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Lil Wayne disses Jay-Z on the song “Its Good” from Tha Carter 4.

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( Lil’ Wayne is prepping the release of his 9th studio album titled Tha Carter 4 next Tuesday, and recently leaked song titled Its Good featuring fellow Young Money artist and frequent collaborator Drake and rapper Jadakiss, has made its buzz around the internet today. It’s Wayne’s response to Jay semi going at him and Young Money referring to them as “Baby Money” on the track “H.A.M”  Wayne takes his turn by responding: “Talking’ ‘bout baby money, I gotcha baby money. Kidnap your b***h get that  how much you love your lady money. I know you fake, n**a. Press your brakes, n***a. I’ll take you out, that’s a date, n***a.

Now, with Jay-Z being attacked the second time in recent weeks first by rapper Game and now Wayne, is all of this for publicity for their albums sakes? Game just released his first album titled The R.E.D. Album since 2008’s L.A.X without a successful lead single. Wayne on the other hand, isn’t having the same amount of hype that he did with 2008’s as well, Tha Carter 3, but still has two top 10 hits. With the buzz not there, it seems a must to take shots a Jigga?

Shawn Carter himself once said “It’s like when n****s make subliminal records
If it ain’t directed directly at me, I don’t respect it” So a diss towards Wayne perhaps won’t happen. But it seems that artists like to create a lot of unnecessary hype to promote their albums to generate more fanfare. Seems like a wack move, but it’s been going on for years, seemingly working to the best for 50 cent in 2003 and Lil’ Kim in 2010. Rappers know that fans love drama and have to do it for marketing, like Kanye and 50 in ’07.

So let’s see if the dissing tactic works for Wayne and Game. Again, both aren’t the same artists that they were in their heyday. And it seems attacking, still one of music’s most popular artists in Jay-Z, will give more interest and perhaps boost album sales. It isn’t the best look, but that’s how the game works today.

Staff Writer; Brad Washington
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25 Responses to “Lil Wayne disses Jay-Z on the song “Its Good” from Tha Carter 4.”
  1. The REAL Black Man says:

    I find it quite interesting people call Jay the “illuminati” and the “devil”, but in the same breath big up Wayne….and he says, “Weezy F ya revernd…preach about ME, Im the god” or when he says (IN ALLLLLLLLLLL of his songs) “pussy” this “i eat pussy..pussy, pusssy pussy” “weeed…weed.weed” “Im a blood” “Im a gangbanger” “stick my dick in ya sister” etc all types of horrindous ish……..and walking around with baby mommas…gettting chicks pregnant at the same time (obviously just fornicating…AND with no rubbers), ….I mean the list goes on…..but Jay-Z is the devil?? So what does that make Wayne?? “Hay-Zeus”????? Y’all are all clowns

  2. bro says:

    Wayne and red taking shots at the illuminati. Listen to the carter iv its obvious.. And even if it’s not big Jayz is illuminati. With all his new world shit and clothes and his album called “the blueprint” its right in front of us. Keep supporting people like wayne who fightin it.

  3. Hip-hop head says:

    what a publicity stunt. stop trying to boost your wack album sales. Jay-Z is a veteran who has proven he can stand the test of time. none of you or your wack label’s albums are touching “The Blueprint”

  4. brother/brother says:

    i noticed all the females on here are like “F*CK jayz ,ymcmb” but anyway i like both wayne & jay-z so i cant really pick any sides, but i will say,Im 28 yrs old, and i been rocking with jay since 94′ so i would give him the edge but its all hip hop so…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wayne wack as hell, that nigga aint bout it he been ridin baby dick since he was 11. he cant even go back to the hood he claim cause a lot of them niggas will put a bullet in his head unless he puttin money in they pockets

  6. charles says:

    Young money might be hotter, jay the greatest , jay is Wayne idol…..everybody now that, ur want to be jay….remember , check show me what you got freestyle, calling jay Michael Jordan Wayne stay off that nigga Dick and stop trying go at your idol….so like I said these is facts….Wayne just want hype, jay still going platinum niggas….second to Beatles, that nigga ain’t a rapped he is god to Wayne….Wayne called that nigga god…… check that mtv interview with sway about that ham diss….

