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Obama blasted for assassination of U.S. Citizens…

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( President Obama rode into office on a wave of support for his “Hope & Change” message during his historic campaign. A campaign that we saw inspired heavy voter turn out within the Black community in efforts to support a modern black president. This high level of black voter participation had arguably not been seen since the historic Civil Rights Era and voter registration drives of the sixties. Unfortunately, not much change has occurred on a number of key policy issues within the Obama administration from those of his predecessor. Right now, President Obama is on blast as they say because of not only continuing some of the domestic and foreign policies of the preceding Bush/Cheney regime but if you ask civil libertarians, the Obama administration has surpassed the Bush administration in violating the civil liberties of US citizens. The Obama administration recently openly announced and carried out the assassination of UScitizen Anwar al-Awlaki.

While the Bush/Cheney regime was so bold and had such contempt for the US Constitution that it openly admitted it tortured U.S. citizens under code words like “enhanced interrogations”, they never publically admitted to targeting US citizens for assassination. Many of the Bush/Cheney victims were kidnapped aboard and transferred to CIA black sites that Obama vowed he would close, or they ended up at Guantanamo Bay but to our knowledge, US citizens were never assassinated. Tortured to death yes and possibly executed while in custody, but nothing as blatant as a public assassination. The Obama administration has offered no legal authorization or justification for the assassination only that it colluded with US Justice Department lawyers in the assassination of a US citizen.

In referencing the CIA drone attack in Yemen that killed US citizens Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan, US President Barack Obama said, “This is further proof that al-Qaeda and its affiliates will find no safe haven anywhere in the world.”

Awlaki, who was born in New Mexico, was officially targeted by the Obama administration although he had not been charged with any crime, so of course he was never tried and convicted of the widely circulated allegations by US media. What’s particularly striking in this case is not that a US citizen was assassinated but that the US government actually announced the decision to kill an American citizen in a press conference that generated little media buzz at the time.

Samir Khan, the other US citizen killed in the attack, is from North Carolina and had not been previously named as a target by the Obama administration or the Justice Department. The two men were travelling by convoy down a Yemeni highway when their convoy was hit by at least one CIA drone that carry up to two Hell fire missiles. Both men allegedly were a big part of Al Qaeda’s media operations used to recruit sympathizers and issue calls to jihad through the Internet.

The assassination of US citizens could have the potential to derail the Obama presidency or at least become the subject of impeachment hearings. The Republicans went after President Clinton in impeachment trials related to statements he gave under oath about an alleged affair he denied which became known as the Monica Lewinsky scandal. President Obama stands accused of violating his oath to obey and defend the US constitution. This scenario is unlikely to happen considering most members of Congress , especially the house, belong to a far right cabal which has a base that supported the Bush administration’s treatment of US citizens and that same base is likely to support Obama on this issue even if they strongly oppose him on every other.

While the Democrats made a considerable racket about these abuses and rode a wave of public anger to control both houses of Congress, little if anything was done to address previous abuses by the previous administration and Senate majority leader Harry Reid (D) has been quiet about the Obama directed assassination of a US citizen. House minority leader Nancy Pelosi (D) has been silent about it as well.

However, only one of the Republican presidential hopefuls seems to have a problem with the President targeting and killing citizens without charge or trial. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas publicly come out against the Awlaki assassination citing rights afforded to American citizens.

Ron Paul penned an op-ed piece in which he wrote, “Awlaki was a U.S. citizen. Under our Constitution, American citizens, even those living abroad, must be charged with a crime before being sentenced. As President, I would have arrested Awlaki, brought him to the U.S., tried him and pushed for the stiffest punishment allowed by law. Treason has historically been judged to be the worst of crimes, deserving of the harshest sentencing. But what I would not do as President is what Obama has done and continues to do in spectacular fashion: circumvent the rule of law.”

GOP hopeful Herman Cain was against the Awlaki assassination before he was for it.

Herman Cain, who has in the past expressed support for the so-called “War on Terrorism”, and recently said African Americans are over “this first black president thing”, was asked after a Fox News debate in May, if Awlaki should have been assassinated by the Obama administration. Cain responded, “No, because he is an American citizen”. After it became public information that the Obama administration had taken out Awlaki, right wing blog Hot Air reported that during a Tea Party convention, Herman Cain “Cain told the crowd that he fully supported Barack Obama’s decision to strike Anwar al-Awlaki.”

