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Jerry Sandusky, Michael Jackson denial of their evil deeds…

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( “Jerry Sandusky’s bizarre answer about young boys, reminded me of when @Toure asked R Kelly abt young girls,” Jemele Hill tweeted after Bob Costas’s disturbing interview with the accused pedophile.

In the R. Kelly interview, following the singer’s acquittal on child pornography charges, Toure asked the question “Do you like teenage girls?” To which, the self-proclaimed Pied Piper of R&B responded, “When you say teenage, how old are we talking?”

Similarly, on Monday night, when Costas asked Sandusky if he was sexually attracted to young boys he responded “Am I sexually attracted to underage boys? And then paused before stumbling “I…I enjoy young people. I love to be  around them. I…I…But no, I’m not sexually attracted to young boys.”

Even worse, Sandusky, who is accused of abusing at least eight young boys over a 15-year-period and reportedly under investigation for more, confirmed that, per former grad assistant Mike McQueary’s grand jury testimonial that he saw Sandusky sexually assaulting a child in the showers at Penn State in 2002, he was in the shower with a young boy.

“I have horsed around with kids. I have showered with workouts. I have hugged them and I have touched their legs without intent of sexual contact,” he told Costas, as he denied that he was a pedophile.

That response was eerily reminiscent of those given by Michael Jackson to British journalist Martin Bashir in 2003 for the special Living with Michael Jackson. In that interview, Jackson admitted that he often shared his bed with children in response to accusations that he had molested young boys. Jackson, like Sandusky, insisted that his actions were not sexual.

When he spoke with Ed Bradley about this on 60 Minutes that same year, Jackson did not back away from his statements. He told Bradley that he still felt that it was okay for him, a grown man over 40, to sleep in the same bed as a child.

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68 Responses to “Jerry Sandusky, Michael Jackson denial of their evil deeds…”
  1. LibelFreeZone says:

    Hey everyone, let’s get one thing straight: there is no “journalism” in this article. This is a blog, folks, and the anonymous “Staff” who wrote this article have no sense of balance, fairness or even intelligence. They’re just one or more person with a keyboard and a opinion–a stinkin’ opinion.

    Just like there are no qualified mental health professionals here, even though craig @ November 17, 2011 at 3:20 pm thinks he’s one. I would bet cold hard cash that those who accuse Michael Jackson haven’t lifted a finger or spent more than 1 minute reading the actual court transcripts, or the coroner’s report, or the extensive FBI report or any of the articles or videos by people who actually KNEW Michael Jackson.

    Dozens of accusers have now come forward to accuse Sandusky. Where are the dozens of Michael Jackson’s victims? Nowhere to be found. Why? Because Michael Jackson wasn’t a pedophile!

    Some people will never be persuaded, but they will meet their Maker one day, and He will ask, “Why did you repeatedly violate the Ninth Commandment and accuse my child, Michael Jackson, of such hideous crimes?” It’ll suck to be those people at that time.

  2. Lynn M says:

    Journalism should be about reporting the facts. So let’s try and keep them straight, ok? First, MJ was investigated for years and nothing was ever proven, even after a lengthy trial and the best investigators in the country (or should I say, the best man-hunt ever). Second, MJ spoke openly and freely about sharing a bedroom, not a bed. Every time he clarified he slept on the floor, while others slept in the bed. But the media never publishes that. Only the twisted untruth. Third, no one stands to gain financially with Sandusky. Not a penny. In contrast, it was “moochers abound” with Michael Jackson. Virtually everyone in his life wanted a piece of him–his heart, his soul and his almighty dollar. To many, he was their gravy train. To the greedy, he was their ticket to wealth through false accusations. None of which were ever proven, even in a court of law. After Thriller, I never really followed Michael Jackson. Although I admired what he accomplished, I wasn’t exactly a fan. But in death, I can’t help but feel for him as he continues to be attacked by an ever-increasing “hype” media that no longer is able to separate fact from “editorial” opinion. May Michael Jackson rest in peace.

  3. Ms Smith says:

    When it came to Michael Jackson I didn’t know what to think because of the media. However, when I read the details of the case for myself against Michael Jackson I can say with out a doubt that he never did anything to that kid. All the facts of the case prove is that the family was out for money and extorting Michael Jackson. Michael was very eccentric but that doesn’t mean he would hurt a child. Actually the typical child molester is just like Sandusky, the regular nice guy down the street that everyone likes.

    Unfortunately if you want the truth about MJ you are not going to get it from media or articles like this who just rehash old lies and cut and paste stories. You will have to look at the case for yourself and in both cases the families only wanted money. I’m no huge MJ fan but I have to say that I am sooooo tired of articles like this and all the misinformation that continues to be spread about him.

