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Governors and Mayors are Leading this Country.

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( It’s clear we can’t look to the White House for clear and concise action. As the people are looking for strong sound leadership, he’s telling governors to do more, and disrespecting Asian people. Life for him seems to be a game played out on Twitter. It is the governors and mayors across the country that have decided to take the reins of leadership and do what they can for their state and cities. They are in the thick of things on the ground fighting to find ways to help their citizens while making the hard decisions to keep everyone as safe as possible.

The word in Washington is there is a great working relationship between 45 and the governors in different states. However, as soon as we hear that we see tweets that say otherwise. Leadership needs to be strong on every level, but the very top level in many ways has failed the American people, and the leaders that answer to the top.

Governors are being told to get what they can in terms of supplies on their own…if that’s faster. They have been working along side mayors to asses the situation in their city/state as often as possible, so they could be as proactive as necessary without inciting panic as best they could. It can be argued that the leaders were considering what they would need to do in a worse case situation before the current administration was ready to acknowledge the coronavirus was a real threat.

We should remember the mayors and governors that are working around the clock to do all they can with limited resources. I for one can say I appreciate the sense of urgency, and the transparency of these public officials. They have helped keep many of us sane, and they are holding the federal government to task. They are fighting for us in spaces that we are not able to access. There are many people in some of these states that are finding themselves looking at their vote at work. Some elected officials have caught heat from the current administration, and it looked like pick on the Democrat leader moments, but those governors and mayors have shown that they deserved to be in the offices they occupy.

Hopefully, this crisis we face will remind the American people of how important their vote is to their day to day function. Who would have thought we’d be in this situation facing a pandemic that has rocked the US to its core? However, some of us were wise with out ballot and we have leaders that have stepped up in this dark time. I don’t know about a light on the hill, but many governors and mayors are lights in the mist of darkness. There are many days of “social distancing” ahead, and we don’t know how extreme that might become as we have watched out ability to move come to a halt. It is good to know we are not alone, we will get through these troubled times.

Staff Writer; Adonicka Michele

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