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Yes, House Field Negroes still exist in 2012!

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( Three or four hundred years ago, there were two distinct kinds of Black people living in America. There were so called House Negroes and Field Negroes.

The House Negroes were preferred, not loved, by their masters. The House Negroes ate leftovers and the Field Negroes ate pig guts and other foods that no one else wanted. The House Negro got the used top hat and the Field Negroes got the straw hat or the Aunt Jemima head scarf. The House Negro slept on the floor and the Field Negroes slept on the ground regardless of how cold or hot the weather was.

The House Negroes did anything and everything their masters ordered them to do.

The House Negroes chastised the Field Negroes, they spied on the Field Negroes, they snitched on the Field Negroes they even whipped and beat the Field Negroes if the master told them to do that.

Definition of slavery
Slavery is a system under which people are treated as property to be bought  and sold, and are forced to work. Slaves can be held against their will from the time of their capture, purchase or birth, and deprived of the right to leave, to refuse to work, or to demand compensation.

The ancestors of African-Americans endured chattel slavery and the African-Americans of today are exploited and victimized by political slavery!

In political slavery, only certain African-Americans can enjoy political success. I know you like to say since President Barack Obama was elected that any Black man or Black woman can one day be elected and become The President of the United States.

While it is good to tell Black children that anything is possible, the truth of the matter is that most Blacks in political office and those seeking political office are controlled today just as much and just as easily as slaves were controlled back in the day.

Dollars substitute chains
Chains were once used to keep Blacks under control, now dollars or lack thereof, control Blacks in politics.

For example, name any Black person running for the Legislature or the Congress and you’ll probably be naming someone controlled by political parties, political action committees and political campaign contributors.

Most Black candidates of today can’t speak out strongly on issues of importance to Black citizens and Black voters. They can’t “look Black,” “talk Black” or “act Black” for fear their white political benefactors will withdraw their financial support.

Black candidates have to hire the campaign consultants, the campaign media staff, the campaign managers and other campaign workers that campaign contributors want hired.

Blacks don’t hire own
And the same people that work for Black candidates on the campaign, will be the same people that Black candidates will hire if he or she is elected. The staff hires of President Obama is a perfect example.

Back in slavery days you had many runaway slaves and today you have Black men and women that want to run away from the voting booths because even when you think you’re voting for one of your own you’re voting for the political devil and his satanic and misguided government policies!

Written By Lucius Gantt


9 Responses to “Yes, House Field Negroes still exist in 2012!”
  1. Lucius Gantt says:

    @BlackBeauty Anyone who feels that all ancestors are perfect is just as ignorant as their contemporaries of today. As far as who helped who, there is a long line of imperfect people that have done very good things. Don’t hide behind a fake internet name to post negative comments. Personally, if I was a journalistic liar I would have been out of work or dead a long time ago. Finally, a “smart” person like yourself should know the difference between an editorial opinion, a news story and an internet idiot that just talks loud and says nothing. Even internet idiots have a right to a personal opinion!

  2. Eli Odell Jackson says:

    whats “talkin black”? you mean the devolved kinda version of the southern tongue y’all speak?
    speak it proud brothers, just dont forget that its root aint in your skin but in southern soil

  3. Ummm Yeah says:

    My point brother Sankofa is that that metaphor is played. We actually devalue the slavery and oppression our ancestors lived when we attempt to use modern metaphors out of context.

    Do we have sell-outs, white sycophants, and misguided folks in the Black community? Absolutely.

    But to reduce the complexity of our oppression to a false dichotomy of “house” “field” AKA the one seeking to profit of the masters favor, and the one seeking freedom just doesn’t make sense. We were, are and always will be a complex people that function on many different levels.

    Yeah the metaphor is cute, and in the context Malcolm used it was very humorous and functional, but historically inaccurate is my point.

  4. sankofa says:

    @Soveryproud,Ummm Yeah and BlackBeauty…metaphorically speaking do we have any house knee-grows today … `”who listed at the doors to gather information, they were the ones to teach the others to perhaps read, they were the one who risked everything to write the passes so the “Field Negro” and others could get through?”

    Do we have any spooks who sit by the door, or do we have the knee-grows who are in the master’s house, proud to be in the master’s house and have tied their fortunes to the master’s fortunes?

    Just asking!!!

  5. Ummm Yeah says:

    Black Beauty you are on point. People who have never studied our history in slavery tend to lean on Malcolm X and his use of the house and field as a metaphor as historic gospel.

    Anyone who has studied in at all will know that there was not this dichotomy of snitching house negroes and rebel field negroes. Not only that, but there were slaves across the whole spectrum, from cobblers, to construction workers etc.

    In general though, outside of his historical inaccuracy, I agree with the author.

  6. Soveryproud says:

    @blackbeauty ..well said, in the words of the Caribbean prophet Bob Marley…we need to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery, only ourselves can free our minds . Think about that, let it marinate, stop holding back, lets go!

  7. Well said brother Gantt. We as a people have to stop relying on politicians to solve our problems and start to solve them ourselves. By doing this we can gain real power and form coalitions with other groups and support and elect people who have our best interest in mind. This is what the wealthy do and what we need to start doing if we are to ever get real power. Until we start to come together as a people. We will continue to be used by the democrats and have to vote for the lesser of the evils and accept the crumbs that they continue to give us.

    @ Black Beauty

    I understand what you’re saying, but the people who did try to help the field Negroes were the exception, not the rule. This was because they were related to the owners or were afraid to lose their position, just like today. We as Black people hold the keys to our success, but we are afraid we will lose the crumbs we get, instead of taking back our power which keeps every other group wealthy and happy. Just like during slavery, only now we do it willingly.

    Black Unity means financial independence and happiness

  8. John says:

    Interesting article!

  9. BlackBeauty says:

    Unfortunately Mr. Gantt, you have no idea of what you are talking about except from what you have heard, and those folks who told you that may not have had it right as well.

    It always amaze me how some of us can sit here in 2012 and judge our ancestors, and what they were thinking/feeling during their enslavement.

    There is another story of the so called “House Negro”, and the “Field Negro”, and that is that the house Negroes were the ones who listed at the doors to gather information, they were the ones to teach the others to perhaps read, they were the one who risked everything to write the passes so the “Field Negro” and others could get through.

    We as a people in 2012 need to stop judging our people, and placing degrading labels on them that they may not deserve. We have no idea of what they had to go through in that day and time to survive. We have never walked in any of their shoes!

    Please put the “Field Negro” and the “House Negro” behind us, and focus more on educating our people so they bring honor to our ancestors for all of their suffering and sacrifice, no matter if they toiled in the field or the house.

    Thank you

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