How To Get A Man To Marry You.

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( Let me help you out for a minute ladies. Do you want to know how to get a man to marry you?

It’s simple: you make yourself indispensable to that man’s life. Make his life better by your presence.

Have a pleasant disposition.

Be loyal.

Be cooperative, not contrary. It’s inevitable that sometimes you’ll have a difference of opinion. That’s natural. But to constantly be at odds with a man over every little thing is not normal. That speaks of you having control issues. And for any man seeking a wife, that’s a problem not worth investing in.

Be willing to be submissive, not weak. Let him lead. You really don’t want a man who needs to be led by his woman, do you? Submission is not weakness. Far from it. It’s actually the stronger position! But only a woman of wisdom will understand this. Hence why Proverbs 31 (Bible chapter) makes it  seem  like a virtuous woman is so hard to find. She’s a rare treasure indeed.

Trust him. Not just to be a faithful guy, but trust his judgment and decisions also.

Learn how to cook

Work out. Often.

Be sexually adventurous

Get help for your ‘daddy’ issues.

Drop the belligerent attitude.

Be willing to put the needs of your dude above your own. That’s called nurturing. If you have a good dude he will gladly reciprocate.

Learn your man. It surprises me how many women claim to be so unselfish and giving, yet they never take the time to really truly get to know their man. Women like this are more selfish than they’re even aware.

You also need to learn the nature of men in general. So often I hear women complaining about their man. And when I hear what the complaint is about, it’s usually something that comes from her simply not understanding the nature of men. Men speak in Menglish. We don’t speak in Feminese.

Be realistic about your self-worth. Though it’s good to have a healthy self-esteem, you have to be realistic about what you bring to the table in any relationship. You can’t expect to attract an above average brother if you’re just an average woman. Like attracts like in the world of physics. It works that way in relationships also.

If you make $90K in income, but you’re overweight and have an unpleasant attitude, why do you think you deserve a high income brother who’ll love you and treat you right? Brothers on the rise have high standards too. Your high standards may include a high income. His high standards most likely will include high physical beauty. So if you’re gonna aim for the stars, at least be up in orbit yourself!

And while we’re talking about looks, understand that your idea of a good looking woman is probably not shared by most men. Remember this simple order of how a man sees feminine beauty: Face, tits, ass, legs. I’ll say it again: face, tits, ass, legs. FTAL as an acronym if you need it. And face only comes first if we’re actually approaching you from the front. Otherwise it’s ass, legs, face and tits.

Most broke men prefer chubby chicks, not so much as an actual preference, but because being chubby knocks her down a notch or two in his eyes. It somehow makes his financial bustedness not so bad. (Yes, I create words for a hobby, so sue me.)

Chubby chicks also attract guys looking for a quick and easy lay. Most guys would agree that the big girls seem less resistant to being placed into jump-off status. Theres a perception among us guys that the tighter a woman’s body is, the more you have to bring your A-game to get her. The same doesn’t hold true for the bigger out of shape girls. Again: this might not be true in actuality, but its a perceived truth by most men. And when you’re dealing with us men, you have to relate to us according to our truth.

Not by any means an exhaustive list, but this should be enough to get you started.

Take note that nowhere in this brief synopsis did I mention you having the bomb-diggity poondah. Sexually adventurous, yes. But sex is secondary. It’s not hardly the most important element, so ladies quit thinking you can get a man to marry you by screwing him into submission. That rarely ever happens. 

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