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Do Black People Really Love Themselves?

October 22, 2012 by  
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( We don’t act like we do. Want proof? We have some of the highest rates in divorce, abortions, fathers not taking care of their children, and unwedded mothers. We spend a trillion dollars with every group except our own. We have issues within our own community about the color of our skin and the texture of our hair.  We have class struggle within our group.  Last but most importantly, we can’t seem to come together to save our lives, which is what it has come down to.

How did this happen? It wasn’t always this way. Before this so-called integration, we lived together, laughed together, played together, loved together, supervised our children and many others, went to school together, worked together, and fought together. What happened?

Is this really the American dream we’re living, or has it become the nightmare  we put upon ourselves when we left our community? We once had many banks, insurance companies, hospitals, hotels, theaters, schools, and supermarkets. We’ve gone from producers to some of the largest consumers, from role models to clowns, from leaders to followers.

How can we get back to the great people we once were, the beacons of strength, determination, and will? We had to be all these things to come through one of if not the most horrific periods in history. But unfortunately something stayed with us, even with all the successes we’ve had, something that is deadly to our true progress. How else do you explain us giving our all to help other groups become successful while our people continue to suffer? How else do you explain us being leaders in almost every field we’re allowed to enter, but not owning the wealth we produce?

I’m talking about the psychological effects of slavery. Some books have been written about this most important issue, and some have talked about it, but not enough. In my opinion, the psychological effects of slavery are the only things keeping us from reaching our full potential.

Our so-called government will not help us. They’d rather spend billions on arresting and keeping us in prison, which has become big business, rather than pay for a good education. People are making fortunes off our misery because we continue to rely on the same people who enslaved us to solve our problems. We can no longer blame people outside our community for the current problems inside our community.

It’s time to take a good look in the mirror, but the solution is a simple one — not easy, but simple — and that is to finally come together in order to solve our own problems. We are worshipped all over the world for our amazing abilities, yet inside our community, we struggle to support our gifts. This leaves the door open for people outside our community to capitalize and turn our wealth into theirs. Solving the problems in our community is not the hard part; working together is. I think it’s time to stop talking about Black Unity and Love and make it a reality.  

Staff Writer; Terrance Amen 

This brother is also author of Black Unity: The Total Solution to Financial Independence and Happiness. For more information, go to




17 Responses to “Do Black People Really Love Themselves?”
  1. Leonard Smalls says:

    Interesting article; however, any attempt to articulate the current plight of AAs without applying that analysis in its proper context may lead to erroneous results.

    Male/female relationships do not occur in a vacuum, but within a particular social structure. An analysis of the role that said relationships play in the particular social structure, as well as who controls that structure, arguably may yield a degree clarity necessary to formulate remedial acts.

  2. Leonard Smalls says:

    Interesting article.

  3. Ulo says:

    We black folks are in a terrible downfall that it might be unrecoverable. From povery, violence, education it’ll be another 400 year of silliness.

  4. Mike Williams says:

    @ Terrance Amen

    It’s no problem. I just wish this site wold have more positive articles than negatives articles about black people.

  5. @ Mike Williams

    Mike I want to apologize to you and those who read the comments. It was not my intention to get into a heated debate with you about my article. I’m really trying to unite us not divide us, including you. I think we agree on one thing. We need more Black businesses like you have, so we can hire more Black people who are unemployed and underemployed.

    My point is to expand on what you and the many other Brothers and Sisters are doing, rather then wait for people outside our community to do this for us. We can do this by spending more of those trillion dollars we spend with other groups, within our own group. All ethnic groups do this. I’m not talking about separating, I’m simply talking about us doing more for each other then we are doing now and why we haven’t. I wish you continued success in your business, because you are not only talking about helping Black people, you are doing it.

    Black Unity means financial independence and happiness

  6. Mike Williams says:

    @ Terrance Amen

    I take that back Terrence. I did have to ask a white man to start my businesses. I had to go to them for business licenses. At least these days, we don’t get rejected like we did in the sixtes and before. It shows again how far we have came.

  7. Mike Williams says:

    @ Terrence Amen

    I already have spoke my point about the 2% coming back to black communities in an earlier comment below, so I will not repeat. Now, I didnt have to get permission from a white man to start my business. But I am smart enough to know if I want a very successful business, I have to deal with white people. I can also say that my businesses are successful because white people refer a lot of business to me as well as black folks. So once again you are saying nonsense! We have more black business in the sixties and before than now is simply a BIG FAT LIE!!! Maybe weak minded black people will believe that just because you said it, but I wont!!! Of course we had a big hand in creating this country and had thousands of inventions stolen from us, but what does that have to do with us moving forward????? You want us stay wallowing in the past and keep ourselves down. We cant do anything about the past. The past is the past!!! Like I said before this very site depends on white people revenue. The sooner black people realize we have to work with white people to get ahead, the further our race will go as we have already shown. But, this time we do it smarter!! If a black person invents something and need a white man to distribute the product or invention, make sure it’s a contract. That all about education and guess what, most books are written by white people. Again, the rest of us are already uniting and gaining everyday as black people. Either catch up with the rest of us or jump back on to the pages of the comic book you came from!!! STOP SPEWING ALL THE SEPARATISM YOU ARE PREACHING NOW!!!I will be glad when they build a time machine so all the people like you can go back to the sixties or before and fight for your cause and see real struggle. You probably will be crying to come back to the future…HAHAHHAA!!!

