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Yes, A Black Holiday Season.

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Tweet ( *There was a time when the Christmas holiday season didn’t get cracking until right after Thanksgiving. But as time has past and as the nation has become more commercial, the Christmas promotions have crept earlier in the year, now starting just around Halloween. And, Christmas is a dubious holiday with confusion and conflicting... [Read more...]

Yes, Diagnosis GOP: Critical Condition.

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Tweet ( We’ve learned the Republican Party has been admitted to Hospital USA and is in critical condition after being slammed in the rear end by the Democrat Party in the 2012 presidential election. The diagnosis for recovery is poor. The party is on life support. It’s white voter count is dropping fast and the party appears to be... [Read more...]

Yes Black Athletes Should Never Take Pride in Being Ignorant.

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Tweet ( I received a phone call from a friend of mine who teaches elementary school. She told me that she’d spent the week excited about the fact that some college basketball players were coming to her school to eat lunch with the kids. She thought that her inner city students would gain from the chance to be mentored by the men they... [Read more...]

The value of the black dollar.

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Tweet ( “When John Singleton did Boyz-N-the Hood everybody went out to see it. But when John Singleton did Rosewood nobody went to go see it. We vote with our wallets, our pocket books and our time in front of the idiot box”-Spike Lee. I find it funny how Black folks always talk about how they want to see positive images of us in... [Read more...]

When Black Men are Jealous of Their Black Women.

Tweet ( Black Love.  It begins simply enough: you are everything he says he ever wanted.  You are smart, independent, charming, sexy, and a suitable representative of the two of you. You are able to bring thoughts, opinions, and ideas to the union. You are not dead weight that he has to think for, do for, and support without assistance. ... [Read more...]

Why Men Should Hit on Women at Church.

Tweet ( I was thinking to myself the other day – I have NEVER been hit on at church.  Real, genuine churchgoing men are like unicorns, so why when I take my seat in the pews seeing all manner of men before me like I’ve just landed at the other end of the rainbow, I always leave empty-handed – no pot of gold, no man?  A goon will... [Read more...]

CBC, NAACP, Urban League are Hypocrites.

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Tweet ( I was once told, “Be what you are looking for. If you want friends, go be a friend; if you want love, go love someone and if you want happiness, go make someone happy.” As I have reflected on this simple, but yet profound statement, I have found most of the major Black organizations are woefully hypocritical. They... [Read more...]

Susan Rice, James Clyburn, Yes Democratic & Republican Racial Hypocrisy.

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Tweet ( Susan Rice hasn’t even been nominated to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, but Republicans act as though she has.  The attacks are coming fast and furious (pun intended) but they are as misguided and inaccurate as the War in Iraq.  Senators Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and John McCain of Arizona have already... [Read more...]

President Obama vs. The GOP.

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Tweet ( The conventional political wisdom is that now that President Obama is safely back in the White House and does not have to worry about reelection, he can do what a few other freshly minted second term presidents have done. And that’s take off the gloves and let fly with a series of bold, reform initiatives. FDR, Harry Truman,... [Read more...]

MEN: Access & @ss!

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Tweet ( Today’s technology gives men, all kinds of men, access to women like they’ve never, ever had. Have you ever stopped to think about that? I mean really ponder what a man has access to. The married woman. The stripper The hood-rat. The porn star. The weird classmate from the 10th grade. The ex-girlfriend that is now... [Read more...]

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