  4. Judith Mason says:

    Other posters have presented the facts behind the fiction, and I cannot do better.

    I close my eyes and see the Salem Witch Trials Revisited — but now with Big Media boldly pulling the strings — instigating, intervening, deceiving and manipulating. Rush to judgment and guilt by implication are as destructive to society now as they were when frenzied villagers chased down the accused waving torches, ropes, and other instruments of torture. Sandusky is accused of child molestation. Is he guilty? I don’t know. A jury will decide his fate — I hope. I do know that the accusation alone carries a social death sentence for which there seems no appeal or redemption in the world — even if the accused is later found Not Guilty by a jury in a court of law. The Justice System, while not perfect, operates by rule of law which judge, jury, prosecution and defense agree to abide by and respect. Not so in the court of public opinion which is often ruled by misinformation, fear, willful ignorance, prejudice, and blind hatred. Michael Jackson discovered this in 2005 when he emerged from the court that pronounced him a free man — Not Guilty on all counts. Along with many well-wishers and the white doves of innocence, he was soon assaulted by a poisonous climate that slowly chokes the spirit. His court ruling stands for all time. But Michael Jackson did not live in the courtroom. He lived in a world that embraced Trial by Media acting as cop, judge, jury, and executioner. “If we like the verdict, go in peace. If not, we will assume the prerogatives of Law and exact ruthless and unmerciful punishment.” This brazen display of power and irresponsibility must not go unchallenged lest we lose our rights and our humanity to powers whose only goal is delivering us to advertisers in exchange for profits.

    The value of our Justice System must be preserved and those who administer it held to the highest standards. Whatever its shortcomings, better to work forward toward perfection than retreat and surrender to media-incited mob rule.

  5. craig says:

    Michael was a very sick man who suffered from both borderline personality disorder, and narccissistic personality disorder. Michael was a pedophile just like sandusky.. Both exhibited identical behaviors with young boys. The profile for these sick individuals are the same. maybe with sandusky justice will be served, so the denial and shame these young men experience can come out of the closet, so to speak..

  6. truthseekerone says:

    Remember, Michael Jackson was a victim of extortion–and Sandusky is not. There was money to be made in accusing Michael Jackson–not Sandusky. The prosecution never succeeded in producing legions of accusers against Michael despite all their efforts–not so with Sandusky. No one credible ever witnessed Michael m*** children, but it appears Sandusky was seen raping a child and it was reported.

  7. tober says:

    With the abundance of overwhelming info out there proving Michael’s complete innocence, anyone who still believes he’s guilty either chooses to believe that way, or is a complete idiot.

  8. truthmarathons says:

    Another sad day for accuracy and truth in journalism. The current allegations against Sandusky compared to Michael Jackson? As if the Sandusky story isn’t salacious enough, this internet tabloid must make it even more so by the comparison. In the Michael Jackson case, an extremely wealthy celebrity was being extorted by two families; There was never a credible witness in either the 1993 or 2005 allegations. Jackson was acquitted on all 14 counts in a court of law in 2005; DA Sneddon in his demonic witch hunt for Jackson enlisted the investigative powers of the FBI and when those files were released in 2009 (after almost 16 years of investigation) the FBI declared that absolutely nothing was found against Jackson. Sandusky, on the other hand, doesn’t have the money that would attract extortionists and has many credible accusers and a witness who observed his raping of a child. This case is in the early stages of jurisprudence, and the outcome is a long way off. However, it seems like those in the media, without doing the proper research, once again must attempt to sell their misinformation to a gullible public. Follow the money–who stands to gain? Salacious stories sell and rich celebrities are potential victims for extortion. Michael Jackson once said that lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons. Where is the truth in this reporting?

  9. Jomm says:

    Oh stop it. Stop trying to put Jackson in the same boat with this coach. There is big diffrence. The accusers of Jackson all changed their stories, conflicting stories, conartists, trying to sue for money, no crediablity. MJ was investigated by the FBI, LAPD, Children services, Santa Barbara, home raided twice by 100 cops, etc. In court, all the people were PROVEN to be liars even selling lies to tabloid to get money in which MJ’s lawyers exposed. If you do not know the fact of MJ’s case, shut up. Again, stop trying to put all child abuses cases in the same boat. that is like me comparing the rape Duke Lacrosse players case to Ted Bundy.

