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Wonder Why They Call You A Bitch? ( Part 2 )

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( Oftentimes, I read or I hear some Black Women say that “All Black Men are Dogs“. Well if you subscribe to this theory, then who is giving BIRTH to these so called dogs? If you call yourself a Bad Bitch then your ONLY OPTION is a dog. If you are the so called baddest bitch then your ONLY OPTION is the worst dog.

As women we have dual wombs, so we have the capability to give birth via our physical wombs and via our mental wombs. Our thoughts and actions give birth to certain types of behavior. If we sleep with men without discipline, then say “we got dogged out“,  who set the TONE for this type of behavior? If NOTHING was required to OBTAIN us, then NOTHING is required to SUSTAIN us. 

God created us in HIS image correct? So if we were created in HIS image, how did we become a Bitch?  Men don’t say I need a bitch to console me, comfort me… know why? Because a Bitch can’t do those things! How can a dog  bring comfort to man? A bitch walks on all fours, so you can’t elevate a man because you are already on a LOWER level. And for all the females that think they can sex a man senseless, well a dog knows when a bitch is in heat!

You’ve placed yourself on the level of canine Sisters! So you become a dog groomer. You wash a dog. You feed a dog. You train a dog, then you complain about “the dog in your house” but if you call yourself a Bitch then what did you expect? As a bitch, your ONLY option is a dog!

I’m giving birth to God everyday via my mind. You have the power to do the same, but you have to reevaluate your conception plan, and that starts with your mind and your thoughts. I never heard a man say “I can’t wait to marry that Bitch” or I want that Bitch to have my babies.”

When a man marries a woman he is creating a legacy. What type of legacy can a man create with a Bitch? When all a Bitch can do is give birth to a pack of dogs? You will NEVER be a man’s wife, if you are willing to be his Bitch.

So, in  the words of Tupac “Wonder why they call you a bitch?” The answer is simple; because you ANSWER to it, and you call yourself one.  A Bitch is as a Bitch does. As a Bitch you can only mate with a dog, various breeds of dogs, but still a dog. As a bitch, you can only BREED dogs. If you see YOURSELF as a Bitch, how ELSE would anyone else SEE YOU? Don’t expect everyone else  to look at you through different lenses, change YOUR vision FIRST. 

 I’ve repeated the word bitch several times for a reason. The point is getting you to see that no matter how you try to redefine it; all it is and ever will be is a female dog. Before the deflectors come in and say “well men call women bitches too”, I am specifically referring to the WOMEN that call themselves bitches; you can’t get upset when a man refers to you in the same manner that you refer to yourself. So the next time you feel like you have been mistreated by a man, ask yourself if you were his WOMAN or were you his BITCH?
The Lesson: You won’t be tired of being “dogged” until you get tired of being a Bitch!
Staff Writer; Nojma Muhammad
To learn more about this talented sister, feel free to visit; Nojma Reflects.


11 Responses to “Wonder Why They Call You A Bitch? ( Part 2 )”
  1. Nojma says:

    @Maan,white people called us nigger first, and we FREELY say what’s up my nigga to this day. It’s the same thing. It doesn’t matter if a man called me a bitch first, I have to make a cognitive decision to call myself a bitch. So I don’t agree with that being a victim mentality. Again we have a bad habit of trying to “flip” the meaning of words. You proved my point with the Trey Songz reference, Women will be the MAIN ones singing that song and that particular part of that song. My focus is always with women, how we see ourselves, our TRUE worth and value. Yes BOTH men and Women should take a stand, but with women our FIRST stand is to STOP calling ourselves Bitches. As women if we want to be viewed differently, then we have to start doing things differently. In “Who you calling a Bitch(part 1) I address the things that we as women can do in order to set a better standard. I am going to continue to stand by my original statement in both articles. If I see myself as Female Dog, how can I expect you to see me in manner that I don’t even see myself in? Again, it’s called SELF respect. I have to respect MYSELF, before I can expect or demand any respect from anyone else. That’s the point of this article and the one that precedes it. Women call each other Bitches, Women call themselves bitches, and women ANSWER to the word bitch when called one. Women have turned the word bitch into a term of endearment among each other, and there is nothing endearing about being a female dog. So, we as women can’t talk about the word bitch being used in everyday life, when WE use it in everyday life, we can’t talk about a misogynistic society without talking about our CONTRIBUTIONS to a misogynistic society, we can’t talk about the word bitch being used in today’s music when female artists use the word bitch in today’s music. If we talk about any of those subjects without placing some accountability on the women who are just as guilty, then again, it is hypocrisy at it’s finest.

  2. Maxine Shaw says:

    Victim blaming RULES!

