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Organizing and Cleaning Hacks for Messy People.

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( It is always easier to create a mess than to clean up. Whether you are living alone in a small apartment or with kids at your humble home, the mess will make you stressed. We may not be aware of it but clutter creates a big impact on our mood and self-esteem. Contrary to this, a clean and mess-free home promotes tranquility and peace, not to mention the reduction of dust and allergens that could affect your health as well.

If you consider yourself a messy person and want to get organized with less hassle, here are some cleaning hacks for you:

  1. Make your bed upon waking up

This is a simple but most neglected task all the time, especially if we woke up later than expected. Simply making your bed every morning will actually give you a sense of accomplishment and will inspire you to get organized throughout the day. Apart from that, it will help you get productive and work on other things.

  1. Store things after every use

Create a place for every item in your home. Have an organizer and divide things by category. If an item is used occasionally, such as seasonal clothing, have it stored somewhere else so that it won’t get mixed up with the clothes you usually wear. Once you’re finished with the laundry, fold your clothes right away. And don’t let your dishes take days before you clean them. 

  1. Try to embrace minimalism

Minimalism is a lifestyle that is being loved by a lot of people nowadays. Many have proven this to reduce stress and give peace. Try to think about the purpose before purchasing a new item. Is it really a necessity? Does it give an added value to your home? If you have a bunch of clothes that you never wear, you can donate or even make extra money by selling it online. 

  1. Go paperless

With the continuous advancement of technology, there’s a lot of convenient ways to go paperless. You may cancel your subscription on printed magazines and opt for a digital copy instead. Start purging unnecessary documents and pay bills online. If you love scrapbooking, try virtual scrapbooking. For photos, you can upload it on Google drive or cloud storage instead of piling up a bunch of printed pictures. 

  1. Turn the music on while you clean

To make it less tiring, entertain yourself by turning the music on while cleaning. Create a cleaning playlist that will help you get moving. Play it with speakers on and sing along with it. Also, take it as an opportunity to move your body and exercise. 

  1. Do one chore at a time

Unless you’ll be cleaning with your family, cleaning the whole house alone will make you feel overwhelmed. Don’t try to finish cleaning everything in one day. Do your laundry today, then work on folding clothes tomorrow. Break down the chores and focus on finishing one task. If you have extra time, you can proceed to do other tasks. By the end of the day, reward yourself with a warm bath and a relaxing cup of tea. 

Staff Writer; Ellie Carter

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