clinton dumb ass. You chicks are sick in the head and show hate to each other that is unparalleled I mean this i sick. Italian’s have black in their bloodline (see Hannibal dear). And cape verde is in the carribean and have blacks there. That is such an evil way to view amber rose. And I don’t condone what she does and never thought I would be defending her but damn maybe she is on this hoe shit because she feels it’s the only way she can be authenticated by black people (most notably black women). She might be thinking “if I;m a hoe, then maybe black women would look at me as one of them. The girl is extremely attractive and is wasting herself on this hoe phenomenon in this country. Light skinned blacks hurt dark skinned ones and vice versa. Chick before you check what my brothers on here say, you need to check your own hate that you have against your sisters who are lighter than you. All that ass she got and she is not a black woman. If she was riding the bus in alabama in the 50’s she would have been riding in the back for real. That’s the dumbest shit i’ve heard this year. Your whole response made everyone slightly dumber for having to read that idiotic response. It added no value to the conversation whatsoever. And why would I waste my time trying to lead a pack of heathen ass brawds? I’m better off finding a woman who I can form a family with and leading in that example. You lazy ass black people are always looking for someone to lead you. lead your God damn self. Always want some brother to take a bullet for your asses. I have heard in years past black people say the same thing. I’m like nigga don’t gas me up to do your job for you. Lead what? What’s to lead? You don’t even have love enough for your sister to regard her as a sister because she probably is better looking than you. When did she become black? i still can’t get over that shit. What lunacy.

  3. sankofa says:

    @30thoughts, since you know so much about Mack and his crew “are having the problems they’re having”. Perhaps you can help me out here? You certainly are in the know. I guess you can tell us what constitute a real man, while it’s okay that we souldn’t tell you what constitute a real woman, what say you suggest how us men should lead and act like men.

    And while you are at it, why don’t you explain to us what you as a woman want–not the generic stuff, actual concrete stuff—so that us men can “step up”.
    I am sure you have more things to offer a man, based on your blog than anything we can offer.

  4. Mack says:

    @ 30Thoughts:

    Let me give you your 31st thought: I work fulltime. Do YOU? Own a business. And I did say OWN. Again, do YOU? Your sense of judgment is way off missy. Maybe you should reserve some of that assessment for your own self. But we know that probably won’t happen.

    And trying to disown Amber Rose suits your convenience, doesn’t it? Now she’s not black. If she was on some presidential tip, you’ll be screaming “Look at Amber Rose, that beautiful, strong intelligent SISTER!”

    Deflection at its finest! How about not using your anger as a defense mechanism. Even the bible warns you to be angry and sin not.

    The more I read these angry feminisitic responses, the more evident it becomes: there are more of you who fit the bill then those who don’t. And if I’m wrong, then the ones who do NOT fit the bill should speak up more often. Because right now you are being grossly under-represented.

  5. 30thoughts says:

    @Mack and @Ramses You guys are funny…Is this a joke referring to Black women as demonic creatures??

    Question 1: Amber Rose is Black? When did that happen?

    @Mack “But the good ones make up a very tiny minority.” Really? Based off of 1 video?? This is proof that good Black women are minorities?? I guess if you’re looking for them in strip clubs, they are Smh

    @Ramses “I don’t even fault brothers anymore because the problems of the group (don’t consider blacks a community anymore because the word signifies unity which blacks don’t) lay directly at the feet of black women and feminism. This hasn’t just destroyed women, but men as well.” Here, you’re blaming women for lack of unity?? Be a leader

    “You know what’s so interesting, if I was to go to a strip club right now, and flash some money in a black chick face, she would treat me like a Man. She would be accommodating, reverential, be the object of my fantasy, stroke my ego and all that. So when people say these women don’t know how to do it it’s untrue. They just use it to get money out of men hands. But after they leave the club, the facade disappears.”

    THESE ARE STRIPPERS!!! If you flashed money in any race of stripper’s face, she would make you feel like a MAN. Are you serious?? A stripper is an exception to most rules in most cases?? And why would you expect anything more from a stripper?? She’s a stripper!!! You are not proving anything about normal Black women by explaining a stripper’s mentality. A stripper should not be the representative of any race of people. Period.

    To the author:
    “When I wrote a status about Amber Rose and what she said, I was immediately emailed by several Sisters stating that he made her a “baby mama“, once again using old faithful, aka “deflection“.”

    Black women are constantly deflecting because MEN are supposed to be the leaders. THEY are supposed to lead by example, which they are NOT doing. Anything you say will be placed back MEN’S shoulders where it belongs. I was taught and most women (all races) too that the men are to be the head of the household, our communities, etc. But, OUR men are not leading. They are expecting women to be turning all types of tricks to get a man to want them/marry them. A man has to want to be a husband, but first a good man. I can’t MAKE you a good man, be one without prodding. This society is a reflection of the downfall of MEN, nothing more. We tell our children to do as we say, not do as we do, but they will emulate actions, not words. Same here.

