Brad Washington; Kid Cudi, Drake Dive into their fans hearts.

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( Since 2009, Kid Cudi and Drake have been prevalent in the hip hop scene and adored by many fans. Drake is quite known for his emotional themed raps that deal with women, love, and fame. Cudi’s music draws from the emotional effects of tragedy of his younger days, loneliness, and the fact that he was always seen as different. With the combination of the two artist’s styles and themes, many have criticized the both of rapping about the same stuff/being unoriginal and even being overrated in Drake’s case. While it’s seen by many that Drake and Kid Cudi are NOT the best rappers, their music draws in their fans. Being that that their fans not only relate to  them through their own experiences and understand the two, Kid Cudi and Drake are not only one of raps most popular artists but they are the most understandable.
I have three good female friends that are probably the biggest Drake fans I know. On a constant basis, they are ridiculed for their love of him. From “he’s overrated” to “he’s soft”. But they always point out, it’s not the lyrical presence that Drizzy presents on the mic that lures them in, it’s the meanings behind his words, his content, his stories, and his emotion that draws them. Kid Cudi fans are far and wide, my cousin, the same with my Drake friends, love Cudi. Yes, he sings. Yes, his music can be seen as a little strange. Yes because of his (former) drug habit he can be seen as strange, but his passion and the story he spills to us all in his music is what brings her and millions of his fans closer to him. I’ve never seen more fans dedicated to the two because of their stories. Songs like “The Calm” “The Resistance” “Cece’s Interlude” and “Marvin’s Room” are many of the songs Drake has penned that could be relatable in some shape of form to his average listener.

For Kid Cudi, songs like “My World” “Soundtrack 2 my life” “Man on the Moon” “Marijuana” and “I know why” are introspective lyrics on his life presently and in the past. Lines like “They can’t comprehend/or even come close to understanding him I guess if I was boring they would love me more/I guess If I was simple in the mind everything would be fine” from Man on The Moon, shows how because he is different many music lovers don’t get down with him like that. Another line this time from the song “Soundtrack to my Life” preludes the explanation of being a loner while dealing with his fathers death “She copped the toys I would play in my room by myself/ (Why he by himself?) He got two older brothers one hood one good/ an independent older sister got me fly when she could/ But they all couldn’t see, the little bit of sadness in me.” Many fans of Cudi can relate to him because of his experiences, his loner attitude. The same with Drake, his fans understand him and his struggles when many do not.
So sometimes we don’t need a Kanye, or a Jay-Z, or even a Nas that can take us away with their wordplay. Maybe a Tupac, who in my opinion isn’t one of my favorite MC’s ever, to be the voice that many people want to obtain but can’t. To speak their feelings, and let their fans know that they are not alone in this world. Kid Cudi and Drake are those artists in hip hop now. Their content will only get better, as well as their connections to their fans and they will watch as their fans will continue to get to know the real them.

Staff Writer; Brad Washington
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