It should not be lost on the black community that all of the extrajudicial killings and people detained at Guantanamo Bayhave been non-white people. Whether the black community sees itself as a victim or target of these policies in Washington, DC or not, these type of targeted killings have a long history and have had a huge impact on black global leadership.

Alleged FBI and CIA involvement in the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, both US citizens, has been long been openly debated and written about in the black community and liberal progressive circles. Both men, leaders of the Civil Rights movements and Human Rights movement respectively, used mass media communications to blast US government policies both domestically and abroad. King was assassinated shortly after he publicly began speaking out against the Vietnam War. Malcolm X, while not really interested in the integration issues being championed by King, he too spoke out against the Vietnam War and was a global activist during a time when the CIA was widely targeting and conspiring to kill African leaders considered “leftist” or those who fought against colonialism in Africa like Patrice Lumumba.

Allegations surrounding the US government’s targeting of black political and religious leaders did not just include Dr. King and Malcolm X. As the title suggests, “The FBI War on Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders: U.S. Intelligence’s Murderous Targeting of Tupac, MLK, Malcolm, Panthers, Hendrix, Marley, Rappers and Linked Ethnic Leftists”, shows how broadly this policy has been implemented in the past. The book is filled with documentation meticulously put together by author John Potash that show a pattern of abuses and state sanctioned murders of US citizens. The documentation according to some proves various state and local law enforcement departments along with US intelligence agencies were engaged in an illegal war against those deemed by the government and media corporations as ideological enemies of the state that at the time were mainly Black Nationalist and activists.

Fast-forward to 2011 and the United States under the helm of Barack Obama, a black president who on many occasion has publicly ranted about the civil rights abuses committed by the former regime. Barack Obama also pledged that the US would adhere to not only US laws but uphold its commitment to the Geneva Conventions treaty. This same Barack Obama is now openly engaged in a policy of assassinating US citizens. Excuses can be made for and are being made for Barack Obama when it comes to Guantanamo Baybecause Republicans blocked funding to move detainees to US prisons. Those detainees would then be tried in civil courts. Yet, how can Obama argue the administration has the right to target and kill aUScitizen who had not been charged with any crime?

From the death penalty to America’s so-called war on terror, there are those with such a blood lust for state sponsored killing in the name of justice that they put all our rights in jeopardy and subject us all to an Orwellian police state. The black community and especially those who continue to support the presidency of Barack Obama have some hard choices to make regarding their moral compass and the upcoming 2012 elections. They must decide whether they are fully committed to the fight against injustice and stand on principles rather than cherry picking which cases deserve their outrage. Do expect a number of black political commentators and activist to come out and support the President on this issue while at the same time hypocritically professing to support civil rights and liberties for all.

Staff Writer; Scotty Reid

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11 Responses to “Obama blasted for assassination of U.S. Citizens…”
  1. Greg says:

    At the time of writing this, this is what I have seen so far:

    1. Awlaki was never charged with anything so was innocent by our standards. Our view of him changes how people feel, but remove his link to AQ and people would be outraged based on the actual facts being presented. While he was likely guilty, we do not know for sure and definitely not convicted of any crimes.

    2. No proof has been offered to support his assassination

    3. He was still a citizen as he did not go through the process of removing his citizenship. Whether people want to justify revoking it and think otherwise is another matter.

    4. Awlaki did not commit treason. At most he committed sedition which is not a capital offense.

    5. We are not at war. We could have been by issuing letters of marque which can be used toward a person or group which has no country per se, but nobody is pushing for legal wars or anything else it seems anymore.

    6. There was no imminent threat to anyone and no attempt was made to bring him in. For all we know he could have been or still be a CIA plant as he was considered the poster boy for moderate Muslims after condemning the 9/11 attacks. It seems unlikely but that is the problem we are now facing, a man is dead and we have no proof of any wrongdoing in our justice system that would justify capital punishment.

  2. cornel says:

    Obama is a good man. Trying to please a bunch of ignorant Blacks, that, my friend, is the problem he has encountered.

