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Major Mistakes Most Couples Continue To Make.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Falling in love is an easy task, but maintaining the relationship needs the right amount of effort.

There are a lot of amazing things that happen when two people are in love. At the start, it seems like the tingling of butterflies in the tummy, but soon enough those same butterflies start giving tummy-aches. The spark dies off and then they start dragging their relationship to an extent where there seems to be no silver lining.

To maintain a healthy relationship, there are some obstacles and challenges that every couple encounters. Sometimes these challenges seem to be out of control but mostly they are totally avoidable if you know the real cause behind that problem. Couples make many mistakes, whether intentionally or unintentionally, that hamper the relationship and leave them brokenhearted and sad.

Here are some of the common mistakes that couples make and ways on how to avoid them.

Taking your partner for granted.

As your relationship matures, you tend to assume that it’s fine to become a little lenient towards the normal niceties. Sometimes what happens is that couples get so comfortable with each other that they stop appreciating or noticing all the little things that their partner does for them.

People stop acknowledging and recognizing the efforts their partner makes for the relationship which in turn starts weakening the relationship more and more.

In such cases, take the extra step and go out of your way to show your partner the affection, interest, and love they deserve from you. So the next time your partner does something for you, a simple ‘thank you’ can also save your relationship.

Whining about your partner to everyone except your partner.

The basic problem with people today is that we go on complaining and grumbling about our problems with anyone who will listen, rather than getting face to face with the thing that is causing the problem in the first place.

When we are unhappy with our partner we tend to leak secrets to other people, whether friends or family, instead of talking directly to our partner about what’s bothering us.

You should confront your partner, even if it seems a little awkward, and tell them that you would like to see some changes in their behavior or habits. Explain to your partner what is really bothering you about them and ask them to work towards improving it. In return, to make it easier, ask them what bothers them about you and try to become better for the sake of yourself and the relationship.

Not being totally invested 

The problem with people today is that their relationships and commitments don’t really matter to them. They are too quick to take the exit door as soon as things start getting tough. Calling quits is trending these days. Being in a relationship is a commitment where two people agreed to, and it comes with its ups and downs.

Couples must stay invested in the relationship even when, especially when, things are going south.

Choosing the wrong person in the first place.

When it comes to love and relationships, often people make rash decisions and choose somebody for all the wrong reasons. This may seem fun and exciting at first but sooner they realize that the relationship has started to erode. A strong relationship requires a strong foundation so that it can stand tall against any storms that come on its way.

Take your time before choosing a partner for yourself. Don’t get into a relationship if your younger brother or older sister is in one. Rational thinking is a must when choosing a partner because ultimately it’s a very important commitment that you are making towards someone.

Judging your relationship based on the ‘sex’ barometer

Sex is an important factor in a relationship, but it is not the only one that matters. People usually confuse good sex equivalent to a smooth relationship.  In the long run, all the desirable and pleasurable things won’t keep the relationship intact. Pleasure is temporary. A relationship should have more value and meaning to it.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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