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Asians pimping The Black Community, Especially Black Women.

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( I know a lot of you Neo-Negroes just got scared. But I’m not talking about shooting, cutting or stabbing. No, I’m talking about ECONOMIC WAR! If not now, then when? God knows the Asians declared Economic war on black America decades ago and their success has been phenomenal. They literally came up with a plan to take every dime out of the black Community they could get. And that’s exactly what they do. They never have nor do they intend to give it back either.

I’ve never seen nor heard talk of the Koreans thanking the black Community for making them super rich. I’ve never heard of the Chinese having an I appreciate your business Black Folks Day and hand you a free box of beef fried rice. They’ve been in the Black Community for decades and will rarely even hire black folks to work in their stores. I don’t know one black person who was ever invited to Mr. Wong’s house for dinner. Where does Mr. Wong live at anyway?

My point is, the Asians who set up businesses in the black Community don’t like black Folks. In fact, some actually hate you. You are their food; their  economic slaves. Slaves that have fattened the pockets of generation of Asians while contributing to the economic demise of your own people. Their main objective is to exploit blacks and take our money out of our community. Believe it or not there are classes in Korea and China that teach other Asians how black folks think, dress and act. They hold seminars on how to appeal and influence the black mind; yeah, basic psychology classes.

The American government gives these Asian business owners loans and grants they never have to pay back. They receive tax exempt status as soon as their feet touch these shores. Hell, they can even fish without a license in most states but let you catch a fish out of season and you’ll get a $500.00 fine.

Black women spend billions of dollars a year on hair products; buying 70% of all wigs and extensions purchased in the United States. At roughly 10% of the population black women spend 10 to 1 over everybody else when it come to gettin’ their hair did.” The Koreans specifically know this. They publish dozens of magazines featuring black women on the cover yet everything inside the magazine is written in Korean so that only they can understand it. But if I was to translate and summarize whats inside it would read: how to economically pimp and exploit black women.

Koreans control 80% of the distribution of black hair products. They tightly control both retail and wholesale distribution. And as we speak, they are closing in on the remaining handful of black manufacturing companies that have managed to stay a float. How were they able to get this monopoly? During the late 1960’s the Korean and American governments came up with a plan (conspiracy) to help the Koreans impoverished,war torn people survive; make money off American Negroes.

So, The United States government banned the import of  anything made with Chinese hair. That literally gave a monopoly without competition to all Korean hair manufacturers. No one but Korean owned businesses can export hair from Korea. And good luck trying to buy hair from the Koreans. If they even think that you’re black they won’t sell you any products. Good luck trying to get them to distribute your products. If you’re not Korean you’ll get absolutely no distribution to their stores.

Black folks have very little understanding of economics. Black women attend church every Sunday with fresh Korean hair in their heads, sending millions of Korean children to college while their own kids end up in prison. No preacher to date has said “stop letting the Koreans exploit you.” No preacher has suggested a boycott or lawsuit or trying to break this monopoly.

Each year America’s largest black hair expo held in Atlanta Georgia is filled with Korean vendors. The same Koreans that won’t sell or distribute to blacks are allowed by blacks to set up at black hair events. Can anyone say “STUPID NEGROES? Because that’s exactly what the Koreans are calling you. One year the Koreans even paid R & B singer Brandy to sign autographs and buck- dance for the crowd.

The Koreans may hire a black- face once and a while to buck- dance and show other NEGROES around the store. But that’s only done to help bridge the language barrier and boost sales. However, you’ll notice they never hire white folks. Why? Because white folks will be all up in their business; looking through the packages, writing down their distributors and formulating a plan to make money for themselves. Meanwhile, a black employee will simply “yes- sir boss” and tell other blacks how to spend their money.

At what point do black folks decide that enough is enough? When do we systematically finance the future of our own children instead of theirs? What will it take to make black folks angry enough to start a revolt? Honestly, at this point an economic war is the only solution. If not now then when?


Staff Writer; Xavier James

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51 Responses to “Asians pimping The Black Community, Especially Black Women.”
  1. Lisa J. says:

    Who do we blame?? Asians? or Black People for selling out??

  2. bluntposter says:

    I question “some” of the critics of unity so I really do not care what some posters are sick of. I really don’t.I “really do” wonder if “some” people always did it on their own with no help. “Some” people always talk about how they did things on their own-and how others held them back. That happens.(So I am not suggesting to necessarily include flat out haters,users,moochers.) But sometimes I wonder if some of these “naysayers” of unity have ignored the people in their corner who did help them-and turned their back on people who helped them out when they got where they were.”Stop the Madness”, if none of this applies to you-and you did it on your own, I don’t knock your personal effort. Cool. I am “not” trying to take anything away from your personal efforts/accomplishments-or your suggestions of critical thinking and character development either. But, every time someone possibly constructive suggest getting together, there is always a skeptic that will come along and either try to sabotage the effort or succeed in doing so-but complain the loudest about what is not happening later.

