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Informed Blacks are an Existential Threat to Radical Liberalism.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) My readers know that one of my biggest criticism of the Republican Party and the conservative movement is the lack of an effective communications strategy targeting the Black community.

Countries have gone to war because of a lack of effective communications; politics is nothing more than verbal warfare.

I had the opportunity to express this concern to President Trump last Wednesday.  The president agreed that effective communications with the Black community was an issue and I agreed to work with the administration to clear up this issue.

This president does have a decent story to tell relative to the Black community; it simply needs to be told more effectively.

The first step is to identify “credible” Blacks to be surrogates on behalf of the president.

As one who makes his living from creating effective communication strategies for some of the biggest names in sports, politics, business, and entertainment, it is imperative to have messaging consistent with the surrogate’s credibility.

For example, Michael Jordan has no credibility in talking about being a soccer player; Beyoncé has no credibility talking about the medical treatment for cancer.

So, we must identify surrogates who not only have subject matter credibility, but also credibility within the Black community and within the party.

Then we must take our message directly to the Black community.  In my meeting with President Trump, he asked me to address the media and then all hell broke loose from the radical liberal media.

The video link is embedded up above.

I told the media to stop lying about Trump’s record when it came to the Black community.  I specifically called out radical liberal quasi-journalists like Roland Martin, Don Lemon from CNN, and Joi Reid from MSNBC.

And like clockwork, their radical liberal friends all came a running trying to defend them; radical liberals like Jake Tapper from ABC News and Yamiche Alcindor from PBS.

Of course, when I reached out to them to discuss their comments, they both came down with a severe case of laryngitis!

Little Roly Roly must have gotten his feelings hurt because he has been trashing me on social media for the past few days.  Lemon and Reid, who normally have an opinion on everything, now cannot be found anywhere to make a comment about what I said at the White House.

And I standby a 100% of what I said.  Radical liberals like them who are masquerading as journalist are poisoning more minds in the Black community and killing more Blacks than anyone with a white sheet over their face.

They know good and well that they are spreading the poison and the drug of radical liberalism in the Black community.  They constantly tell their Black audiences that the Democrats love them and the Republicans hate them; yet they provide no factual evidence.

Radical liberalism has and is destroying the Black community like no other singular event since slavery.

It was liberalism that took the male out of the home in the 60s.  It was liberalism that injected Black women with the cancer of feminism in the 70s.  It was liberalism that destroyed the educational system in the 80s.  It was liberalism that unleashed the prison pipeline into the Black community in the 90s.  It was liberalism that destroyed the inner cities in the 2000s with crack and high taxes.

Where are all the riots and protests breaking out?  Cities like Baltimore, Atlanta, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York City, and St. Louis, to name a few.

What do they all have in common?  They are all run by radical liberal mayors, city councils, and district attorneys, etc.

But yet, the negative pathologies in the cities are always blamed on “racism,” or Donald Trump.

After the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore in 2015, radical liberals blamed it on racism, despite the city being run by all Blacks.  Hmmm

Radical liberalism is indeed a drug and its very basis is rooted in racism.  Liberal policies in the above listed cities are directly responsible for the high murder rates in these cities; the high unemployment rate among Blacks in their cities; and the under-performing school systems.

It is journalistic malpractice for these quasi-journalists to obsessively spread this type of dogma to their own people; knowing the detrimental effects it is having on the Black community.

Trump is not the problem in the Black community.  Republicans are not the problem in the Black community.  Capitalism is not the problem in the Black community.

Liberalism is the problem in the Black community.

If these fake news promoting quasi-journalist would present both sides of the arguments for debate, then their listeners can make up their own minds as to who is right and who is wrong.

Liberals are afraid of taking their views to the marketplace of ideas within the Black community because they know they will lose.  An informed person is the most dangerous person in the world to a radical liberal.

So to President Trump and my conservative allies, let’s make Blacks the most dangerous people in America!

Staff Writer; Raynard Jackson

This talented brother is a Pulitzer Award nominated columnist and founder and chairman of Black Americans for a Better Future (BAFBF), a federally registered 527 Super PAC established to get more Blacks involved in the Republican Party. BAFBF focuses on the Black entrepreneur. For more information about BAFBF, visit www.bafbf.org. You can follow Raynard on Twitter; Raynard1223.


3 Responses to “Informed Blacks are an Existential Threat to Radical Liberalism.”
  1. Richard Sutherland, J.D. says:

    I agree with your other two responders. I would go a little bit further. I believe that reparations are in order, but politically it won’t get off the ground. So, let’s do a complete overhaul with a Domestic Marshall Plan that will lift up all Americans regardless of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief or not, etc. We can implement a total makeover of our system, which is what I think Dr. Nelson is suggesting. I grew up in Jim Crow Texas in the 40’s and 50’s. I turn 80 next month. I would love to see white Christians actually putting into practice what they profess. Let’s do this. If not now, then when? This is not the time to be a summer soldier or a sunshine patriot.

  2. Dr. Claire Nelson says:

    What is your
    1> Economic System Plan to Foster Inclusive Prosperity?
    2> Social System Reconstruction Plan to Defang Racial Ignorance?
    3> Justice System Plan to Stop Extra-Judicial Killings by Police?
    4> Metrics System Proposal to Benchmark and Measure Systems Change?
    5> Health Care Systems Proposal to ensure affordable access to health care?
    6> Education Systems Plan to create equal opportunities to first world education for black public schools?
    7> Digital Equity Plan to shrink the Digital Divide?
    Because I do not understand your unqualified embrace of this President who has such a dubious track record of honesty in his business dealings with small business people over the course of his life… His communications style aside I don’t understand your embrace of this President for his work. Help me see your Point of View because frankly I dont get him at all.

  3. The challenges confronting the Black community are complex and rooted in the slavery that brought people to America against their will. You cannot solve the problems of participating in a capitalist economy/society through criminal justice reform alone. That is trying to solve the problem from the end. Solutions for the black community must come through an understanding of the government’s role in wealth creation and creating policy and investment to ensure the Black community creates businesses and jobs in their own communities as part of the solution. What would happen if blacks started measuring the percentage of the Trillion dollars of procurements that the Federal Government issues each year as that foundation?

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