  10. Mary K. says:

    To compare Michael Jackson to Jerry Sandusky is like comparing an orange to a rotten apple (the apple being Sandusky in this case). Jerry Sandusky actually did molest the kids he’s accused of molesting, Michael Jackson on the other hand DID NOT. Michael was the victim of an extortion attempt by two evil lovers of money, who would have stopped at nothing to get Michael’s money from him. It is time journalists did their research and got their facts straight. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

  11. Pendragon57 says:

    The problem, Dr. Watkins, is that what you say about Jackson is strictly not true and therefore your comparison is totally undermined.

    Martin Bashir did not accuse Jackson of molestation in the interview and Jackson never said that he slept in the same bed as young boys, only that he allowed them to share his room and sleep in his bed whilst he slept on the floor. In addition you fail to point out that Jackson was investigated by the LA Department of Children and Family Services, as well as being tracked by the FBI for 10 years WITH NO RESULT in either case. A white conservative Jury acquitted him of charges when no evidence was proven in court and it became obvious that the boy’s story was inconsistent and the so-called witnesses were discredited, mainly because they had been offered money for their stories or they had an axe to grind against Jackson

    Making such comparisons without getting the fine details correct is irresponsible and proves you have done absolutely no research beyond reading the tabloids. Do a better job next time.

  12. Keith says:

    Michael Jackson was evil? LMAO! Ok buddy. Riiight… U keep tellin yourself that.

  13. astasios says:

    Judging by the amount of comments in here i believe the author of this ignorant article succeed what he or she wanted. Site traffic. Nice work man. It would be very good though if you had indeed search the Michael Jackson cases and see what kind of similarities,or the lack of them, there era are between his cases and this curent one. But who cares, right? Sad, very sad. Go ahead, make a name of yourself by labeling someone something that he never was. You want be the first one, ofcourse.

  14. M. Moore says:

    Dr. B. Watkins article is full of alot of B.S. that’s all I’m going to say.

  15. M. Moore says:

    Keondra Nicholas, I never tried to compare the Sandusky case to Michael Jackson. To me it’s the media trying to get Michael again. There will just be some people who want to believe what they want to believe. Despite the Chandler boy father blowing his brains out because of guilt of what he put MJ through, despite the 2005 trial,NOT GUILTY on all accounts, despite the FBI files they had on MJ and nothing was in there to prove MJ molested kids. Despite Tom Sneddon being after MJ for years, and he couldn’t prove anything.Now the media want to try to go after him again. Sad to say there are some who will never stop trying to try MJ. And that’s exactly what is trying to do. MJ was not a child molester, for God’s sake let the man rest in peace.

  16. Karla Aranda says:

    This article is garbage. Very poor journalism. I’m glad everyone here knows the facts and came to Michael’s defense but it’s upsetting that there are ppl out there that write things like this with no regard for the truth. Michael Jackson has always been innocent.

    If you’re looking for a child molester, keep it focused on Sandusky. He hasn’t been found guilty yet but I’m sure it’s coming.

  17. Liam says:

    I find the media’s desperate desire to ‘try’ Jackson yet again disturbing, not least because its for someone else’s crime. Jackson was found Not Guilty, 14 times, in a trial in 2005.

    Where is the substantive connection between Sandusky and Michael Jackson?

    For a start there is no evidence that anyone was extorting Sandusky, whereas there is ample evidence that’s exactly what Evan Chandler did — successfully — in 1993 to Michael Jackson.

    Cut to 2005, a malicious prosecution predicated on the lies of an unstable family of grifters — and one finds an abundance of affirmative evidence in the transcripts i.e the facts of the testimonies to prove Jackson’s innocence.

    Right now, the disingenuous attempts by the media to ‘compare’ Sandusky to Jackson, are a clear indication of its decision to continue suppressing the reality that their prior selective and wholly misrepresentative coverage of the 2005 trial, was in fact a gross dereliction of their duty to inform the public without bias or malice.

    No child was ever forced to sleep in Jackson’s bed; they asked to sleep in his room because they wanted to be around him. Parents always had to give permission, and many times the parents themselves would sleep in his room.

    This was confirmed in the trial in the testimonies of Macaulay Culkin, Brett Barnes, and Wade Robeson, and their parents and siblings. It should also be noted that Michael Jackson stopped letting kids and parents sleep in his bedroom after the 2005 trial, just as Mesereau pointed out while on the Jay Leno show a few days after the acquittal.

    In a video made before the 2005 trial, Gavin Arviso clearly said Jackson slept on the floor. The boys slept in the bed.

    However, by the time the baseless case of 2005 came to trial, Larry Feldman, Thomas Sneddon and co had coached the Arviso family (who not all coincidentally also alleged sexual abuse against guards at a J C Penney store when they were legitimately picked up for shoplifting), the Arvisos then changed their story and their timeline.

    Yes, really.

