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Ron Paul: The Living Embodiment of the Third Party…

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( Let’s do a mash up of completely divergent public figures who in totally different stratospheres fascinate and enthrall, and sometimes antagonize, Evelyn Lozada and Ron Paul.  In the lexicon of the glamorous, yet troubled, Lozada of the Real Basketball Wives, Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, the wiry-framed libertarian, went from being a “non f’n factor,” in the race, to a real factor in the upcoming Iowa caucuses.  His surging polling numbers in Iowa, and popularity amongst young, independent, and even some democratic voters, have stoked the ire of his Republican adversaries and ignited a fire-storm of press scrutiny ranging from the effectiveness of Paul’s legislative history to decades old allegations of homophobia and racism. 

The fact that Ron Paul transitioned from being ignored to that of a target is a testament to his growing political prowess as a Republican presidential contender—at least in Iowa.    While the media portrays Ron Paul as a spoiler and his Republican opponents take aim, his faithful still flock and his numbers continue to soar.  What makes this rakishly thin, quixotic OB/GYN turned  politician so alluring and such a spectacle?  His burgeoning appeal rests in the desire of many voters for a political alternative—a desire for a dramatic shift in governance and in U.S. domestic and foreign policy.

According to a recent Gallup poll, 58 percent of Americans desire a third party.  Metaphorically speaking, Ron Paul’s meteoric rise may reveal that to some voters he is the very embodiment of that third party alternative to the Republican/Democratic duopoly.  Paul’s common sense approach to deficit reduction and fostering national security by bringing home all troops and ending foreign wars may be appealing to those put off by the costly and casualty-ridden wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Ron Paul could also draw the support of voters shining a periscopic lens on civil liberties, through his call to end government intrusion, at public expense, into people’s private lives.

Though the racial rhetoric in old newsletters may prove his tragic flaw, the implementation of some of Paul’s more practical political positions could be his re-defining moment of atonement.  His support for ending the militarized war on drugs—which has contributed to the mass incarceration of the poor and people of color in the last two decades—is arguably quite progressive and far from racist.  While he’s heckled by some critics as a “dangerous isolationist,” his position against pre-emptive strikes and interventionist foreign policy was actually in vogue during the Bush years when President Bush was highly criticized for instituting secret prisons, pre-emptive strikes, and drone attacks. 

Ron Paul to some is quirky and eccentric; however, might that thin and nimble frame serve as an apt analogy for his frugality and political belief system.  While certainly conjuring up controversy for his criticism of social safety nets, Ron Paul is just as critical of “corporatism,” what he calls those bail outs and corporate welfare he claims to disavow. 

Through his platforms, Ron Paul straddles the worlds of the Occupy and Tea Party movements—managing to attract support in both camps, while also ensnaring college-age voters and some minority support with his anti-war and anti-war on drugs rhetoric. 

However, like all great heroes in Greek mythology, Ron Paul may have a tragic flaw—those lingering allegations of racism and homophobia. Whether voters are able to see past old allegations to embrace the sensibility of his current platforms will determine whether like in a Greek tragedy those flaws prove fatal.  

Staff Writer; Joy Freeman-Coulbary

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8 Responses to “Ron Paul: The Living Embodiment of the Third Party…”
  1. JFC says:

    You can read more of JFC’s commentary on Ron Paul below:

    This writer reasons that Dr. Ron Paul is the most viable Republican candidate to attract black voters given his positions. What’s your opinion?

  2. Arthur says:

    Well written and makes a lot of sense to me.

  3. sickoftalking says:

    From the article: “Paul’s common sense approach to deficit reduction” — What is that? Cut everything?

    “However, like all great heroes in Greek mythology, Ron Paul may have a tragic flaw.” — Overlooking the fact that you’re comparing him to a mythical Greek hero, which is more absurdly over the top than anything Newt Gingrich has said about himself… Ultimately, his tragic flaw is that most people really don’t agree with him on issues. I don’t mean on things like foreign policy and drug policy, I mean on everything. Most people aren’t libertarians. He has his loyal followers, but most people who support him see him as a protest vote.

  4. Gerald says:

    Ron Paul took responsibility for and disavowed racist statements ghostwritten in his 1980s newsletters. When will the American people take responsibility and disavow the truly racist notion of preemptive war on 3rd world countries?

  5. Fred says:

    Ron Paul will win the nominee. everyone seems to forget that these polls are conducted using landlines, meaning only the older folks are being polled. We all know Ron Paul has the youth vote in his pocket.

    He polled 2% in 08 but received 10% during the election. This time hes polling 22%+….wanna try and guess what hell actually get?

    Ron Paul 2012

  6. Jodi says:

    Love Ron Paul and his priciples of freedom and peace!

    Ron Paul 2012!!

  7. Victor says:

    @ edhoward:

    What is the path that you envision to victory for Paul against the GOP inside game featuring the establishment favored Mitt? The odds of his victory in the GOP are longer than you suggest that they are in the general, if . . .

    A third party run on the other hand, pollster say favor Obama. How can that be?

    Yet to this observer, it seems it would be easier for a Paul candidacy to get to the general via a third party than the GOP. Then even his message and philosophy would be more consistent with a clear plurality of the populace.

  8. edhoward says:

    Fact Check: “Ron Paul can’t win” – FALSE

    The youth vote which Obama won by 34% in 2008 is abandoning him. Ron Paul has proven strong appeal with the young voters. He is by far the best candidate capable of not only appealing to this demographic but energizing it towards defeating Obama. Anyone who thinks the youth vote will abandon Obama for one of the other candidates is kidding themselves. This is one of Obama’s Achilles heals and ONLY Ron Paul can not only exploit it – but use it against Obama.

    Most Americans think that with Bin Laden dead, our job is done and we should bring the troops home. Obama is vulnerable on this issue against Ron Paul. Any other GOP candidate will galvanize these supporters to Obama. Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who appeals to these voters disenchanted with Obama – carving away votes.

    76% of Americans agree with RP that the federal war on drugs is a failure, in fact, only 8% think it has been a success. 89% of the people who voted for Obama 4 years ago believe the war on drugs is a failure. Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who is positioned to cleave off a chunk of these Obama supporters. Any other GOP candidate will galvanize these supporters to Obama.

    A record number of Americans do not trust politicians. Obama is a status quo politician, Romney is the poster child of insider politician. Ron Paul is the anti-politician and a doctor – and Americans have a high level of trust in doctors. Ron Paul is the candidate who can appeal to these voters and most effectively take votes from Obama while taking on Obamacare. Consistent on opposing mandates and ObaMass-care.

    Obama is not going to be defeated by a slick DC Beltway campaign alone. It is going to take a nationwide passionate, energized army of supporters. Ron Paul has clearly demonstrated that he can energize his base of supporters like no other candidate can. If Ron Paul isn’t the nominee, this army of energy disappears. But with Paul as the nominee, this army will mushroom into something seldom seen in American politics.

    FALSE – “Ron Paul Can’t Win”. When you look at what it will take to beat Obama (assuming the economy doesn’t tank), Ron Paul is the only candidate that can beat Obama.

    Ron Paul is the only candidate with the complete arsenal needed to defeat Obama so we can get our fiscal house in order.
    Ron Paul is the Obama defeating machine.
    He has a plan. He know how to take the necessary voters from Obama’s base.
    Ron Paul’s message isn’t engineered to win a GOP beauty contest – it’s engineered to beat Obama.

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