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( As a newly minted super rights activist ( among endless other things ) I think we have a God ( or Intelligent Design ) given right to become MORE than what resumes or low expectations dictate.
Constitutional scholars and mystics may argue whether there is an inherent right to be ” super ” but that’s what I’m strongly suggesting.
Super rights are promoted from sources as divergent as ecstatic religion and sober secularism.
From holy books; philosophy, psychology and every field there’s a clarion call to be super stated in various ways.
American comic book and pulp novel fiction recently joined these sources inspiring us to be more.  They even popularized the term ” super ” and  mainstreamed the concept in sensationalized fashion.
Anyone accomplishing something to an accompaniment of nay sayers performs a super rights act.
Super rights are the hidden subtext underwriting every great social movement against limitation and prejudice.
Overcoming all the negative ” isms ” ( Racism; sexism; homophobia; Islamo-phobia, xenophobia, etc. ) is classic super rights activism in action.
Names like Ghandi; King; Malcolm X; Paul Robeson; Howard Thurman; Theodore Roosevelt; Frederick Neitzsche; Abraham Maslow; Deepak Chopra, Adeeb Shabazz and numerous others are diverse proponents of what I call super rights.  

Without some inner drive to exceed where else does great achievement spring?
Human beings may be beaten down or conned into performing beneath their potential but the drive toward super rights is an unbreakable part of us.
More importantly everyone defines what his/her expressed super right will be.
For some it’s joining what the media calls the real life superhero ( RLSH ) Movement. Others choose a desired profession. Some opt to attempt a long dreamed feat. 
Super rights have as many applications as there are minds to envision them.
Celebrities clearly made this choice as have exceptional folks not in the public eye.
My question to you is simple: have you decided to exercise your super rights today?
The right to be super is one well worth life long study and effort. So much internal insecurity and suffering can be alleviated once people use this very unconventional human right.
Super rights activism is at the heart of any movement for freedom and justice.
What are we waiting for?!!!!!!!!

Written By Nadra Enzi

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