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This Really Isn’t a Vacation: Stay Home.

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( We live in a society that is fast pace. There is always something to do, a meeting to attend, work to compile, and life simply doesn’t have a stop button. Some of us barely get a pause to take care of ourselves or get adequate sleep. There is no such thing as a completed task list…it just spills into the next day, week, month and year. We are always saying we need more time. Even when vacations are taken, we come back to life tired and needing a rest-cation from the vacation. It could be argued that we have developed quite an addiction to constant movement…we simply can’t keep still. When there is finally an off day, we give ourselves the lecture that we will sit around the house and simply relax. However, when we get that text, call, or email and off we go whether we want to or not.

Right now, our country, and the world, is in peril. We are in a fight to get back to the normal life we once knew. We are in a fight to keep loves ones and members of our community alive. We are in a fight for our children’s life and memory to not be marred by the word coronavirus. The thing is the best thing we can do to help fight the spread of COVID-19 is stay at home. Social distancing is the best way we can help fight this pandemic. Even if we have an awesome immune system, we could contract the virus with no symptoms at all but spread the virus to someone that is elderly or has a compromised immune system. A carrier of the virus could cause someone to lose their life because they simply didn’t want to stay home.

Right now is a great time to get the rest you always longed for, reorganize the house, play the game you didn’t have time for, write the book time never permitted, call a loved one you hadn’t spoken to in forever, or simply chill. Whatever you choose to do please be a courteous citizen and stay home. Care about the life of others and stay home. Yes, I get it your life has been abruptly interrupted in a way you never imagined. All of this is one huge inconvenience to you, and you don’t think it’s fair. If you can’t work why shouldn’t you take advantage of cheap flights. Why should you be made to feel life has slowed down to a crawl when you only live once?

The thing is, this is not just happening to you. This is the reality we are all facing. Life has slowed down, plans have been wrecked, and there is more than enough disappointment for everyone. There are many seniors watching what should be the test time of their high school adventure get canceled, and there is nothing they can do about it. Let’s not make this just about self. Selfish behavior in these times can seriously harm others. You don’t have to like it…no one does, but please stay home.

To think not even two weeks ago you may have been complaining about being tired and having more to do than you have time. Use this as an opportunity to rest and tend to some self-care. We have so much more to occupy us than those that came before us, and that should be a huge help. Regardless of how or why…please help be a part of the solutions, so we can all get back to life and vacations, stay home.

Staff Writer; Adonicka Michele

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