    It is not suprising many do not know this. There is little to no clear reporting of the 2005 case on record — unless you look for it — apart from the incredible work done by Jonna Silbor, legal analyst and Linda Deutsch from the Associated press.

    It is time to stop trying Michael Jackson. The Sandusky case is not only repellent, it’s its own case and should be treated as such by the press.

  18. Bob says:

    This us shamelessly inaccurate and chooses to use the same incorrect quote that the media love so much. Michael jackson did not say he slept in the bed with children.

    He always insisted he slept on the floor. However he did use the word share at one point whichwas a very poor choice of word as it has allowed him to be misinterpreted easily. Of course it was obvious from the conversion what he meant. Go and view the interview again!!

  19. Javier says:

    I’m tired of being being misinformed about Jackson. lets make this perfectly clear! Sandusky is a child molester piece of crap! Michael Jackson was INNOCENT. okay, It dosn’t take rocket science, READ the damn transcripts of his 2005 trial. they proved he was innocent, they proved the prosecution falsified key evidence! for god sakes. michael is always misquoted he said whats wrong with sharing your bed, i DIDN”T SAY i SLEPT IN THE BED< VENE IF I DID ITS OKAY< BECAUSE I WILL NEVER DO ANYTHING SEXUAL TO A CHILD. I FUCKING HATE THE MEDIA. at any time they get the chance to bash MJ they o it, EVEN if its a stretch. tehy do it why, ITS A FUCKING CONSPIRACY, IMAGINE how it must of been when he was alive, all of the attacks, if even after 2 years into his death he continues to be bashed, not even osama bin laden has been bashed this much, WTF
    Ain’t the pictures enough, why do you go through so much
    To get the story you need, so you can bury me
    You’ve got the people confused, you tell the stories you choose
    You try to get me to lose the man I really am

    You keep on stalking me, invading my privacy
    won’t you just let me be
    ‘cause you cameras can’t control, the minds of those who know
    That you’ll even sell your soul just to get a story sold
    Now there’s a lesson to learn, stories are twisted and turned
    Stop maliciously attacking my integrity

    REST IN PARADISE MIKE, everyone who thinks and believes every negative thing about michael jackson ! congratulations, you deserve to be misinformed everyone who know the truth are lucky. and educated. now go and spread it, Michael was innocent and not matter how many people try to bash HIM, HE WILL ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED AS A GREAT HUMAN BEING. GOD IS GREAT and MICHAEL WAS LOVE

  20. Carolyn Woodmansee says:

    Michael Jackson was falsely accused of child molestation, and it was proven that the cases he was involved in were people trying to get money out of him. Sandusky has the right to a Trial by jury and if he proves as Michael did,that he was innocent by a jury of twelve..then good for him. However.. it was in very bad taste to refer to Michael who was innocent of child molestation in the same sentence as someone who has not been proven innocent in a court of law.

    Please stop trying to sensationalize your journalism with falsehoods and stick to the facts. Michael was proven innocent..period. These references to him in such a manner are not only offensive…but totally unsubstantiated.

    Tell your story about Sandusky and leave innocent people like Michael Jackson out of the “tale”. Enough said.

  21. Henry Vaughn says:

    @Keondra You and whoever had the nerve to scribble out this POS jibber-jabber about Michael are suffering some serious demonic oppression. No one cares about your opinion when the truth is so efficiently laid out for everyone to read. That’s the problem, no one wants to read, just blab out tabloid referenced words that have zero foundation what. so. ever!   Go study up on The Chandler & Arvizo Extortion Schemes Against Michael Jackson. To make it easy for ya, FirstBeKind posted the easy to follow links, just click and read. This  write up looks like a stunt Diane Dimond would pull. “Dr.” Boyce? Or is that really you Diane, taking on a new Michael Jackson hater identity? 

  22. Lee says:

    I just want to add to this unanimous roster of comments – there is plenty of evidence in favor of Michael Jackson’s innocence in addition to his acquittal on all charges. My fondest wish is that one of those accusers, who are now men in their 30s, will come forward and finally, conclusively clear this up!

  23. Nathan says:

    Michael Jackson immediately denied being attracted to young boys. Watch the PrimeTime Interview with Diane Sawyer. No hestitation at all. In other interviews he indicated he gives his bed to kids and he slept on the floor. Unfortunately he is constantly misquoted and misunderstood.

  24. Davida says:

    REALLY? your slogan is “Brotherhood at its best?” Give me a break. You are a joke.