    I also feel like people who agree with the train of thought suggested in the comment at least make peace with bigotry and jealousy about the immigrants being successful instead of suggesting killing them all is for the betterment of the community.

    This did not come out right. I meant to say that people suggesting we kill immigrants or harbor jealousy consider a better way to go about it by supporting existing black businesses or whatever because the other stuff suggested is a waste of time. The person who wrote the article did not suggest “cutting,stabbing,and shooting” people and alot of other people don’t either. But posters have suggested this elsewhere.

  3. StopThe Madness says:

    I am so sick of posters who assert other Black people should practice unity. I wonder how much unity they practice. I am a successful Black Man who literally pulled himself out of the ghetto by his own boot straps. Black people tried to hold me back every step along the way. The things that are most needed by Black people are Critical Thinking skills and Character development. I have learned from hard experience that what most Black people do is steal from each other and do gratuitous harm to one another. True change comes from within. Black women wear weaves, hair extensions, and tons of makeup to change themselves externally. They make no effort to change themselves internally, nor do Black males.There is a black subculture and there is such a thing as black subcultural behavior. This subculture has contributed nothing of value to human existence. But it has wrought much harm to everyone, including its adherents.

  4. bluntposter says:

    I’m sad it has to come to this but we’ll have to attack or kill these guys and run them out of the community… If we don’t FORCE them out, things will never change for us

    Or maybe we do like we did before integration and like successful immigrants do today and pool our resources,own a business, and work hard at the business like we do a corporate job.

    Don’t get me wrong.I “do” both drawbacks and disadvantages to immigrants opening businesses in the black community. I “do” think some overgeneralize and profile other blacks-and do wish some of these immigrant business owners hired moe locals. I am no apologists for racist immigrants. However, I do think that some of us sometimes waste our breath when we do not support our ethnic business. In light of the fact that we reduced internal support for our own black business for the past 50 year- our lack of ethnic support for our own ethnic business is a noticeable factor in our plight alongside some of the immigrants we criticize. I also feel like people who agree with the train of thought suggested in the comment at least make peace with bigotry and jealousy about the immigrants being successful instead of suggesting killing them all is for the betterment of the community.

    So when we come to an issue of business, like selling beauty products to blacks, it is sinful for black people in general, most notably black women, to say they are being exploited by Koreans.

    The author of this article is a man. Not a woman. That is the first thing. The second thing is that black men are not immune to wasteful spending. They are making Asians rich by investing in their apparel and shoes stores. Some Black men are no different than black women in conspicuous consumption they just spend in different areas. I am not saying it is a bad idea to spend your money wisely and support your own, I am saying that black men are hypocritical on checking black women for their alleged wasteful spending choices when black men are guilty of doing the same only with different items.

  5. christina kennedy says:

    No one will probably see this as old. I came across this site as my godson had the following on his page ‘We DOMINATE the beauty industry as CONSUMERS.. why not as BUSINESS OWNERS as well???! We can keep the money circulating in the black community by owning beauty supply stores and supplying OUR OWN people and SUPPORTING other black-owned businesses! Cut these Asians out man!! They do not deserve to thrive off of us…. ?… black nail technicians are ON THE RISE! We are moving the Vietnamese out of our neighborhoods slowly but surely?I’m one of them and I know plenty more! It’s time to take OUR ECONOMY back!’

    This was the same argumentent used for centuries against jews that they as a thriving economic group must be blamed for all ills. However this turned to hate and then the holocaust. In my country the UK has institutional racism and racism on the ground. Since the 1970’s asian shop keeperers have faced discrimination from the black and white ‘communities’ for taking over their local shops. This in my opinion is wrong. It diverts from the bigger picture. If a person was financially secure or rich even they would not care where they bought their pint of milk. But if they are poor and feel underrepresented they will blame someone usually the latest immigrant population. It’s as old as the hills.

  6. BlackXPower says:

    @Jase_Cruz If you’re Dominican what is your Hispanic ass doing here? This is discussion for Blacks ONLY!

  7. BlackXPower says:

    African Americans need to get Asians store owners out of their communities….

  8. Travis says:

    Damn. This article is making some pretty racist statements against Koreans. And the readers are making horrible statements against black people. It reminds me of a bad Vice article.