    I’m certainly not going to be led by some man who frequents strip clubs, making it rain and can barely pay his car note, which is I’m assuming why @Mack and his circle of friends are having the problems they’re having. Get YOUR mind right.

  6. Mack says:

    Ramses the video(s) were disturbing on an entirely different level. What I just watched was borderline demonic! And to think: THESE are our ‘beautiful black queens, worthy of adoration and absolute fidelity…’

    Can you imagine a chick like this bearing your seed?! Or one like Amber Rose for that matter. I know this isn’t indicative of all sisters, and thank God for that. But the good ones make up a very tiny minority. We’ve been told that a good black MAN is hard to find. But the reality is becoming more evident every day: a good black WOMAN is hard to find. And these angry black women hate to hear that truth: the truth that most are not the great catch they imagine themselves to be.

  7. Mack says:

    @ Ramses:

    SMH!!! Damn…its worst than I thought…

  8. Ramses says:

    No doubt Realman that’s why men can’t be scared to be happy and feel like they’re selling their mother out just because they get with something of another ethnicity. Ethnicity is real, race is not. Thank The Most High for social media because picture is worth a thousand words and when you see this stuff you can’t deny the beastly mentality these chicks exhibit

  9. Realman says:

    This demented and perverted mentality is here to stay, it has been going on for years.

  10. Unfortunately, being a whore today has become a right of passage for not only our people, but all young people. It has become the rule rather then the exception. Marriage has lost its sacredness and even when a couple does get married, it has no more meaning then the paper it was written on. This is the work of people who have no values, morals, or commitment, a people who had no problem enslaving another and calling it just.

    Yet we still follow behind these same people who murdered, raped, and enslaved our ancestors. This is yet another example of the slave mind. We must reconnect to our history before we came to this country, which gives us a guide on how to treat each other, on how to be a community, and control much of what we produce, instead of always giving it away to build other people communities. Until we do this, we will continue to have these articles written.

    Black Unity means financial independence and happiness

  11. Deeann D. Mathews says:

    This article just made me so sad, and just feel sick… it reminds me of everything I work so hard for, so the Black girls who have me as a tutor/teacher in whatever capacity have just one more model of righteous Black womanhood to look up to. What they so often see — and what their boy peers are bring taught is the standard of womanhood — is just so life-destroying, so wicked, so awful! But I will accept this feeling, for what makes me so sad today will strengthen my resolve for tomorrow…

  12. Mack says:

    Personally, I thought the dude was crazy for even WANTING this chick; let alone busting up in her raw. But guys like Wiz are basically dudes who never had game to begin with, so they end up becoming targets for slick females like Amber, who segue off of their fame to increase their own. Sucker.

    I’m not surprised by her behavior in the least bit. The way I see it, we’re in a state of war. Its those in ‘the know’ versus those who ‘don’t want to know’. And right now the ‘don’t want to knows’ are winning. The prize of victory is the souls of the next generation. Hence why I’m glad a few of us won’t keep silent on these types of issues. If enough of us chime in, we can create a tipping point in the favor of sanity and righteousness.

    This is an excellent article, but as I’m sure its bound to bring controversy. The truth always does. Don’t stop speaking Nojma. Keep doing what you do sister. You’re creating that tipping point that’s needed to bring this thing home.

  13. Ramses says:

    just for you brawds who argue with this articel black chick referring to herself as a nigger pet

  14. Ramses says:

    I don’t know what’s worse: The fact she admits it or the fact he willingly put his seed i her. I can’t even get mad at the shit black chicks do anymore. I’m some numb to their dumb shit it’s like i’m in a different orbit. It’s like this shit isn’t real. I really can understand the concept of eugenics now. Black Men have been remade in the image of the “Black Woman” a very demonic creature at this point in her existence. You have a creature, a beats if you will, who tries to be what she can never be.

    I don’t even fault brothers anymore because the problems of the group (don’t consider blacks a community anymore because the word signifies unity which blacks don’t) lay directly at the feet of black women and feminism. This hasn’t just destroyed women, but men as well. You know what’s so interesting, if I was to go to a strip club right now, and flash some money in a black chick face, she would treat me like a Man. She would be accommodating, reverential, be the object of my fantasy, stroke my ego and all that. So when people say these women don’t know how to do it it’s untrue. They just use it to get money out of men hands. But after they leave the club, the facade disappears. Women like this are just hoping to find some weak ass black man to leech off of by getting his seed and because these dudes usually come from a background where they can’t recognize a dummy chick like this. Black men get set up by their weak mothers to fall for chicks like this to continue the cycle. But what’s taking place is a weed out if you will.

    50 to 100 Years you won’t see these people because through the homosexuality and the criminal element coupled with diseases, these animals will be wiped and good riddance. Maybe the earth can move forward positively if there are less of these people around. Best believe I would let no child of mine procreate with the likes of them. If they did I would disown them because i wouldn’t want any maggots like this in my bloodline.

  15. Cree Seven says:

    The 6th element for the definition of ratchet:

    6. Black

    Can someone direct me to two serious references to a white woman as “ratchet?”


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