  25. GERTRUDE says:

    Michael Jackson was acquitted on every heinously false charge against him – do you ever read the facts about anything before shooting your mouth off,or is it that you just can’t read period? – 2 grand juries refused to indict him because the charges were so bogus, a decade long prosecutorial witch hunt complete with international toll-free number came up with NOTHING, and an exhaustive 17 year long FBI investigation PROVED there was zero evidence against Mr. Jackson. The feces-for-brains who wrote this is engaged in COWARDLY SLANDER. Michael Jackson was a victim of extortion, and an innocent man bullied to death by the cess pool spewings of people like the serpent who “wrote” this “article”. Michael Jackson was always innocent, he always will be. Try the FACTS on for size, ya lazy sleaze-monger.

  26. Anna Wirt says:

    Whoever wrote this article, did you not even listen to the video of Michael Jackson being interviewed about “sharing” his bed with children? He NEVER said that he “slept in bed with children”, he said he “shared his bed”. Haven’t you ever shared something that you own with someone else? A bed is a bed, and its only sexually obsessed people who think automatically that a bed is meant or used or shared for sex. Michael was a BIG KID at heart and enjoyed sharing his bedroom because it was like having a camp-out. Everyone who is sick and tired of reading and hearing all the trash talk about Michael, lets start our own newspaper and print all the great stuff about this man who gave so much to the world. It’s too bad that what the world gave back to him was heartbreak and suffering. Fans can feel gratified that he appreciated and loved them very much. The rest of you, all I can say is that if you believe in Heaven and Hell, you’d better start asking for forgiveness.

  27. R Dibley says:

    There was a time when journalists actually did some research on their stories, not now apparently. Michael Jackson was found not guilty on all charges at his trial by a jury entirely chosen by the prosecution. Tom Meserau, Michael’s defence lawyer, thought it would give even more strength to the not guilty verdict he knew would happen if he did not contest any jurors. And so it would have if the media had reported the case accurately. There has never been the slightest bit of credible evidence that Michael did anything to harm a child. But there is plenty of evidence about all the sick children he helped over the years and all the time and money he devoted to charities. Try doing a bit of fact checking next time.

  28. blahhush says:

    There’s nothing wrong with R. Kelly’s response nor is it comparable to Sandusky’s.

    He asked a reasonable question because the age of consent varies in different states and I got the impression that he was just trying to be funny.

    As for Sandusky he was clearly struggling to answer that question. It took him nearly a minute to say “No”.

  29. FirstBeKind says:

    Similarities? The only similarity here is that there are young people involved.

    Stop with the comparison to Michael Jackson. The disgusting accusations against Michael Jackson were clearly the result of extortion–both in 1993 and 2003. If you are capable of any type of research and have any interest in the truth, all you need do is research FBI files and the Los Angeles Dept. of Child Protective Services/Michael Jackson and you will find all the information you’ll need to prove that Mr Jackson never molested a child. Those who look at everything with a jaundiced eye and a lust for the
    lurid will continue to regard Jackson’s behavior as inappropriate and bizarre. After Michael’s death I spent the next two and a half years researching his life. I am convinced he was incapable of ever hurting or taking advantage of a child. To even hint that he is in the same category as Sandusky should result in a libel suit by the family.

    Remember, too, the media has again painted a picture of a “guilty” man before Sandusky is even brought to trial and ALL the evidence is presented. There is something truly sinister happening in our nation when major network talking heads are allowed to pounce on allegations with the ferocity of a lioness stalking prey before a person has his day in court. If Sandusky is found guilty of these crimes, he should be sentenced to life in prison, without parole. But….until then, according to our justice system, he is INNOCENT!

    @Keondra Nicholas…, you knew Michael Jackson? How long did you counsel him for his “alleged” emotional and sexual issues? Unless you actually knew Mr. Jackson, you have no right to intimate he was a child abuser. Your accusation is pathetic. Michael Jackson was found NOT GUILTY on 12 criminal counts by a very conservative jury in Santa Maria County in 2005. He was backed into a wall in the ’93 accusations and was forced to pay out a settlement to Evan Chandler by his insurance company. Instead of relying on grocery store check-out trash publications, why don’t you take time to read factual information written by people with recognized degrees in journalism and a desire to report the truth? Here….I’ll help you!

    Was Michael Jackson Framed? –

    The FBI Files – Michael Jackson –

    The Most Shameful Episodes in Journalistic History –

    That’s just a start, Keondra. There’s a whole lot more. Stop guzzlng the character assassination Kool-Aid.

    What would substandard journalists do without Michael Jackson?

  30. Therese Bellinger says:

    Michael Jackson was an innocent man, found by a court of 12 jurors on all counts, he was found not guilty…This man Sandusky is guilty, the exact opposite of Michael Jackson….Michael Jackson was not a child molester and it isn’t right to put him in the same category or the same sentence!!

