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Donald Trump After Election.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) I hate to celebrate another person’s misfortune. That kind of pettiness is totally classless. But watching Donald Trump having to agonize through his loss to Joe Biden is making me want to dance in the street. Trump thinks he’s striking a blow against Joe Biden by refusing to concede and failing to cooperate with a smooth transition, but what he’s actually doing is making a fool of himself and clearly demonstrating just how rudderless this nation has been for the past four years. Donald Trump and his Republican cohorts are making it clear just how grossly lacking they are in the simple maturity required of world leaders. They’re making it abundantly clear that they have much more in common with kids playing in a sandbox than anything even close to responsible statesmen. 


Donald Trump is surely got to be one of the most flawed, incompetent, and selfishly disgusting people in America, and I’m not just saying that due to my personal antipathy toward him – which, admittedly, I’m literally drenched in.
If we go back over his behavior for the past four years and take into account the many comments made about his character by a multitude of behavioral scientists, people who worked closely with him, and even members of his own family, the fact that he’s a seriously flawed individual can be fully documented. Thus, his becoming president was less an accomplishment on his part than it was a form of punishment by God to ensure his complete humiliation. After all, he didn’t actually win the presidency in 2016, Hillary Clinton lost it, Trump just happened to be standing in the wings at the time. He could have just as easily been Mr. Magoo – and if the American people could have seen a mere 30 days into the future, Mr. Magoo would have won. 

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Trump is the very worst example of a leader that even the most irresponsible American could have ever conjured up. He’s the very antithesis of everything that represents leadership.  He’s ignorant, immature, incompetent, and one of the most self-serving and petty individuals in America. He fully encompasses all of the flaws that any effective leader should be completely devoid of. 
The fact is, most people would be hard-pressed to come up with anyone else they can think of who is as completely flawed as Donald Trump. He’s one of those few people in the world without any redeeming value – but don’t just take me at my word for it, try to think of anything good you can say about Trump, other than he’s been unceremoniously thrown out of office. I don’t think his wife even likes him, and there’s a perfectly understandable reason for that. 
Donald Trump has never had to truly earn anything in his life. His father, Fred Trump, started him off in life by giving him $400 million.  As a result, Donald never had to develop the character and intellect that most of us are required to develop to simply survive in the world. Whenever he needed anything – a friend, an ally, a diploma, or anything else he’s required in life – he simply bought it. A perfect example of that was attested to by his older sister, former federal judge, Maryanne Trump Barry. She pointed out that when Donald decided to enroll into the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, he simply paid someone to take the SAT exam for him, and she did much of his homework. 


So, again, Donald has never had to develop any of the character or intellect necessary for the average person to survive in the world, and as a result, what we’re left with today is a geriatric individual with the intellectual maturity of an underdeveloped eight-year-old – and I’m not being the least bit facetious in that assessment. 
Take his childish propensity for calling people out of their names, for example. Instead of carrying himself like a serious adult and addressing people by their names or titles, he refers to people like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as “Nervous Nancy”, and President-Elect Joe Biden as “Sleepy Joe”. That’s the kind of silly behavior one expects from a child, not the President of the United States, but Trump sees it as perfectly acceptable, even witty. And now that he’s lost the election, instead of accepting his loss and conceding with a little class and dignity, he’s stomping his feet, throwing a tantrum, and accusing the Democrats of fraud, even though he doesn’t have one shred of evidence to back up his claim. That’s not the behavior of a mature adult; that’s the behavior of an underdeveloped child. 


That brings us to another one of his serious flaws. Donald Trump is completely delusional. All through life Trump’s had to convince himself that people hated him because he’s so brilliantly special that the average person is incapable of understanding him. He had to indulge in that delusion just to maintain his self-esteem. That’s why he’s always bragging and promoting himself, because for Donald Trump, the only thing important in life is trying to get the world to embrace his delusional vision of himself, or who he’d like to be – and he’ll always nurture and protect that delusion, even if he has to bring down America (or the entire world) to do it. 


Trump’s fully aware of the impact that the retarded development of his youth has had on his intellectual acuity, so he’s had to manufacture his own reality. He’s created a world in which selfishness, corruption, and ignorance is a simple way of life. He’s had to create such a world for himself just to maintain his sense of self-esteem. He’s been forced to completely revise reality to create a world where being tough, macho, and “a winner”, takes precedence over knowledge, character, and intelligence. That’s why he hates Barack Obama so intensely. Obama’s excellence is a threat to his delusion – and the fact that Barack is a Black man makes the assault on Donald’s self-esteem even more intense. Barack Obama represents everything Donald Trump has ever wanted to be. Barack is how Donald Trump sees himself in his fantasies, and the fact that he can’t live up to that fantasy is killing him.
Thus, due to Trump’s gross insecurity and his pathological fixation on his own self-interest, his one and only interest is in the power and prestige of being President of the United States. He has absolutely no interest in either governing, or what’s in the best interest of the American people.  Clear evidence of that is he’s completely fixated on his claim that he’s being cheated out of the presidency through election fraud, and he has filed numerous court cases to reverse the results of the election, in spite of the fact that the Covid pandemic (the nation’s most serious crisis since WWII) is spreading completely out of control throughout America. Yet, in spite of the deadly threat that the Covid pandemic poses to the American people – over 144,000 newly diagnosed and 1,500 Americans died just today – Donald Trump hasn’t held, or even attended. one meeting to address the issue in months. He’s completely consumed by his own interests. After all, what’s the death of a few thousand Americans compared to his loss of stature? He’s so peeved over our unmitigated insolence that he’s refused to speak to us for over a week.


You see, for Donnie, life is about Donald Trump. He’s what’s important, and everything else in life (including the lives of our children) is unimportant. In his self-serving world the American people constitute less than an afterthought. 

So, as I sit here watching the news and listening to Donald Stomp his feet, refuse to concede, and insist that he’s being cheated out of the presidency, I’m reveling in every second of it.  I know it’s not a classy thing to do, but what the hell? I’d be the ultimate hypocrite to try to pretend that watching an asshole like Trump go down in the flames of public humiliation to be anything short of orgasmic.

Staff Writer; Eric L. Wattree

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