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Boring work Style? How to Customize Your Uniform with Easy Tweaks.

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(ThyBlackMan.comStuck in a rut with your work uniform? Tired of seeing the same old smock, vest, scrubs or pantsuit every day? 

Below we’ve listed out a few easy tweaks that are as affordable as they are stylish, to help you set yourself apart at work while still adhering to the dress code. 

Customized Badge Reels/Lanyards

Retractable badge reels differ from the standard carabiner reels because they are attached to a retractable lanyard that provides ease of access and convenience. They are rapidly becoming the more popular option in badge reels due to their functionality, ease of access, and overall aesthetic. Best of all, there are tons of companies online where you can customize your lanyards and badge reels, down to the clip itself! Choose from tons of colors, screen-printed logos, text and photos, and even various fabrics and materials to set your name badge apart from everybody else at work.


Many people in the health industry, or those who work around smelly and dangerous chemicals, have to wear masks daily. Seeing those same white and blue things over your face all day every day can be a little tiring. Luckily, there are many companies online now offering affordable and interesting masks in a wide variety of designs and colors. No matter what you’re into, whether it’s football, kittens or guitars, you can find a mask that’s unique but also safe and functional. 

Hair Accessories

Many companies have strict rules about hair and various styles in their dress code. There are ways to adorn your hair that will still speak to your unique style without breaking the rules. Colorful short scarves, interesting hair ties and pins, scrunchies, interesting barrettes, head bands, and more can be utilized to show a pop of color and refreshing style to any boring bun or ponytail. 


Provided your company doesn’t have rules against jewelry, why not have a little fun with it, wearing a difference couple of pieces every day, coordinated with your outfit (or scrubs, or uniform)? Keep the expensive pieces at home, though; costume jewelry these days are super-affordable and look so good nobody will ever know it’s fake. 


If you’re stuck in a boring uniform day in and day out, even little things like the stuff you carry around can make a huge difference to your mood and show who you are to the world. Pick out that bright (and durable) cell phone case; the cool patterned case for your glasses; the cute and quirky purse, the classy, supple leather belt. Treating yourself to little things that express your personality and bring you happiness will improve your overall productivity at work and show your coworkers what a great person you are. 

So you’re stuck in a uniform. With a few little tweaks, you can still express your unique style and personality while adhering to the dress code. Best of all, it can be done affordably and easily!

Staff Writer; Ron Jackson

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