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Saturday, September 21, 2019

What is Kanye West Doing Now.

September 19, 2019 by  
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Tweet (ThyBlackMan.com) I admit I don’t get to attend church as regularly as I’d like, and like most I’m not perfect. Everyone has a past they must face at some point and no one gets absolved from that reality. Granted Christianity is supposed to be about putting that past on the alter, receiving forgiveness, and moving forward with the past behind... [Read more...]

Rapper Rick Ross on Living the American Dream and Not Fearing Death.

September 17, 2019 by  
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Tweet (ThyBlackMan.com) One conversation with rapper Rick Ross will have you questioning the definitions of success, wealth and opportunity; how to identify opportunity, how to achieve success and how to maintain it while keeping your soul and bodily faculties intact. Ross, born William Leonard Roberts II, rose to prominence in 2006 with his breakout... [Read more...]

New Wave of Black Films; 2019 Toronto International Film Festival.

September 16, 2019 by  
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Tweet (ThyBlackMan.com) Nearly 500,000 film lovers flocked to the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival, screening hundreds of films from all over the world. Artistry and diversity, the hallmarks of TIFF, were on view. Black artists, filmmakers and films were a key part of the mix. Big budget movies, small indie films, documentaries and shorts filled... [Read more...]

A War of the McKnights.

August 27, 2019 by  
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Tweet (ThyBlackMan.com) In a previous article, I quoted a statuette in my house that reads “Any man can be a father but it takes a special man to be a dad.” I maintain this to be true and to be something that needs a definite distinction. Folks use the term “baby daddy” when the dude might just be a father and does nothing a dad will do. Some... [Read more...]

We Don’t Need More Entertainment.

August 20, 2019 by  
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Tweet (ThyBlackMan.com) We live in a stressful society. Every time we look up something tragic is happening in the news. Our government has turned into one big reality tv show, and it’s a disgrace in the likes of which many of thought we’d never see. There is craziness on the job. Some people are fighting to get a job. Everyone has bills they must... [Read more...]

Afropunk’s Lost It’s Magic With Me.

August 8, 2019 by  
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Tweet (ThyBlackMan.com) Last month I went into the whole ticket situation with the Afrofuture Music Festival. If you forgot, festival organizers doubled the price of tickets for anyone who wasn’t a person of color. Now, apparently there were some who had no problem with it and bought the higher priced tickets. You know, supporting Afrofuture. However,... [Read more...]

Movie Review; Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw.

August 7, 2019 by  
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Tweet (ThyBlackMan.com) So, what’s the big difference between the normal Fast & Furious franchise movies and this new spin-off? Well, when Hobbs & Shaw digs into the old F&F trick bag, it’s as good as the real thing. When it reverts to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s brand of far-fetched action movies (Skyscraper), it’s an... [Read more...]

The Best Black British Programming on TV in UK.

August 6, 2019 by  
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Tweet (ThyBlackMan.com) If you are on the hunt for some good black British tv shows right now then you are definitely in luck. Thanks to the Internet, it is easier than ever to log on and find something amazing to watch. Whereas you used to have to hunt for something good, more and more dramas and comedies are being penned and brought to the screen... [Read more...]

Podcast Cheat Guide – Start Your Podcast Today.

August 4, 2019 by  
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Tweet (ThyBlackMan.com) So you want to start your own podcast but it seems like a lot of work or it seems difficult to actually do. Well, you would be partially correct. A lot of work goes into a podcast. You have to do research for topics, do a script so that you know what you will cover, what will be covered next, and even how much time should be... [Read more...]

Cord Cutting Statistics That Prove the Power of Streaming.

August 4, 2019 by  
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Tweet (ThyBlackMan.com) Consumers are cutting the cord, revealing a massive shift to streaming. These jaw-dropping cord cutting statistics prove that streaming isn’t going anywhere. While more people are looking at screens and watching video content than ever before, the cable industry itself is very much on the way out. With free entertainment... [Read more...]

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