  31. ultravioletrae says:

    You seriously are into slandering and bullying a homicide victim? While his children and family await the sentencing for his homicide, you get off on torturing an innocent man? Do you honestly not know there isn’t a single credible witness against Jackson and that court proceedings and years of FBI investigation completely exonerate him? Or do you bother to research at all before putting out despicable stories? Do you not get it that the innocent children Jackson helped SERIOUSLY resent your false accusations? Do you not get that their parents are similarly outraged? What is your problem?

  32. VeteranTeacher says:

    Doctor, you call yourself the “Scholar For Black America.” You’re kidding right? A Scholar would research facts before blogging on a subject they know nothing about. There are so many facts you have wrong regarding comparing the two cases, which cannot be compared. As a veteran teacher of 27 years, and a National Board Certified one at that, I would feel ashamed if I had sent this tabloid drivel out into cyberspace. You have dumbed-down your profession.

    There are already many facts for you to ponder already written here in the comments, so I will not list anymore.

    Everything you need to know is online: court transcripts, agency documents, FBI file, etc…. Please don’t be so lazy and educate yourself.

    Mr. Jackson was a vigilant, ardent, tireless champion of children across the globe who were sick, dying, neglected, or starving. He never tooted his own horn when it came to his humanitarian work.

    I don’t think you have too many readers if you need to tag Michael Jackson’s name to get hits on your site.

  33. BlackBeauty says:

    Excuse me!

    Michael Jackson never molested any child in his life!

    If you knew him you would know that, and not publish your flaming title to include MJ. Why did you do that?

    If you knew the boy and his mother who were a part of that absolute lie, you would also know better than to try to defame MJ on this site.She was the biggest con woman in LA, and trained her children to be just as low life as she is! MJ’S problem with even getting involved with these low lives was that they lied in the first place to tell him the child had cancer (he did not), and of course MJ was trying to do what he could for the child.

    Please know (and I do know), that Michael Jackson’s only crime was giving/caring too much to those who did not deserve it.

    Some of you people will write anything to have others read your commentaries!

    Stop the flaming and Bull Crap!

  34. Suzy says:

    I wonder if all these journalist who compare the Sandusky case to Michael Jackson’s case even followed the Michael Jackson trial. It doesn’t seem so. In MJ’s case the DA spent a decade with searching for “victims”, sent officers all around the world to interview kids and even set up a website for alleged victims to come forward. They came back empty-handed.
    In the Sandusky case however victims are coming forward left and right.

    I wonder if people are even aware of what MJ was accused of in 2005. According to the prosecution’s timeline MJ molested Gavin Arvizo AFTER the Martin Bashir interview, while the whole world was watching because of the uproar the documentary created. So he never molested Gavin for 3 years since he knew him, but started to molest him while the DA was investigating and while the whole world was watching? Makes sense. Not! Thing is the prosecution was forced to make up this ridiculous timeline because they knew MJ had a rock solid alibi for the time before the Bashir documentary. In fact, they changed the timeline when they learned about his alibi!
    And of course, the Arvizos never claimed any abuse until after they got kicked out of Neverland.

    As for the 1993 accuser, that too was clearly an extortion. Let me quote from the book (“All that glitters” )of the uncle of Jordan Chandler:

    “Had Michael paid the twenty million dollars demanded of him in August, rather than the following January, he might have spent the next ten years as the world’s most famous entertainer, instead of the world’s most infamous child molester.”

    What does this tell you?

    And this is coming right from the Chandler’s mouth! It’s in Ray Chandler’s book!

  35. Dave says:

    Question: How do I get exposure when my talent alone is not capable of doing so?

    Answer: Mention Michael Jackson fourteen times in an article thats subject matter has nothing at all to do with him.

    Don’t live your thoughts through Michael Jackson. And don’t hold him accountable for the workings (and twistings) of your own mind.

  36. Barbara says:

    When I first heard about the Sandusky allegations, I figured it would not be long before people were drawing a comparison between him and Michael Jackson. Before people get too far down that road, please stop and consider the facts. Michael Jackson was investigated by the FBI for over a decade. They did not find any evidence of wrong-doing. Sneddon searched the world for additional evidence of misbehavior. None were found. Michael Jackson had a trial and was acquitted of ALL charges. In both cases the accusers were seeking to extort money.

  37. Tim says:

    You will rot in hell for this slander of Michael Jackson, hope your happy with yourself you got the hits you wanted, you ignorant piece of s**t. I have no words for this it’s just plain evil hatred.

