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Stop Worshiping Women.

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( Fellas…

Stop worshiping women! I can’t put it any plainer or more simple than that.

Women want a man who they can admire…they’re not looking for a guy to worship them. Oh, they might like it for a moment..all the attention and what not. But eventually she’ll get tired of the un-earned attention and start seeking a man who can get her to earn his attention.

Worshiping females makes a goddess out of her…and a supplicant out of you. It puts her above you; which is out of sync with nature. Listen: women don’t want to be placed in a position above you. They don’t like to be made to feel that you absolutely gotta have them. Do that early in a relationship, and you set yourself up to be played, used and abused by that woman.

So stop the vagina worship my friend. Man up, become a man of substance and true value in this world. It doesn’t start with your paycheck; it starts in your mind. When you make yourself a true man of substance, females will almost automatically be attracted to your presence. They’ll seek you out, because you are what many of them have been waiting for.

Much of this female/vagina/goddess worship is a by-product of the times in which we live. We are constantly bombarded daily with slick advertising messages and television shows that depict men in some sort of subordinate role to today’s modern lady. Even in church one is made to feel that women are God’s focus, and that men have had their time in the sun.

But all this is mostly just a marketing ploy, designed to encourage women to feel ‘independent’ enough to spend more money they don’t have on more stuff they don’t really need to fill the aching void that’s growing in their souls. The thinking goes like this: separate the woman from the man and it’s easier to convince her to spend money foolishly.

Don’t believe me? Ladies, how many pairs of shoes do you currently own? Why do you continue to buy them? How many of you have clothes filling your closets that still have the tags on them from having never been worn? How many different soaps and beauty products have you tried in the hopes of capturing some elusive beauty, that always seems to be just one more product away?

In the real world void of slick marketing and carefully designed battles of the sexes, what’s needed is the basic knowledge on how to function harmoniously with one another. And this can’t happen until we learn how to once again respect the differences in gender, accept those differences, and choose to relate to one another on the basis of knowledge and not the latest trends coming out of Hollywood and Madison Avenue.

I said all of that to say: women are not worthy of your worship. Any women who requires it is probably not worth your time. She’ll turn out to be more of a headache in the long run than a benefit to your life. They are worthy however of your understanding; again, not based on some Hollywood definition; but an understanding gained from real life experience and ageless wisdom based on tried and true methods that actually work. Which is the subject of my upcoming book.

Men who worship women are men who have an agenda. Or worse: men who have extremely low self-esteem. Either one is not the one a woman wants to find herself involved with.

So get off your knees fellas, let your balls hang low once again, and for God’s sake: quit bowing down to the over-hyped importance of the female vagina! After all: what she has between her legs doesn’t work without what you have between yours.

Staff Writer; Mack Major ||


19 Responses to “Stop Worshiping Women.”
  1. Pat says:

    There is only one thing to learn and remember :

    Treat people, men and women alike, as your equals. Never put anybody on a pedestal.

    If you put someone on a pedestal this will happen : At the end of the day they will look down at you and lose respect for you.

  2. Fred says:

    Famous black woman quote “Your not my boss”! HA HA that’s all i have to say. Good Piece Bruh.

  3. Ramses says:

    Bruh you went in on this one!!!! lol My comrade

  4. Markos says:

    Nothing on Bob!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Mack says:

    The so-called ‘black’ feminists strikes again! *sigh heavily*

    Listen: I have no problem with people disagreeing with my position. We’re all free to think and discuss whatever points of view we have. That’s what makes this country somewhat great. However…I do have a problem with people conjuring up arguments against me based on things I never said.

    For the black feminists: I know you sisters HATE to be criticized for your sloppy lifestyles, bad dating choices and mis-education. But part of the reason why we seem so divided…even though I don’t know of any ethnicity of people who are totally together on everything all the time…is because sisters won’t even allow a true dialogue to take place where both sides can honestly air out their issues. There can be no healing if we can’t even have honest conversation.

    So lose the penis envy, go sit down and first learn how to be females before you label yourself as a feminist. There’s nothing feminine about a feminist anyway, except for maybe her vagina. So the word is actually a smokescreen.

    Jo: What article were you reading? I simply encourage men to stand tall and be MEN. Perhaps you prefer the metrosexual girly men we’ve been breeding as of late. Sorry: I guess I’m cut from a different cloth. I come from a family line where men know their worth and value, and don’t hide from it just to fit in with the times. And what exactly are you talking about as it relates to my article? Maybe you commented on the wrong post by accident, but you were kinda all over the place.

    As for divide and conquering black folks: There’s seems to be this myth of a unified black man that existed. Where is he? Where’s his fossils so I can go and admire his bones? Black folks have NEVER been unified across the board, not in antiquity, nor in modern times. Nor has any other people group for that matter. Black Egyptians fought and conquered Black Nubia; black tribes in Papua New Guinea fight and conquer other black tribes of the same region.

    Lose that fantasy of the mythological unified black man. There’s way too many black ‘feminists’ and uncle Toms for there to ever be total unity. We can’t even agree that black men need to keep their dicks in their pants! SMH…

    Instead of focusing on doing what only GOD can do, how about we just take care of our kids, love our women the RIGHT way, and love ourselves enough to demand and expect the same love and respect from others in return? Is that not the sum totality of God’s law?