  9. J. Led says:

    Maybe they take all the money they can get because of all the losses from theft they suffer or losing business during the 8-10 times they have to have the police there every single month…

  10. jase Cruz says:

    Congratulations! By me reading this you’ve lowered my IQ closer your level! This by far is the stupidest article I’ve ever laid eyes on. Every. Single. Thing you’ve bitched about in this “article” is answered by common sense.

    I suppose dominicans reading spanish new papers is racist too according your dimwitted logic, holy shit I can’t even

  11. Macaba says:

    The Asian found an opportunity to make money and they took it, like any other entrepreneurs. They are not taking advantage of us because we don’t have to buy their products. All those who don’t want to buy from Asians shops should open their own.

  12. Roy says:

    Im a white male. My girlfriend is black. I happened to stumble upon this article while looking at our browsing history…….

    WOW Xavier, you are one ignorant fuck! Typical ABM (angry black man) talk, blaming everybody else for the social ills of the black community. With that attitude, is it any wonder that you get exploited? Business is business, and every business has a targeted market moron!

    you must be one of those guys who dedicated his life to living up to Martin Luther Kings dream… really walked in his footsteps, youre a role model to be looked up to!


    Youre nothing but ignorance and hatred…….maybe one day youll see the light, or did the electricity get shut off in your home because you refused to pay the “white owned” electric company? Maybe youll pay the bill if it was “black electricity…..” Nobody likes people like you, youre an impediment to progress.

  13. Deborah Williams says:

    I have been saying this for a long time Xavier I have researched exactly what goog saying but I will keep trying because that is exactly whY I want is a beauty supply chain of stores, this is how they do it they buy in bulk their first shipment is paid for in a month and they can sell for less because they have a lot, I hear you loud and clear!!!!!

  14. Sabrina says:

    We need to learn how to emulate this very young genius: If he can do it many more among Black adults should be able to do the same!

  15. andre says:

    “They’ve been in the Black Community for decades and will rarely even hire black folks to work in their stores. I don’t know one black person who was ever invited to Mr. Wong’s house for dinner. Where does Mr. Wong live at anyway?” – Xavier James

    Let me ask you this Xavier. How often does a black owned business hire an Asian?

    “I’ve never seen a hard working Asian in my life. You must have lived in China, Frank. because the Asians in America stand behind a counter all day watching black folks go in and out of their door. I’ve never seen them on a jackhammer, construction site, doing maid service, paving a street, on a roof etc. They are white collar workers who have a tax free decent paying job as soon as they get off the plane.” – Xavier James

    Are you kidding me Xavier?! It’s not their fault they paid attention in school and landed better paying jobs.

    Don’t blame the Koreans. They are not forcing anyone to buy their hair products.
    I am disgusted by reading this article. The black man, if anything should be helping fellow minorities rather than attacking them. At the end of the day, black people have it the easiest as a minority.

    Oh yeah, and the last time I checked. The president is BLACK!

  16. Will says:

    Asians hair shops aren’t in white neighborhoods because white people don’t need weaves as much as blacks you ignorant fuck. If your race is so easily manipulated and exploited, I don’t see how its anyones fault but yours. No one put a gun to your head and forced you to purchase “OUR” services. If you guys cared more about education and less on Jordans, then maybe you too wouldn’t have to work blue collar jobs. Once you stop speaking ignorantly, so will I.

  17. BlackDragon says:

    I’m sad it has to come to this but we’ll have to attack or kill these guys and run them out of the community…. If we don’t FORCE them out, things will never change for us

  18. Alexander says:

    I’m new to this site but did see the video about Koreans in the hair Business. Some of the video was very interesting, because I do believe more black people should go into business for themselves. Now I’m going to talk about what I didn’t like about the video. The video from the very beginning looked and sounded generalizing to me, because all people should be able to have a business in any area as long as it’s legal. Another thing is saying most of these Koreans don’t like black people and are all racist toward them is a lie as a black person I have many Korean friends who are very genuine as a matter of speaking, they don’t lie and are very helpful. As black people some of us need to look in the mirror and see if we need to change anything because some of us if not many are very much like the racist Koreans we love to talk about.

  19. G. Anita James says:

    Unfortunately the above article states a lot of the truth. We Black people cannot blame Asians and other non-blacks for our ignorance.

    Remember Black people our money is just as good in our hands as it is in other non-black peoples hands. Until our thinking changes for the better and our self esteem improves, we will be running around in circles, giving other cultures our money. Start immediately learning about saving and investing and the basis of economics.

  20. toomanygrandkids says:

    tasks, to maintain a business. So they don’t just sit behind a counter all day. And those black people who walk in and out of the store are called customers, you idiot. If these non-blacks didn’t have stores in “our” neighborhood, where would “we” shop? Do you own any stores or a chain of stores where “we” can dine and shop? If anything, black people can a learn a thing or two from non-black business owners.

