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Well Obamagate or Trumpgate?

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( While Donald Trump claims that there were crimes committed by President Obama during the Russia investigation, he refuses to specify what they were. That seems quite out of character for Trump, since considering Trump’s past behavior, it doesn’t seem to be a part of his nature to hide any evidence of criminal conduct by Barack Obama. In the past, if Trump had any evidence that President Obama broke the law in any way, both the United States Marine Corps and the entire 7th Calvary together wouldn’t be able to shut him up. In addition, if he had such evidence, why did he bend over backwards to prevent that evidence from coming out to prove his claim? All of the facts could have been brought out during Trump’s impeachment trial, but instead, Trump colluded with the Republican senate to block the evidence from coming out. So let’s just open the case back up and let the chips fall where they may. 
Trump himself fired Flynn based on the fact that he claimed that Flynn lied to Pence. So why did Trump actually fire Flynn if he knew he was innocent?  Did Flynn actually lie to Pence or was that just a cover story? And if it was a cover story, what was the story designed to cover up? In addition, why has Trump been so determined to get Flynn off the hook from the very beginning? We haven’t seen him apply the same kind of determination to get any of his other associates off the hook. Is Flynn holding on to some secret that Trump doesn’t want revealed?

Michael Flynn is clearly at the very heart of the Russian collusion case and he admitted under oath that he lied. That means there are a lot of serious questions that needs to be answered, so let’s get to the bottom of all of this once and for all, because we can’t afford to have a Russian agent in the White House. That’s right, I said it, and we shouldn’t be hesitant to say it out loud – Donald Trump could be a Russian agent.
The answer as to why Trump would collude with Russia is quite simple. First, he’s greedy and he has no moral character, and after going into bankruptcy 6 times, the Russians came to his rescue when American banks wouldn’t touch him. And chances are, even now he’s only keeping his head above water because Russian oligarchs are using his name and businesses to launder stolen money. That explains why he’s so desperate to keep his taxes hidden. That would also explain why Deutsche Bank is willing to continue to loan Trump money in spite of his long history of defaults. Consider this – maybe the Deutsche Bank continues to loan Trump money because the Russian government is making it good on the other end.
Foreign Policy Magazine ( reported, “Rep. Adam Schiff indicated that ‘We’re going to be looking at the issue of possible money laundering by the Trump Organization, and Deutsche Bank is one obvious place to start,’ he said. A 2017 report by Reuters, citing public documents, interviews and corporate records, also found that at least 63 Russians or people with Russian addresses bought nearly $100 million worth of property in seven Trump-branded Florida luxury buildings.”
In addition, Trump repeatedly lied to the American people all through the 2016 election campaign. He repeatedly claimed that, “I have no business dealings in Russia.” But we now know that all while he was making that claim to the American people, he was in deep negotiations with the Russians to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. He even offered Vladimir Putin a $50 million penthouse apartment in the tower. But there was a problem – the Russian bank, VTB, that was lined up to finance the deal was under U.S. sanctions. That blocked them from taking part in the deal. Could that be why Trump has gone out of his way to remove Russian sanctions?
It is now clear that everything Trump does or says is designed to promote his own private interests and provide comfort to Vladimir Putin and the Russians, and Rudy Giuliani, his own attorney, knows it. That’s why when Trump’s own staff and American foreign service professionals started spilling the beans in the Congressional Impeachment Hearings, Giuliani said, “If I disappear I have an insurance policy. All of the documents on the Bidens are going to be released”. That seems to indicate that Giuliani is not only in fear of legal exposure, but for his very life, and he has good reason to be concerned.
But as deadly serious as the above is, that’s not the worse of it. When you combine Trump’s mental instability with his blind narcissism, and then add to that the fact that he’s being enabled by a Republican Party that’s in a panic over the loss of power due to a rapidly changing demographic, it becomes clear that the very viability of American democracy is in severe jeopardy.

Staff Writer; Eric L. Wattree

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