  6. Deeann D. Mathews says:

    The trouble with this article is that, while it has some valid points (I’m all for men concentrating on becoming men of substance rather than running after women), it misses 2/3 of the point: only God is to be worshipped, so if we are worshipping our mates or ourselves, we’re sunk. Men and women are flawed and imperfect; neither gender needs to be up on a pedestal, but both need love, and both, when walking as best they can in righteousness, can be admired. So, both should concentrate on developing their character; the right mates will be drawn to each other in due time!

  7. Jo says:

    This article is exactly why the black community will never come together as one to overcome oppression in our lifetime. The crab in a barrel mentality is old and played but since anyone can write a blog or book these days the simple minded thinking just gets regurgitated.
    Anyone agreeing with this post should ask themselves the following:
    Why is it black men and women are always pinned against each other By each other?
    Is there a way to uplift men without putting women down?
    Is there a way to uplift women without putting men down?
    Why does this author make a larger point about society using women for their money without talking about society using men for their money (jordans, jerseys, cars, chains, bottle popping and lowest rate of college graduation)?
    Wouldn’t that get to a larger issue of exploitation of black wealth and the collective self-worth and systemic development and collaboration that we must cultivate as a community if we’re to shift this paradigm?
    And although there are multiple layers to peel back for us to effectively make that change, how about we approach it as a community that’s on the same side of the table when it comes to wanting love, security, wealth, health and so on?
    Not by using the same old divide and conquer techniques that our masters use as this writer has done. That just leads to him getting more attention, sex and money from this foolishness.
    Think for yourselves women! One gender doesn’t have to override the other and there’s nothing wrong in wanting to worship someone you love and recipricolly wanting to be worshiped by someone you love. But since there’s no absolute truth, do what you want without having to put the majority of the population down.

  8. Mary Alice says:

    Women need to stop worshiping men. That worship make men think women are their supplicants. Men cannot gestate, therefore they should worship at women’s feet.

  9. TheJokeIsOnYOU says:

    This is the biggest crock of mess Ive read in a LOOOONG time. Sad part of it all, is the women, actually CO-SIGNING this foolishness. LOL.

    Its no wonder black women are treated the way we are.


  10. DaTruth says:

    Dam good work, well done!!!

  11. nevadasmith says:

    On Thyblackman, I usually pontificate politically but this subject needs elaboration.Miguel Pinero has a poem about a revolutionary looking for a cause,but the cause was himself.
    In the Bible, Samson was destroyed by his worship for Delilah.Lot’s wife looked back and was turned to salt. Homer in The Iliad,the war for and the destruction of Troy,was over a woman.In our time, The list is endless of men brought down to their knees for over lusting over women.Mike Tyson (Samson again),Alan Iverson,John Edwards etc,etc,etc. Maybe most of the economic and social ills in the world today,are examples of uncontrolled and misdirected lust.I’ll leave you with a song by Old sage Stevie Wonder, “I Don’t Know Why”.

  12. nevadasmith says:

    Tell it like it is ! I had been thinking,if in my life,I had never let my little head rule my big head,the world would have been mine.

  13. Kelli says:

    I’m a woman and I LOVE this article! So very well-written and informative. Sending a copy to some women in my life who seriously need it, lol.

  14. Barber says:


  15. James says:

    Awesome article Mr. Major:

    The last part gets me becuase it’s all on point and very true; just that a lot of ‘Brotha’s’ won’t admit it because of false pride and other things however, what a woman has between her legs is not the end all and be all for men; specifically black men. Yes it takes 2 to have complete sex but I also look at the overall point of fact: ***(the 2 becoming 1 under GOD depends upon what a woman & man have between their ears and in their hearts).

    I tried this lame game and it stinks because I had to define MYSELF before I could chase the ‘coochie’; the end results of the ‘woman worship arena’ was (jail, broke, ashamed of myself,jobless, and a few other self-defeating attitudes & behaviors). Once my self-definition as a ‘BLACK MAN’ began; I was able to look past a woman’s physical and look at what makes her (her mind, heart, spirit, personality, likes and dislikes and other positives).***I stress this part of the woman because a lot of brotha’s are just plain stubborn, shallow, and think that what a woman has between her legs, makes her who she is***…WRONG!!!! This is not to say that I don’t still look, be in awe, or strike up conversation with women; we all do it at some point however, my focus has changed so much that a lot of the ‘woman worship’ is just a waste of time.

    Just my bit on the topic from experiences and trial and error however, this also involves being accountable, responsible, and accepting of ourselves as MEN FIRST!!!!
    If I don’t accept, respect, appreciate, and learn to laugh at SELF; then my focus will be solely on worsipping the woman with the ‘chase’ by any means necessary. BEING TRUE TO SELF will always come out with more positives than negatives.

    Thanks to all who posted.


  16. Mack says:

    Thanks ladies. Much appreciated.

  17. natalie says:

    Excellent piece!

  18. Nojma says:

    Well said my Brother! Well said!

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