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” Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel ” warns Samuel Johnson from the past.
While I have healthy civic duty, I always draw the line at calling myself a patriot.  It’s too easy to slap on the label and strut around. Variously, Klansmen; crooked politicians from both parties and cowardly arm chair generals call themselves the same.
Every man, woman and child who opposed tyranny on these shores are patriots, no matter their differences. The 1960s civil rights workers in my opinion are patriots. Anyone who volunteered for military service has a Enzi100rightful claim on the title. Government whistlebloweres deserve this label for exposing official wrong doing. Citizens risking life and limb to save others from crime; hunger and catastrophe are patriotic. Partisan blowhards and broadcast bullies aren’t patriots in my opinion. They throw rea meat to the public and hide their hands when  tempers boil over nationally.
Liberals who spend other people’s money with abandon fall short of the title. The same holds true for conservatives anxious to ram new fines down unwilling throats on in the name of upholding selectively defined law and order.
Patriotism is more action than name tag. Good parenting is patriotic. Opposing religious discrimination is very patriotic. Fighting official corruption and police brutality are highly patriotic acts. Being yes men and women marching like lemmings behind the status quo aren’t patriots- they’re pawns.
If patriotism means simply wearing a flag in your lapel then entry requirements are too low! Regardless of your politics if the balance of your deeds support individual dignity and contribute to society’s safety and success you are a genuine patriot.
Beware people loudly proclaiming themselves patriots. They’re usually the first ones running toward the exit when trouble appears. They want others to do the heavy lifting while they avoid all the risks associated with maintaining liberty.
Am I a patriot? Depends on the definition. I don’t play the I’m=More-American-Than-You-Are game. The price for my citizenship was paid by folks who believed in America even when it didn’t believe in them. It’s subsequently re-paid by  good thoughts and deeds. I don’t need to call myself a patriot to feel good about myself.
Real patriots don’t have to tell anyone who they are.
Real patriots are too busy living up to their ideals to brag about it!


Written By Nadra Enzi

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