  3. cornel says:

    Just think of what the criticism would have been had it came out that Obama had him cornered, and didn’t kill him. Obama is damned if he did, and damned if he don’t. Herman CainFish is leading a lot of the attacks on Obama. Uncle Remus Right Wing Negroes like CainFish are jealous of Obama, similar to Michael “I didn’t Steele” it.
    Right Wing Negroes hate Blacks, and desire to be White. They can get away with it nowadays because of the lack of forceful Blacks that appear on the cable television news. Blacks like Clarence Page and Eugene Robinson and the despicable Harold Ford Jr. have nothing really to say. And Page and Robinson are always grinning. Someone should put a watermelon in their mouths to go along with their grinning.
    However, I did see a remarkable young Black man on cable news recently named Ta Nehisi Coates. Is this kid sharp, or what!!!!! He is so articulate, and can explain the racism of someone like Herman CainFish so eloquently, even a GED graduate can understand what he is saying. I would love to see him debate Herman CainFish.

  4. pravin says:

    he “joined our enemies” is the constant refrain. here is my question for such commenters: against which country is the war being waged? i can understand about enemy combatants when there is a declaration of a war,death of enemy combatants is acceptable. but where is the declaration of war? neither obama nor bush even pretended that a war declaration is needed.
    a war on terror? gimme a difference than the war on drugs or the war on poverty -juvenile empty words.
    why not accept that awlaki hated american govt policies.clear and simple -he was not seen as a threat before 9/11.he even dined at the pentagon and probably acted as a’consultant’ or CIA asset.

  5. Tron_Carter says:

    You clowns should be embarrassed for your ignorance cloaked under black nationalism. This “American” had given up his rights to citizenship by training future terrorists on how to attack this country. I guess you clowns are upset that he had bin Laden killed too? I couldn’t care less if we violated Pakistan’s soverignty. If you’re giving “comfort to the enemy” you’ve committed treason and deserve death. I’m a black man and I’m hardly a conservative, but you’re the same type of black folks — like Farrakhan — that defended the supposed peaceful Gadaffi who blew up the Pan Am jet and abused his own people. Nevermind that Gadaffi was the Nation of Islam’s biggest foreign benefactor. You ramble as if you’re independent, but you’re just a different type of sheep. Just like the rest. Obama has killed more jihadist Muslims in one term than Bush did in two terms. and I hope he keeps killing em. You can go pray for the heathens and fight for their rights like the imbeciles you are

  6. SGD says:

    @Inez, if he was so akin to MLK then what was his message? What was he passionate about? Civil rights? Peace? I think we should know that very clearly before we make that comparison.

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  7. akorage says:

    @Inez This is not a civilian court where you argue cases. This is a “hit-n-run” guerilla fighting group that have killed many Americans. Simple association makes anyone dangerous. Yes guilty by association is my verdict. Hellfire is what they get and waht they should be be getting until they quit the BS. Start using your head and maybe we can get these guys to start using theirs also.

  8. akorage says:

    The worst type of ignorance is the written one. Assasination? I don’t think killing anyone or thing trying to kill you is classified as assasination. Last time I checked that is “Self Defense” . For your information, since you don’t seem to understand, it is your unailenable duty to protect the life you have been given. Any other person or spiece does exactly that. So quit coming across as very uninformed about the situation. You can spin it to suit your purpose but this one is sounding very ignorant.

  9. Inez says:

    @ SGD, the Obama administration offered absolutely no proof that Awlaki had any dealings with Al-CIA-Da. The only proof they offered was that he preached to Syrians that they have the right to resist US brutality.

    As far as I can tell, based on what little information the Obama administration is willing to share, Obama just assassinated the Muslim version of Martin Luther King.

  10. SGD says:

    What is ironic is that the same pundits, politicians, etc. that were ALL FOR war against Iraq (who did not attack the US), a war that killed hundreds of thousands, are suddenly standing on some sort of moral ground. You make good points in this article that should be considered, as far as due process for American citizens. However, if a US Citizen has taken up his arms to stand with the enemy (treasons), he should be treated as such. These U.S. Citizens were treasonous and in bed with our #1 enemy, Al Queda, which sets them well apart from MLK, Malcolm X, and Tupac in every way. President Obama can go down in the history books as bringing thousands of US troops home in body bags in a faulty fight against terorrism (eg. Bush), or he can snipe two US Citizens out who are working with the terrorist. I stand with the president.

    A thought provoking article.

  11. Inez says:

    Obama turned out to be a snake.

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