    “God only knows how many alley cats went missing before the health department closed their Chinese restaurants down.” And yet blacks STILL order Chinese food all day, everyday, seven days a week. They must be customers.

    “Ghetto filth?” YES, GHETTO FILTH! Trifling ass blacks will throw all kinds on the property of these stores as if they don’t know what a trash can is. There are dumpsters and trash cans placed on the property yet these ignorant blacks will throw trash on the ground. I see Asians, Koreans, Chinese, and Asians sweeping the outside parking lots at least twice a day. That’s considered work, ya know.

    For some years now, non-black store owners have installed bullet-proof glass. I don’t blame them one bit. Black thugs are so out of control and trigger-happy, they will rob and kill at the drop of a hit. And you know it’s true. Asians, Koreans, and Chinese have the right to control any situation as they please. And if it means defending themselves against gun-toting black criminals then so be it.

  21. toomanygrandkids says:

    @Ramses, Frank, An, DaTruth, BlackBeauty, Writingprincess…All of you make more sense than the author of this article.

    Xavier said, “No one but Korean-owned businesses can export hair from Korea.” NEWSFLASH: IT’S THEIR COUNTRY. NOT YOURS. It’s their right to do so. They approached the gov’t with an idea that would benefit them as a people. It’s been said that Koreans were advised to establish businesses in black neighborhoods mainly because black people didn’t have the business know-how to start/maintain businesses in their own communities. It’s not their fault that they have business sense and unity and blacks don’t. Non-blacks aren’t responsible for providing unity to black people.

    “They publish dozens of magazines featuring black women on the cover yet everything inside the magazine is written in Korean so that only they can understand it.” If YOU wanna understand what’s written in Korean magazines, there are websites that translate any language into English. And the black women who appear on their magazine covers are not only wearing wigs, extensions, and weaves, but I’m quite sure they are paid as well.

    “Asians who set up busnesses in the black comnunity don’t like black folks. In fact, some actually hate you.” Asians, Koreans, and Chinese hate ignorant, disrespectful, and criminal-minded black folks. Hell, so do I.

    God knows the Asians declared Economic war on black America decades ago and their success has been phenomenal.” What war? Asians didn’t kill any blacks to become as successful as they are now. Especially since there’s been a REAL WAR among blacks for just as many decades over the dumbest shit. Or haven’t you noticed?

    “I’ve never seen a hard working Asian in my life.” Then you don’t live on planet Earth.” Asians and other non-blacks stock their shelves with the necessities blacks need on a daily basis, they handle payroll, deliveries, and keep their stores clean. Those are things that need to be done, among other

  22. TruthMust BeTold says:

    As an African American woman on her way out of South Korea, can’t leave fast enough, I know that Koreans are in no way fascinated by black hair, black skin or anything else. Most were repulsed by the very sight of me and I’m not that dark. In many areas, it was like walking into 1920 USA. See, most Koreans consider colored skin to be dirty.

    They disrespect and laugh at there own farmers, the very people who feed them, because their skin is a beautiful brown color, close to mine. I have been spat at, constantly frowned at, shoved and disrespected. If you learn a little Korean, you will here black monkey and yes, inside the so ‘very kind’ Korean hair supply stores. They detest us and very much worship white Western society. While here, having looked into becoming a black hair supplier myself, I discovered that Koreans won’t allow non-Koreans to purchase the products that we spend billions on at wholesale price.

    An African American supplier is forced to purchase goods at twice, or more, the price as Koreans, which forces the American retailer to sell products at higher margins, thus making the Korean retailer look more appealing.

    This is off topic but it makes a point; walk into the Korean Consulate office and see how well you are greeted if you’re asking for a visa into their country. I was ignored and made to wait while white and Korean applicants were taken care of, although I was there first. Did I report it? Of course I did.

    It is not you whom the Korean retailers respect.

    It is your money. I have lived in Japan, Korea, Thailand, and a short while in India for job reasons. Travel to these places and let’s see if black people want to give their money to people who loathe them.

  23. Xavier James says:

    An, every place you named were all black neighborhoods. I wonder why Asians are not all up in the white folks neighborhoods? Your giving back to the community must be so quiet no ones heard about it. I’m sorry about youre fathers passing and congrats on you and your siblings educations being funded by black folks. I rest my case.

  24. An says:

    It’s pretty funny reading such a well written article where the topic is complete bullshit. My father and his sister came to this country 40 years ago with nothing to their names, they spent their first years here working 10-14 hour days working shit jobs to save up money to open the very stores you ignorantly speak of.

