Radical Islamists and Radical Leftists: The eerie similarities.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) The events at American Embassies in the Middle East and Africa over the past few days have once again shined the spot light on the global clash between the American ideals of freedom and the ideology of radical Islamist.

We are again at this pivotal crossroads, just as we were last year when Terry Jones a pastor in Florida burned the Koran at his church, and tested the boundaries of American free speech.

This time a video made in America, that by all accounts insults the religion of Islam and its founder, has been labeled a co-conspirator by the media in the death of the US Ambassador to Libya, three other Americans and for stirring violent protest at US Embassies across the Middle East and Africa.

As I have stated before and reiterated again; I am disturbed by the reaction that some of our leaders in government have adopted.  A seemly frail foreign policy of capitulation towards Muslim extremist, while at the same time expressing an increased disdain for our first and most treasured right; the right speak or express what some may deem unpopular or offensive speech.

 Likewise is the disturbing inept, protection of Obama at all cost, agenda  driven liberal media. Whose disgust and misdirected focus has been on finding out who made the video and Mitt Romney’s response to these tragic events. Instead of focusing on the dangerous ideology that is radical Islam; and why it is an ever-increasing threat not only to America but to the entire of world.

These events have shed light on a disturbing parallel that I believe must be examined. The eerie similarities between radical Islamist all over the world and radical Leftist that reside right here in America. Because their ultimate goals are synonymic. A nation; dare I say a world, under submission to their will.

I believe these two ideologies are clear and present dangers to America and the world at large. Because both; at their core seek to suppress any speech or expression that is contrary to their worldview. Free speech has to be the first and most protected foundational pillar of any new nation.  And it must be re-enforced perpetually in any existing nation that has adopted it.

The ideology of radical Islam has no place for dissent, compromise, freedom of expression or speech. It seeks to rule by the sheer force of fear, intimidation, criminalization and tyranny. Terrorism is its dominant mode of operations. It will not tolerate any opposing views or critiques. To say or do anything that it deems insulting of its worldview is worthy of imprisonment or even death. Its influence is so strong that it persuades the emotionally unstable to commit horrific acts terrorism. Its desire is total submission to its will.

Likewise in the same way contemporary liberalism/progressivism uses the same M.O. The ideology of the radical Left has no place for dissent or freedoms that do not comport to their worldview. It seeks to intimidate via boycotts, petitions, protests’ and lawsuits.

Dare to speak ill about or challenge any of its holy doctrines, which include:

Abortion on demand, Gay Rights/Marriage, Evolution, Unions/Collective Bargaining Rights, Open-ended Civil Rights, Global Warming, Reducing  Social Programs, just to name a few…

And the campaign of policing, isolating and ideologically terror begin with a vengeance, a type of jihad against those who oppose its failed worldview. Likewise its influence is so strong that it drives some of its most emotionally unstable to actually commit deplorable acts like that of Floyd Corkins II.

Just as this Nation and the rest of the world are faced with how to combat the threat of radical Islamist and the perverted worldview it seeks to establish. We are also faced today with the threat of radical Leftist and the equally twisted worldview they have erected in every American institution.

The question remains how will we respond to both of these clear and present dangers? What policies will we adopt?

Will it be a policy of appeasement, apologies, and capitulation they will bring a counterfeit peace and broken treaties.

Or will we take a stand and fight against these demonic ideologies. And institute policies of peace thru strength, with non- negotiable edicts that have proven results, like promoting stable families, strong national defense, and a smaller and more efficient government etc. These will guarantee a greater future for our children and our Nation.

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