  7. trina says:

    I fucking love Wayne!!! “Ymcmb, we’re rich forever!!!” Plus Jay-z is with the illuminati, devil!!!

  8. Ray says:

    James, you are INCORRECT Birdman started all of this.

    Birdman started talkin ish about how wayne got more money which is false

  9. Staff says:

    All good brother, as I see you in the rap game also…

    To all thy visitors feel free to visit “Cleve” Myspace page; (—— While there, click on the links to listen to his music… ( aka… Rap Joints )


  10. cleve says:

    I know that but he’s still young. He maybe 2 years away from 30 but he’s not 30 -smile

  11. Staff says:

    You do know Lil Wayne is 28, and just 2 years from 30… All the top rappers are 30 plus easily… Do remember that… Can’t stay young forever… -Smile-


  12. cleve says:

    Well i think wayne has a valid reason for the diss and jay z is a subliminal shot taker. He says he doesn’t respond to disses if they aren’t directly at him. Makes no sense because he doesn’t even take direct shots wtf c’mon now. Dis niggah like 40 years old still rappin put down dat dusty mic and move out da way for da new generation of rappers. Take some time out and give back to yuh community for once ymcmb he not messin wit wayne da diss was hard by the way and he most likely guna come back wit a subliminal pie ass diss anyway

  13. charles says:

    That diss was wack….and for the record baby was talking about Wayne better because he got more money than jay…which is totally false….jay stated facts…Wayne talkin unrealistic bullshit….that nigga know he ain’t about gunplay so stop it dwayne…this ain’t baller blocking…Lmfao….jay spit facts Wayne spit fake shit…..jay merks him in a battle

  14. Brad Washington says:

    If anyone has any questions or want to “cuss me out” or show their “standom” of lil wayne, get at me on twitter @theGURO15 or ask someone who works for the site my email to ramble at me there..peace! (—- Staff Writer Brad Washington

  15. actually says:

    Ok first off Jay didn’t start anything, Baby started it first. He said he had more money than Jay and wanted to compare bank accounts which is stupid because Jay has WAY MORE money, but that’s irrelevant. Jay responded in Ham with his Baby money line. Now Wayne, in order to stand up for his daddy, shot back at Jay (again) Jay doesn’t have to say a thing now because this just makes Wayne look desperate. Which he is. C4 is an average album nothing special. Oh and how is Wayne “killing” the rap game? Have you heard how to love? Lmao it may be a top 10 hit but Wayne hasn’t done anything significant for hiphop in quite some time.

  16. Staff says:

    I have edited a few posts… No N-words here please…


  17. Us says:

    Lil Wayne hasn’t lost any “buzz” – once you start collab’n with west you know you’re desperate

  18. Vee says:

    Fuck Jay-Z that bro make bad music. It YMCMB all day baby.

  19. Corey says:

    F Jay-Z. He’s not making real hits anymore. Idk what you’re talking about saying that Wayne doesn’t have the same buzz. He’s got the rap game on lock right now. Seriously.

  20. russpar says:

    You got it right, all of them need running the PR Game. Ain’t no records selling! But great hype!

  21. Jreed says:

    Fuck wat u peeps talkin bout, Wayne killed dat bro. Tell jigga to keep his mouth closed when it comes to young money (the hottest fuckin label in da game right now). Why you think he didnt respond when jay came at him, like he told mtv (imma play off of it), as he did, and killed dat bro. “Kidnap yo bitch, and get that, how much you love yo lady money”. haaaa, ymcmb for life

  22. Luch says:

    don’t forget about the line he drops in “it’s good” @2:34

    “2 glock 40’s, nigg* you got 80 problems.”

  23. Alysha says:

    I love Wayne, so what he dissed Jayz, is Jayz supposed to be God, no i didnt think so, dont forget Jayz is the king of subliminal disses

  24. HipHopKing says:

    You don’t believe this is a PR Stunt James? The hype around Lil Wayne is no more, and the album shall be released soon. That goes for the Skateboard incident recently also.

  25. James says:

    Why are you chastising Wayne for taking a shot back at Jay-Z when Jay started this in the first place?

    If someone disrespected you, or your family, or your closest friends, would you be passive and allow the disrespect to continue? Or would you try to stop it?

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