    My father’s restaurant has served one of the worst neighborhoods in Baton Rouge for 20 years, in that time he has employed minorities, convicts, parolees and the homeless even taking them in and giving them a place to live if need be. He was a pillar of the community, yet when you hear the people in the neighborhood talk about him, they hate on the fact that he drives a decent car and owns a business. Til the day he died in January this year, he worked his fucking ass off… he wasn’t taking money from the community, he was providing a product and a service and working so hard it put him in his grave (hypertension.)

    My aunt’s restaurant, the infamous Manchu Kitchen in New Orleans, has thrived in the mean streets of NOLA for decades, predating my father’s store by 10 years. After Katrina, my cousins filled their Mazda MPV with water, food, candy and paper goods and helped every person they could find that stayed… it didn’t matter if you were black, white, brown or whatever the fuck you were… you got help. All in all, they gave 80% of their store’s inventory to the people when they stayed.

    Another one of her children volunteered his vehicle and time to bring people from their neighborhoods to the staging areas for the evacuation buses. Evacuation buses that would bring them to MY city where MY people… my black, white, Asian and Hispanic brothers would help our friends from NOLA.

    News flash asshole: We DO give back to the community, we just don’t talk about it… there isn’t a need to throw that in peoples’ faces. How about you go hit the pavement and meet some of these people, maybe have a beer with one of them before you generalize us and call us pimps or whatever derogatory statement you decide to use today.

    One last thing, how is it always someone elses fault when you’re the one in the struggle? My mom was a single mother on welfare until I was 9, she worked hard… my brother and I are both gainfully employed college graduates and my sister is attending the fucking Citadel. Maybe you aren’t really a product of your environment, maybe you can make that environment work for you and motivate you to be the best you can be.

  25. Xavier James says:

    I’ve never seen a hard working Asian in my life. You must have lived in China, Frank. because the Asians in America stand behind a counter all day watching black folks go in and out of their door. I’ve never seen them on a jackhammer, construction site, doing maid service, paving a street, on a roof etc. They are white collar workers who have a tax free decent paying job as soon as they get off the plane.

    Ghetto filth? Hummmm, Asians brought more disease to America than white folks.H1n1 is the most recent. God knows how many alley cats went missing before the health department closed their Chinese restaurants down.
    In Asian countries loud mouths like you are forbidden from owning property and certain types of businesses because you weren’t Asian.

    Do your homework before you open your wide, ignorant, no truth telling, smelly mouth. And for the record white folks outnumber all other races on food stamps 5 to 1- and pack welfare rolls. Who’s really draining the country? I bet your mama didn’t tell you that when she was sending you to the store with her food stamp card.

  26. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! says:

    how can black women be upset and want to take over this market when the Asians (among other races) are the ones who’s hair it is that they’re buying?! They SHOULD have the monopoly, it’s their damn hair black women are buying! When skipping rent/bills to wear another race’s head of hair becomes the norm (to the point of never wearing one’s own God-given locks in public, at any and all costs), this sort of shutting out and being taken advantage of is truly deserved. And though women of other races do sometimes wear wigs/weaves, take note that it’s only SOMETIMES (except of course for celebrities, but that’s another story…), and they buy textures/colors to match their own, but how many black women do you see rocking their own texture/color in wigs/weaves? It’s always Indian this, Malaysian that, Mulatto curl, and don’t get me started with the reds and blonds! It looks horribly fake all the time, and yes, everyone else is laughing, I’ve heard it myself….

    if we haven’t figured out that we are the root cause of this, then we are in fact dumb.

    we think having access to another woman’s hair is our right.

  27. Ramses says:

    No doubt Frank

  28. frank says:

    Asians are intelligent and hard-working. Why should they respect the ghetto filth that they are surrounded by, much less actually hire them? They come here with nothing, often not even speaking the language, and work their asses off, and they look around and see the natives with every advantage in the world simply leeching off of society and simultaneously blaming all of their problems on their sole source of income, housing, food, medicine, education, etc.

    When they do hire the natives, almost invariably they will be demanding more time off, complaining about having to actually work for their money, quitting after a couple of weeks or months, and often even worse behavior. The fact that Asians can and do succeed, when they face much, much greater obstacles than the natives, and do so in those very neighborhoods, should be telling you something. But, no…it’s ALWAYS somebody else’s fault.

