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I Rather Be A Cat Than A Dog…

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( (This piece was written years ago, but it is just as true today as it was then, if not more so.)

…. Yo, Dog, like I was saying-

You talking to me?

…. Who else?

Go ‘head.

….. Yeah, so like I was saying, Dog-

You can’t be talking to me. I know you not talking to me.

…. Lilke what’s up, Dog?

What do you mean, “Dog?”

….. Aww, man, come on. That’s like, “Bro.” It’s just a term to show that you my friend.

Are you joking?

….. What? You never heard “Dog“before? It’s just a phrase. I know a lot of the Old Skool guys don’t like it, but-

You see all this gray in my head?

….. But I thought you was with it?

I’m with it, but not with that.

….. Aw, come on, man! It’s the same thing like calling each other “Cat!”

I rather be a cat than a dog!

….. Styles change. Styles change. That’s all.

Yeah, and a dog is man’s best friend. But I am not not your friend, if you call me “Dog!”

…… Okay, okay, okay. Don’t go getting offended now.

It’s just like the “N” word.

….. Oh, come on, man, come on! When we call each other nigger— Hold up! Hold up! Come back. Wait! (Runs after him.) Wait!

Look, if we gonna have a conversation, don’t be calling me out of my name, now!

….. Okay, “Mr. Brown!”

Brown” is good enough. Or Brother, or bro, or whatever, but not no dogl!

…… But I thought you was with it?

I know the styles, but I don’t buy into them, at least not all of them. First time I heard about, “Dog” Was Snoop Doggy Dog. The man calls himself, “Dog?” Even had a video in which he turns into a damn dog! Next thing I know y’all walking around calling yourselves dogs. Are you crazy?

…… It means we buddies. We run together. Haven’t you ever heard of the frat brothers the “Q dogs?”

Yeah. I heard of them. But when I went to college, back in the day, the frats were not into that foolishness. Back then we had the movement. I don’t know what this world is coming to! They have a song out now… How’s it go?

….. Who let the dogs out?

Yeah, “Who let the dogs out?” and then you have some brothers barking in the background. You know what you do with a dog, don’t you? You beat his ass! How can you expect to get respect from the police, from anyone in this society, if you call yourself a dog? Sound and act like one too?

….. Yo, Pops, come on.

Yeah, call me old-fashioned, old school, pops, whatever. But not no dog! Come to think of it, it’s only logical. If you call your women “b” then you must be a dog, since that’s your mate!

….. Ah you want to get all high saddidy on me. I’m just keeping it real, jus’ keepin’ it real!

Keepin’ it real stupid, if you ask me.

….. Look, I tell you what. Let’s talk about something else, a’right?

Yeah, let’s. (They shake hands.)

….. So, like I was saying D-, I mean, Bro, Bro, Bro’man…


Staff Writer; Arthur Lewin

This talented writer has also self published a book which is entitled; Africa Is Not A Country: It’s A Continent



3 Responses to “I Rather Be A Cat Than A Dog…”
  1. Arthur Lewin says:

    El Stranjah Knight, thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my article. Though I do not agree with your opinion, I certainly respect it and the manner in which you express yourself.

  2. James says:

    An article about absolutely nothing. Frankly, it is an honor to referred to as Dog. Dogs hang in packs and dogs are some of the most loyal of all animals. Dogs are even noble, they never bite the hand that feeds unlike a whole lot of so-called “bros.”

  3. El Stranjah Knight says:

    The reason i call me ‘dog’ is cuz,dog is my animal totem . Plus,dog symbolises loyalty,and guidance. Which is why we call him ‘mans best friend’.you’d see police using dogs when on search,moreso we keep dogs in our home to protect us. So i see no wrong in a brother calling me ‘dog’,as well as my calling a brother same.

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