  38. Jan says:

    the FBI found no wrong doing and those documents are online
    the LA children services found no wrong doing there is a letter online
    tom mesereau had witnesses to testify that jordan chandler lied for his father if he appeared in the 2005 trial.
    there are santa barbara documents online which state that MJ insurance company paid jordan chandler against his wishes.
    Aphrodite jones book conspiracy is online and goes from the full court transcripts
    Martin bashir rebuttal footage is widely available online.

    Research is easy to do but jumping on the bandwagon of using and abusing michael jackson is getting far too common and it is pathetic.

  39. DLama says:

    When will these no-name no-fame “journalists” stop slandering and riding the coattails of somebody who is no longer here and can’t defend himself. You used the name to get traffic to your article and site.

    In the Sandusky case kids are coming out of the woodwork. They looked for a victim of Jackson for more than a decade and the FBI and Social Service files on him found nothing. Not only that but he was acquitted on 14 counts. 14! What does that tell you? The Jackson case/s were extortion– same DA (nicknamed “Mad Dog,) charging attorney (made millions the first time- why not go back for more), same psychiatrist making the report. Smell something fishy? This was a shakedown to reach into deep pockets. So stop speculating or talking about something about which you know nothing until you have done your homework instead of spewing more of the tabloid swill. Geez.

    Nobody is saying it’s OK to lure boys into your bed. Geez. But sitting on the bed watching movies while eating popcorn in a two story suite while your parents are there and then covering up the kids when they fall asleep and sleeping on the floor or a nearby couch is not child molestation or remotely sexual.

    It’s YOUR mind that went there. There is a name for feeding off a corpse and it’s not pretty. What name should we label you?


  40. June says:

    Wow, the slander continues! Michael Jackson’s been deceased for over two years. He was acquitted of all charges over six years ago. If authorities nationwide had been more interested in pursuing charges against Sandusky, Penn State, and other big boy colleges which allegedly have been going on since 1998, instead of pursuing bogus blackmail ridden charges against Michael Jackson, perhaps Sandusky would have been caught sooner! Michael Jackson brought boundless joy to this world which has not recovered from his tragic murder at the hands of a homicidal maniac; how dare you at this sensitive time correlate ANY activities of Sandusky with the torture Michael Jackson endured as a result of media lies and distortions! Please govern yourself accordingly, author, as Michael’s fans WILL NOT STAND for this continued GARBAGE against his memory.

  41. lkj says:

    R. Kelly asked a reasonable question. The age of consent in several states vary so asking the definition of “teenage” is fine.

    As for Sandusky, he was clearly struggling to say “No.”

  42. visitor says:

    So “Dr” because Michael Jackson admited that he had shared his bed with kids, both girls and boys, that to you sir means that he should be labeled a pedophile and stigmitase for life, even though nothing innapropriate happened? My good sir, are you serious?

    You make comparison between Jackson and Sandusky just because they were accused of the same crime but you fail to mention something else.

    1) Jackson was investigated for over 25 years from the FBI and other services and they found NOTHING against him. Not a single evidence that the man was a pedophile or that he did something wrong to kids. That’s indeed something big, don’t you thing? Or better not, what does the FBI knows. You know better

    2) Both two kids who accused Michael Jackson of molestation during the police interview mentioned repetedly that they never felt threatened by Jackson and that infact they had a good time with him. So maybe those two kids enjoyed being molested? Who knows, i ask you because you seem to know something more.

    3)Michael Jackson is on a tape, secretly recorded by the doctor who killed him, in wich under the infuelnce of anesthesia he says that all he want to do is built a hospital for kids and that he loves them. Under the influence of drugs you can say lots of things and reveal your true thoughts.Even in this situation, clearly druged, not having his concious 100% still Jackson says that all he wants to do is help kids. Not rape them, touch them but help them. But i guess you didn’t heard the tape. Maybe you were buzzy that day?

    I’m not going to mention all the fact that the 12 judges heard on 2005 and thats why they acquited Jackson on everything. I don’t think it would make any differene in people like you. The only thing that i would like to say to you is that should feel shame about yourself to make this kind of comparison only because you want site traffic. Learn the fact before you express your opinion and also learn that all the cases that go on trial are not similar. Every case is different. Now enjoy your site traffic.

  43. rob seymour says:

    How to increase your audience…..use the name michael jackson. As a life long fan of Michael Jackson i find it most disturbing that only Conrad Murray was tried for his death, the media needs to take a long hard look at themselves and report solid FACTS and not pay people for there stories ( which often change when money is available ) so many people were suprised Michael Jackson was found innocent in his trial only because the media as always failed to report what was actually going on in court and focused on the ever changing statements of the con artist family.