  29. Ramses says:

    cosign what Deanne said as well

  30. Ramses says:

    When you hate yourself, you are easily manipulated. Simple. Now black people like to think that they have a monopoly on pain but they don’t. All groups of people have had their behinds whipped by some other group of people at some time or another. Now let’s find out why black people are suffering economically. There is a curse black people are suffering from and it”s called integration. Black people lose sight of history and forget how they have consistently done their prophets. people like Booker T and Marcus garvey, and Martin Delaney were speaking towards a more self-reliant approach to the economic needs of black people. However, you had sellouts like DuBois, one of the worse traitors we’ve ever had, who helped lead us down a path where we find ourselves mired in such filth and decadence. When we decided to integrate, we elected to become a dependent group of people instead of an independent group of people. Because of this, you get no respect as a people. There was a time in our community when the dollar stayed in our hands longer than jews. That concentration of wealth was suppose to allow us through successive generation build our power to the point that if we needed to go to government for any redress, we had the economic might to affect their decisions when it came to policy. However, we didn’t do that and for that, our so-called community is completely demoralized. Generational welfare, homosexual marriage, young teen girls aspiring to be strippers, teenage boys becoming criminals before they even turn teens, etc etc etc. So when we come to an issue of business, like selling beauty products to blacks, it is sinful for black people in general, most notably black women, to say they are being exploited by Koreans. Did Koreans colonize black women’s minds? Is it their fault that black women wear weave like it’s a rite of passage? Is it their fault that black women hate themselves? What they do is pure business. Why don’t you all say it’s exploitation when Madame C.J. Walker sells the chemicals to you? Why do you always hold other people accountable to you when you don’t each other to the same standard? You allowed yourselves to be tricked. And your black church was the one institution that suckered you in to being tricked. Everytime time black people agitate for some change, they send in coon preachers to calm us down. Your very president who you all love so much has gone against the very essence your community have stood for and you give him a free pass!!! When you open a business you do it because there is a market. Is is Koreans fault that there is a market of women who hate themselves to the point they spend billions of dollars in other communities, taking away from their own. This is stupidity. Yet once again we get this conspiracy theory that people are trying to destroy black women. Why? Black women are doing a wonderful job of that themselves. Lauryn Hill noted these issues in her song “That Thing.” Yet these words fell on deaf ears. Now you have females with fake hair, eyes, eyelashes, skin lightening, perms, relaxers, straightening combs that demonstrate the self hate black women have for one another. I remember when my ex was complaining about Essence magazine and the white models in it. Black women complained about essence changing (essence experienced ownership change) but didn’t support it. For all the complaints black women have about not having magazines to show them in a beautiful light, this one did and they didn’t support it. It’s not white folks job nor koreans job to make black women feel beautiful. The main reason why my relationships did not work out with black women was because of their lack of self-esteem. I didn’t realize until a few years back when i was with this one particular black chick. Her self-esteem issues were smothering. And it’s not like I didn’t tell her she was beautiful. I did. I affirmed her. However, if you’re dealing with a person who doesn’t feel like they are good enough, then things will not work. I am sick and tired of black people in general, but black women more importantly not holding themselves accountable for their own self-destruction. Koreans are not your enemy? It’s the person who is staring themselves in the mirror. The one thing i like about beauty is that when you women stare yourselves in the mirror, it also forces you to take a look within yourself. However, when black women do this, they hate what they see. Whatever they show on the outside, is what they feel on the inside. On the inside, black womne, for the most part, really crave being a white woman. Whatever reason you want to give it doesn’t matter, the issue is what it is. Passing this down on Korean people is unfair and disingenious because you’re not taking into account the issues that korean women have as well. What about theose who have surgery to not have slanted eyes? What about those who use skin lightening creams themselves? Black people are the sole reason why they are in the mess they are in. The scripture says his people are stiff-necked. This especially goes for our women. To go against your nature is to go against your Creator. Why do you think things will go in your favor? Change your ways. Me personally I think it’s too late, but on this issue I don’t care if I’m wrong.

  31. Gator says:

    I wonder this myself, when will this stop. Asians don’t respect black people at all. They imitate the way they THINK black people talk to appeal to them, then as soon as another Asian or white, etc. come up… their voice goes back to normal. smh

    There’s been little improvement since Youtube and online business… blacks are beginning to support one another a little more, but it still has a long way to go to beat this.

  32. DFORD79 says:

    Tasha- I have heard about Micore’ from a friend of mines and I must say their agenda is admirable in that it allows for the people who spend the most money on hair to now profit, keeping the money within the community instead if sending over seas. Then she told me you can receive free hair on top of that! I am signing up next week in fact and look forward to being apart of something that to me sounds like the Avon of hair and getting in while it is just starting. I know this will be a successful venture and a statement to the Koreans that you can’t control our neighborhoods if we don’t let you so I am co-signing your statement and hope that anyone who reads this will do some research on Micore’ as I think to make a powerful statement against those who oppress our women for profit like cattle! Just my take..


