Real Life Superheroes Aren’t Always Costumed!?

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( Long before I thought real life superheroes ( RLSH ) could actually exist I contented myself in the exploits of exceptional people without fancy names or outfits.

My list of real life superheroes is always growing and accommodates diverse folks like Alexander Dumas; Toussaint L’Ouverture; Booker T. Washington; Frederick Douglas; Theodore ” Teddy ” Roosevelt; Douglas McArthur; the Tuskegee Airmen; George Patton; Harry Truman; Paul Robeson; Hosea Enzi100 Williams; Joseph Lowery; Medgar Evers; Noble Drew Ali; the Honorable Elijah Muhammad; Malcolm X; Muhammad Ali; John F. Kennedy; Robert Kennedy; Benjamin Hooks; Colin Powell; Clarence Thomas; Earl Winthorp De veaux ( maternal grandfather ); Gloria Evelyn Wilson DeVeaux ( maternal grandmother ); W.W. Law; Sam Jones; Adeeb Shabazz and others. They may not have the same politics but they inspire me nonetheless. Inspiration comes from many directions and I’m always on the lookout for it. The real world can drain the heart of wonder. It can be a depressing place made even more so by todays headlines. That’s where studying great lives famous and not-so-famous helps self-motivation keep going.

Wesley Autrey is one not-so-famous real life superhero who leapt onto a New York subway and shielded someone who’d fallen onto the tracks with his own body! As heroic as when service members throw themselves on enemy grenades to save their comrades-in-arms, I always reflect upon Autrey’s astonishing courage.

Google his name and give your spirits a much needed treat:

Someone like him and everyone mentioned boldly says just how great we can be. Wesley Autrey and the others remind the world real life superheroes aren’t always costumed!


Written By Nadra Enzi

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