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( In his latest attempt to deflect criticism for racially insensitive newsletters written in the first person and signed with his name in the 1980s and ’90s, Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul now says, “only eight to ten sentences were offensive.”

While Paul wants the public to know that he didn’t write the newsletters and didn’t see what was in the newsletters and certainly not the eight to 10 racist  parts, he is now is accepting “some responsibility” for the offensive portions which he wants us to believe don’t represent what he actually believes.

“These were sentences that were put in, I think it was a total of eight or 10 sentences and it was bad stuff, it wasn’t a reflection of my views at all…So it got in the letter. I think it was terrible, it was tragic and, you know, I had some responsibility because the [letter went out under my name],” said Paul recently.

Paul wants to create distance between his 2012 campaign and the 20-year-old newsletters but the problem is that the newsletters helped to cultivate his very libertarian audience. That is all well and good but not having written the newsletters with his own pen doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have to answer sufficiently for the content.

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