    Lets take the hair industry back and keep the dollars in out own neighborhoods

  34. Doris says:


  35. Deeann D. Mathews says:

    Steph — I know it is not easy. I only broke from the family habit of pressing and perming after I lost one-third of my hair. Not easy. But necessary. So it is with so many things touching our entire race — Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglas, Ida B. Wells and all the rest whose names we revere could not wait for public or even family support to do what was necessary, and they had bigger problems than pressures to Europeanize their hair! Good thing they didn’t give in, and if they didn’t, we don’t have to either. As for your hairdresser, YOU provide the support, and tell her there is another sista out here saying, “Right on! You go, girl!” That is what we have to do for each other if we are to stop making ourselves poor behind trying to look like, act like, and be like what we are not.

  36. Steph says:

    Message to Mathews:

    What you wrote is very interesting. But the reality is not so easy. In the past, Black women together decided to have natural hair with a big afro. This was a great solidarity which is required but does not exist today. For instance recently, I saw my hairdresser. She woke up and I am very happy for her. What I mean by that: she is a single mother. She realised that she could use more wisely her money and she decided to have natural hair. Making this move is courageous because you don’t find that much support. Her cousin came over later and I was hearing her criticism. She could not accept my hairdresser’s decision to have natural hair and I am convinced that her cousin is not the only one who is trying to discourage her to make this move.

  37. Deeann D. Mathews says:

    “Economic war” is not necessary. Self-control and a little understanding is sufficient.

    Black women, we need to get comfortable with the idea that God did not make a mistake in giving us the strongest, most versatile hair on the planet; we are fearfully and wonderfully made, no fake or Korean hair necessary. That understanding alone would save us millions of dollars every year.

    Black men, y’all figure out where you’re trying to live up to European material standards for no good reason, and stop — that’s another set of millions saved as well.

    Then, we go do something for ourselves and our children that LASTS with the saved money. That’s not war. In fact, it will probably bring more PEACE to our community than anything that has been tried for a while, because we won’t be under the stress of scarce resources when we stop giving our abundance to other people.

  38. JSohn says:

    Dear the author of this article,

    Why do you promote hate???

  39. Dorothy says:

    Thank you for posting this. You are right about the Korean monopoly on hair in our communities, and also about the disdain they hold for us.

    I read recently about a young brother who tried to buy from the Koreans and was treated so badly that he went to China, made a deal with them, and started his own line, which I believe came out this year. (Don’t remember his name, but the article/interview was on the BlackList or Knowledge is King site.) It took him several years to achieve his goal, but with perseverance, he did it! This shows what we can do if we are truly determined to help self and our communities!!!

    Yes, it is partly our fault that other ethnic groups–specifically the Arabs and Koreans–have been able to infiltrate our communities to such a great extent. I wholeheartedly agree with those comments about this. We have to stop complaining about the lack of respect others show us, while still continuing to give them our money!! That’s the height of stupidity, and in order for us to survive as a group, it must cease–NOW! We must support each other.

  40. naturally says:

    There really should be more articles encouraging black women and men to control their behavior. We as a race are too carefree and frivolous with our money. We don’t invest in ourselves. There are black men and women who own apartment complexes who we can rent from and there are also black men and women who own car dealerships and grocery stores that we can support. African Americans, more so than any other race in this country, are the weakest in strength and power. This is not because of our numbers, but because we don’t take the extra steps to uplift ourselves. We as black women should research black hair care products and companies and endorse/support them just as Asians research our weaknesses, spending habits and exploit us!

  41. Candice says:

    Hypocrisy at it’s finest! You talk about Koreans pimping black women, but not about black men being pimped by whites. Black men spend their money on cars, jewelry, houses, sneakers,liquor, food, clothing that was manufactured and sold by white people. So why aren’t you writing articles telling black people to stop buying from these companies? Where’s the articles encouraging us to stop buying food, cars, clothing, etc?

    Black men don’t own major car or sneaker companies. They don’t own firms that rent apartments to people. Yet it’s only black woman being pimped. This article is a joke. The only thing you’re showing is how brainwashed you are. Brainwashed into believing that only black women are being pimped.

    Black people spend billions at companies owned by other races. And none of the companies have appreciation days for us. But we all continue to buy their products. Economic warfare? Please! This is nothing more than another article trying to control black women’s behavior.

  42. Niya says:

    Stupid Question! Does It look like Obama has power to You?

  43. what says:

    niya, do you think Obama holds a Postiion of Power?