    Is’nt it funny how if anyone writes a book that scandallous ( usually by a former employee who has an axe to grind ) it is published, yet Aphordite Jones despite being a best selling author had to self publish because no one would publish a book that highlighted michael jacksons innocence, your telling me there is’nt a problem in the media? The fact that the case ever went to trial is shocking, the district attorney changed the dates of the alleged abuse, despite the LAPD, sheriffs department and childrens services all conducting investigations that found there was no wrong doing on Michael Jacksons part…yet mr sneddon who has had an extremley unhealthy obsession with Michael Jackson for over decade claimed the abuse happend during these same investigations…..hello anyone home?!? Mr Sneddon has also broken many rules as district attorney and some claim to of heard him making racist comments about Michael Jackson….but lets ignore that shall we?

    Or one of his staff who admitted he went to a bar went home drunk and got into the wrong bed and proceded to touch his under age step daughter yet NOTHING happend!! Maybe its time someone looked at someone else other than Michael Jackson….its a sad state of affairs when his fans actually have to look into what happend to him……when you lot claim to be ” jounalists” ( i use the word journalists very loosely as if you looked in a dictionary you be sad to find thats not what you are anymore )

    One other thing…Michael Jackson very rarely spoke about what he gave to charity so get your facts correct

  44. Marie says:

    Why is the author of this article comparing Michael Jackson with Jerry Sandusky? The FBI investigated Michael Jackson for two decades and could not prove he molested children. Michael Jackson has been dead for more than two years yet the majority of the articles on the internet are still mentioning his name. Let him rest in peace.

  45. Deborah Wake says:

    Keondra you are so far from the truth. Its easy to write a piece on Michael Jackson. There is so much documented rubbish out there that is just sensationalised and not fact. If Michael Jackson was an abuser they would have found all sorts of evidence in his home. They too away 6 computers from Michael’s home, videos and dvd’s and not once did they find anything inappropriate belonging to him. Please read the facts about Michael Jackson. He was innocent. I am not a “fan” of his. I just know how manipulative the media are. I hate to see them refer to him as a molester. How awful for a man who cannot defend himself.

  46. LibelFreeZone says:

    Obviously, Dr. Boyce Watkins, the author of this article, knows NOTHING of the actual–not sensationalized–details of the Michael Jackson extortion cases. If Watkins would take the time and effort to delve more deeply, instead of relying on scandal-mongering news, he would know that Michael Jackson did NOT molest anyone. This is what happens when media is so dependent on eyeballs and clicks for its sustenance: they compare and contrast two cases that have nothing withsoever to do with each other. Dr. Watkins has clearly been brainwashed by tabloid media and its sister, the severely compromised mainstream media. He might start here for his much needed education:

    Was Michael Jackson Framed?

    Unless and until Watkins can speak from a place of FULL information, he should frankly just shut up.

  47. sammie says:

    Michael Jackson NEVER had inappropriate behaviours with children, in NO way and in NO case, only in YOUR DEVIATED MINDS, so I just don’t see what he could have to do with this Jerry Sandusky. Plus Michael Jackson was found NOT GUILTY on all counts, it’s about time YOU accept it instead of trying continously to get attention by speaking bad about Michael Jackson. Shame on YOU.

  48. Liam says:

    Except Jackson didn’t.

    No child was ever forced to sleep in Jackson’s bed; they asked to sleep in his room because they wanted to be around him. They’re parents always had to give permission, and many times the parents themselves would sleep in his room. Not because they intended to sleep together!

    This was confirmed in the trial in the testimonies of Macaulay Culkin, Brett Barnes, and Wade Robeson, and their parents and siblings. It should also be noted that Michael Jackson stopped letting kids and parents sleep in his bedroom after the 2005 trial, just as Mesereau pointed out while on the Jay Leno show a few days after the acquittal.

    In a video made before the 2005 trial, Gavin Arviso clearly said Jackson slept on the floor. The boys slept in the bed. However, by the time Larry Feldman, Thomas Sneddon and co had coached the Arviso family (who coincidentally alleged sexual abuse against guards at a J C Penney store when they were legitimately picked up for shoplifing) changed not only their story but their timeline of the accusations.

    Time to stop trying Michael Jackson folks — the Sandusky case is not only utterly repellent — it is its own case and should be judged as such.

  49. Great blog article. The similarities between MJ and Sandusky are undeniable. I don’t care how much of a MJ fan you are, MJ had deep rooted emotional and sexual issues. You, the author, may get some backlash for your opinions but just know that most people are thinking what you’re brave enough to write.

  50. Jalen Turner says:

    Michael Jackson was not a child molester he was an innocent that cared for the world and fell victim to ohter peoples greed. Sandusky is the exact opposite of Michael and their name should not even be used in the same sentence!!!

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