  3. Maaaaan says:

    I think they were calling women bitches before women started calling themselves bitches. So while encouraging women to respect themselves is great, I don’t think you should be blaming someone for being a victim to a misogynistic society. It’s bs. You’re only dealing with a symptom. The problem is that ‘they call you a bitch’, and the root problem is that we’ve accepted that. I heard a new Trey Songz song earlier where he says he only came to the club for the ‘bitches and the drinks’… who do you think is going to be dancing to that? WOMEN, that’s who! How bout women (and men) take a stand and refuse to accept that. And when we stop accepting it from society, when we end this sickness at the root, then the symptoms of the misogynistic disease that we have in our society such as women calling themselves and other women (and even men) ‘bitches’

  4. Nojma says:

    @Maaan, I am attempting to change the way we as women view ourselves, the names/words that we use to describe ourselves. It is all about the science of language, my point is that if you call yourself a bitch, you are calling yourself a female dog, and it is true that as a female dog your only option as a mate is a male dog. Words and thoughts produce energy which in turn produce actions. Step one towards progress of any type is to recondition the mind.

  5. sankofa says:

    Some one asked me once, If an African man would ever become a president and I replied no, because every time the Caucasian man looks at me, he sees his, his-storical violent acts perpetuated against me and he knows if he was in our place he would welcome the day for his retribution. Low and behold they elected a 1/2 African man to clean up the mess that the crack head before him created. They also found one that that fits their stereotype of what a good Knee-grow should be like and hand cuffed him with all kinds of checks and balance to prevent him ever catching a moment of independence. I.E making sure he supports APAC, bombing sovereign countries and bombings in Africa, sending drones over the Caribbean…you know the same shit America been doing since it was stolen from the Aboriginal people.

    Caucasians are so fearful of us getting together and talk about OUR problems, that they insist on insinuating themselves into our conversation either to deride us, or ask “can’t we all just get along?”

    As Malcolm told that Caucasian women so many years ago, who wanted to do something for the cause, Maaaan, go tell you people that it’s not just black or white. Go tell them that us calling our women bitches is not some innate defect in us, but a symptom of White Supremacy indoctrination to inculcate in us self loathing and hate. Tear down white supremacy from inside while I attempt to do so from outside…then we can dialogue about holding hands and singing kumbiyaa

  6. Maaaaan says:

    I just don’t think it’s as black and white as you make it seem.

    ‘if you call yourself a bitch, be prepared to have a dog as your mate. That is all.’

  7. Nojma says:

    @Maaaaan, I am going to respectfully have to disagree. It is hypocritical for me to get offended if you call me a Bitch, if I refer to myself as one. It’s like Black People saying yo that’s my nigga, then people upset when a person of another race does the same. It’s all hypocritical as my Brother Sankofa pointed out, and he gave an example as well. Again, it’s called SELF respect for a reason. There is no way I can demand respect, if I don’t respect myself. There is no difference between you calling me a bitch and my calling myself one. Either way it’s degrading. I made this article and the one before it very raw because I am so tired of us trying flip the definition of words that have degrading meanings. A bitch is a female dog, a bitch isn’t a boss, a bitch isn’t a businesswoman, a bitch isn’t a highly opinionated female, a bitch isn’t a go getter, a bitch is a dog, that’s it. So again if you call yourself a bitch, be prepared to have a dog as your mate. That is all.

  8. Nailah says:

    AMEEN Sister Nojma and CeCe.

  9. sankofa says:

    @Maaaaan…clicked on your video for a bit, and while I get what you are attempting to say, the relationship you speak of that justifies calling some one a word that his-torically is used to wound your soul, and is usually a prelude to a lynching or if you are lucky just a severe beaten, can not and should not be used as a relational or endearing piece. Like wise what my sistah Nojma is saying is precisely the danger in this. Words evoke imagery, with imagery there is emotional content, especially past emotional content. For instance, feces is feces no matter how much perfume you spray on it, you will know emotionally, visually AND intellectually that it is feces, not brown Potpourri.

    If a woman calls her self a bitch then get’s mad at me for calling her one,this tells me that she is hypocritical and unhinge, because no where in psychology can you really say bitch good here, bitch bad there. Not in the human mind anyway.

    To take it even further beyond bitch and nigger, homosexuals call each other faggot often, but goes off when a heterosexual does it, and people please don’t bullshit me about intent and violent content, the word always has a negative connection, just like the two above. incidentally Nojma, I have a co-worker, young very educated, ambitious, intelligent who has stated often that she is a bad bitch in my presence. Fortunately she respects me enough to listen when I correct her on this labeling, but how many of our women will really accept correction but instead falsely claim to be embracing it in order to minimize it’s impact? VERY FEW!

  10. Maaaaan says:

    I think you can still get mad at a man for callin you a bitch even if you call yourself one. The word relates to them completely different.

  11. CeCe says:

    It cant be said enough, what you tolerate is what you end up with. To thy own self be true!

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