  44. niya says:

    Writing Princess-WHAT DOES WHITE FOLKS ARE DEVILS have to do with Asians exploiting blacks? Then you called the writer “FEEBLE MINDED”- a term racist whites used against blacks in order to sterilize them. So, we already know where your head is. Then you call a black writer RACIST. A black person in America can’t be racist because racism comes from a position of power. You’re on a black websites repeating White PROPAGANDA. Again we see where your head is.

    Negroes have always defended white supremacy and took on their thought patters;sad.But you’re up here defending ASIAN monopoly and economic supremacy over your own family…..PATHETIC! YOU forgot to say that SOME OF YOUR BEST FRIENDS ARE KOREANS. LOL.

    You ve got too much horse hair in your head to think rationally. The Koreans already got your brain on lock!

  45. Patsy says:

    Other things that we should emulate from Asians. They don’t believe in credit cards and the lottery. They use their own resources.

  46. Patsy says:

    Da Truth,

    I really like your interesting comment. It is really interesting because I don’t go to White or Black churches so, none of them takes my money.

  47. DaTruth says:

    I don’t know if Asians actually hate black people but I will say they can spot a fool instantly and make money off them. The real problem is that blacks are so damn stupid to buy and support these items that Koreans sell. This is pure ignorance from blacks, the Asians are only making a living off you. The same concept goes for black churches that collect millions each Sunday and then deposit it in white banks that don’t even make loans to black people. This problem is primarily due to corrupt black preachers and church leadership. Black Americans are some of the most backward thinking people in the country.

  48. Patsy says:

    I started my economic war a few years ago and it is definitely working. I don’t go to stores from the mainstream because most of us are being disrespected anyway. For instance, they follow us around because they assume that we are going to steal something. It is an excellent decision which makes me wealthier anyway. It allows me to build my own business. I took a sabbatical to do it. My union representative sent me the other day an e-mail at midnight, it was Sunday. I laughed because it is a sign that he can’t believe to observe a nigger who got out of their plantation. It is very clear to me that nobody from the mainstream will take advantage of me. I don’t invest in their system. I don’t own a car, etc. and my finance is perfect!!! Black people as a whole in America makes over $800 billions a year. It is time for us to wake up and smell the coffee. I like the article and the arguments of Writingprincess. Thanks for enlightening us.

  49. BlackBeauty says:

    Oh please get a grip!

    You are taking it too far when you write that Asians hate black people!
    This is simply not true, and to make a simple statement like that is stupid.

    There have been store fronts in the black community for decades and most black folk will not band together to take these places, fix them up and open some type of business in the community!

    We can’t get angry at Asians or any other race of people who come here and take advantage of an opportunity.
    We are not doing it, and most just sit back and b—h about the Asians, Mexicans and others. While we continue to sit and moan, these people are moving ahead.

    Please stop pitting folks against each other by trying to incite black people against them.

    You need to be telling black people how to take some of those same stores that the Asians own and start their own business. It is not just about hair, it is so many other businesses that black folks can run right in their neighborhoods. Go and get fresh veggies early in the morning and bring them to the neighborhoods so we have fresh fruits and veggies! There is so much that can be done if we get off our butts, stop complaining about what others are doing, and do something for ourselves!

  50. Are you a fool or do you just play one on T.V.? The amount of ignorance and racism in this post is so off the chain I seriously thought this was written by a descendant of Willie Lynch. This conspiracy crap that started with “White people are devils,” and now has moved on to “Asians are Beelzebub,” is just more arguments from feeble-minded racists who are too lazy and too hateful and too ignorant to empower themselves or anyone else. I won’t address the long list of inaccuracies in this post. I can debate logic but ignorance I just can’t stomach. The reason blacks do not have a corner on the black hair market is not because we didn’t have the opportunity – there were no Koreans trying to force Madame C.J. Walker out of business – it’s because we lack vision and unity. Koreans are able to buy stores, start businesses, and achieve the American dream because they are unified as a race. They don’t get loans from banks, they get loans FROM EACH OTHER!!!!!!! It’s a common practice among Koreans to engage in a crowdfunding loaning system called “kye.” Kye is when a group of a dozen or more friends or associates get together monthly and each contributes the same amount, usually ranging from $100 to $50,000, to a common pot. Each month, a different member takes the kitty and agrees to pay interest to the others. The members also promise to remain in the kye (pronounced kay) until each has collected the pot. Instead of kye we participate in BUYING LOTTERY TICKETS. The poorest zip code in Illinois bought $22 million in lottery tickets in one year. Imagine what we could have if we’d engaged in Kye instead of “MY”. Our economic futures would be set.

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