  8. @ Mike Williams

    To this site and those who read this article and comments, forgive me, but I have to say one last thing. Mike you said our race only started making progress as we started working with white people, and you’re telling me I’m coming out of a comic book? Who do you think built this country and made it the great country it was? Who brought us from Africa, who worked from sunup to sunset for 300 hundred years, for free, who’s inventions, that are still in existence to this day helping this country run smoothly, who’s spending a trillion dollars a year helping every group but our own, stay wealthy and happy, instead of taking 10 to 20 percent of that money and create jobs for the millions of our people who are unemployed or underemployed, like every other group does? I could go on, but I think everyone who reads this gets my point. So Mike, who needs who? It’s people like you who can’t do anything without getting the white mans permission first. From the 60′ on back, we had more successful Black businesses then we have today with less money. In terms of a community, we’re going backwards and if you can’t see it or refuse to see it, don’t try to divide those of us who are trying to unite us to be able to do for ourselves and solve our own problems.

    Black Unity means financial independence and happiness

  9. Mike Williams says:

    @ Terrance Amen

    We do own banks and such. We do have black investment groups. We do have black owners of businesses who hire mostly black people such as myself. We do have a black president that black people help vote in. In time we will have a lot more. What more do you want? You want us to come together and overthrow the government? We come together all the time. The black people who care to do something with their lives are coming together. The others will just always sit there and be nothing. All races have the doers and the do-nothings. It will always be struggle for all races. It has always been struggle since this earth was created. None of us can stop that. This is reality not a fairy tale. So what are you talking about???? Get off that black panther thinking. The rest of us are already uniting. I make negative comments on this site because the site is negative toward black people. Every article is being critical of black people, instead of pointing out all the good. We have enough people and things trying to make us look bad. We don’t need a so-called black website helping them. You told Jeff white people is trying to keep us divided. The website in itself is keeping us divided. Quit blaming white people for everything!!! This website concentrates on all the negative stuff about black people instead of making the positives stronger. I think this site likes to keep stuff stirred up for it’s real agenda which is to keep black people separate from ourselves and white people. We got nowhere in the past being separate. Our race only started making progress as we started to work with white people. You cant be successful without white people in some way. They couldn’t have this website without white people. They wouldn’t have advertisers on this website without white people. Man, as Jim Kelly(black seventies movie star)said: You come right out of a comic book! Wake up man!!!Black people are ready making big moves!

  10. coachsteve says:

    I love my Brothers and Sisters and I feel a lot of Black Love from my Black people everyday.

  11. @ Jeff A

    I bet you would like to date Black women and socialize with Black men. I guess this is why you’re writing a comment on a site called ThyBlackMan. But why are they angry? As for trying to assimilate, we’ve been trying that since we were physically free. It’s not our problem that your people continue to totally disrespect, discriminate, alienate, and anything else you can think of to keep us divided. Stop blaming the victims of 400 years of raciest attitudes for the problems your ancestors created and your people now still continue.

    @ Mike Williams

    Yes we’ve come a long way considering how short a period we had the opportunity to do so. That is a showing of our great strength as a people and nothing the Whiteman gave to us. But we’ve been successful as individuals, not as a community, and this is why we continue to struggle today because we don’t get the full benefits of what we produce. But if we started to produce all those things you mentioned below, we would be able to solve our own problems. Also if this site is such a bad site, why are you still making comments on it and negative ones at that?

    Black Unity means financial independence and happiness

  12. Mike Williams says:

    @ Jeff A.

    The makers of this website would hate that. Then what would they have to live for!!

  13. Jeff A. says:

    I’m a 50 year old white male. I love all people. Color makes no difference. For me, it’s all bout how a person conducts himself or herself. It seems to me that the majority of Blacks (I hate the word “Blacks” and find it offensive, but I’ve heard others say they hate the word “African”. I’d prefer to use the word “beautifuls”) detest white people and prefer not to socialize or love caucasians. I’d love to date a black woman and socialize with black men. But Blacks are very suspicious of and angry at white people. It’s truly a problem. We need to assimilate and create one race. That’s what God definitely wants and it’s where things are headed. Don’t fight it, just enjoy it. It will be wonderful one day, assuming there’s still an earth and that everyone hasn’t killed one another. I wish you wouldn’t differentiate the “Black Community” from the community at large. let’s just be one community. We need to open our hearts and minds to create a beautiful and assimilated world!

  14. Mike Williams says:

    @Deeann D. Mathews

    It’s not just our ancestors that owned all that. We still today own those type of businesses.We just don’t own them on a grand scale such as white people. Black people are getting there. We just had a black president. It’s not going to happen over night. We do still have that tough love as you say. We were in damn near slavery until the seventies. We have more black CEO’S of Fortune 500 companies now more than ever and self made millionaires. It’s already happening, just open your eyes and stop being critical of black people and you will see it happening right before your eyes.

  15. Deeann D. Mathews says:

    What we do not have, we can build — if our ancestors built all those banks, credit unions, medical practices, law offices, and the like, we can once again. I think that was the point. But that will be some hard work… and one only does HARD work for the long haul voluntarily for one reason: true love. That is the love that got us here; our enslaved ancestors kept looking ahead to the day their children would be free, and put away what they could and built what they could accordingly. That is the same love we will need to have once again — perhaps the question is, do Black people have it in them to have TOUGH LOVE for themselves?

  16. Mike Williams says:

    Speak for yourself. I love me and my black people!!! Of course only 2% goes back into our communities. White people own more of everything. How many black owned grocery stores, clothing stores, car makers, large home builders do you know of? Do you want black people to go naked like Africans in the bush, live in cardboard boxes, and ride bicycles to work? All races have dead beat dads, abortions, and divorces. So if that’s the case no race loves themselves!!! Black people don’t get brainwashed by this nonsense!!! Get off the bull crap and keep moving forward like we have since slavery times. Sometimes I think this site is ran by white people! The only good thing I saw on this site is one of my Advertisements running next to an article. This site is pure hogwash!!!

  17. Paul says:

    Excellent article!

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