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LSU Championship Game Powered by New Orleans Culture.

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( The state of Louisiana is extremely proud of it’s flagship university in terms of football. LSU finally beat the ghost of Alabama, went back to the National Championship game, and won the game completing the perfect 15-0 season. The championship game was played in the Mercedes-Benz Louisiana Superdome which was definitely home field advantage for LSU. Everyone came from every corner of the state to show the world Louisiana is a culture all of its own making. The way we do everything is different, and we love it. People started pouring into the city the Friday before the game was some people stayed well into the week. Clemson fans probably felt like they were in another country, but they were welcome to party with us.

There was a post that went viral of Clemson fans doing a pre-game chant…then it cut to LSU fans tailgating to bounce music. There were various versions of LSU hype video…all powered by hip-hop but primarily bounce music. LSU’s band was seen on the street of New Orleans playing “Neck” which is normally played by Southern University…or another HBCU. New Orleans natives want the rest of the state to remember this celebration, because it was powered by New Orleans culture.

It is offensive to some (even those that are not from New Orleans or Louisiana) when New Orleanians say we are not from Louisiana we’re from New Orleans. The thing is we love partying with those that enjoy a good time, and this would never be a discussion if the treatment wasn’t polar opposite any other time. Across the state New Orleans is the city to drag…we’re lazy, ghetto, violent, uncouth, stuck up, crazy, a disgrace, democrats, niggers, you name it…we’ve been called it. You can’t separate the people from the city…we make the culture what it is. We can be found in every part of the city helping to create the sound and flavor you love. The people behind the culture deserve the respect of offering something we all love to our state, and others that come to partake. I want to say Monday’s game was just about football, but it was not. The game was also about culture…from the culture or a coach and team…to the culture of a state, and one of the cities that heavily contributes to such.

While many stood in the Superdome for a president that is the anti-thesis of the culture of the city by which he was standing I was reminded that we are used for gifts while our demise is praised. Everyday we are fighting gentrification, a reputation misunderstood, cultural disrespect, and being squeezed out of the places in our city that our families have lived in for generations. While the culture is needed for the atmosphere of said game to be exciting the people behind the culture live day to day with a foot on their neck in their own home…as the rest of Louisiana watches and whispers.

New Orleanians…or music, and style was up under LSU’s championship swagger for this game. We don’t mind, just pay respect where it’s due. Now that LSU has won, and “Get the Gat” has been played in the White House I hope Louisiana residents, and LSU fans from all over, will remember New Orleans isn’t a place you have to throw rocks at the natives. They are hardworking, have pride, they are family folks, they have manners, and some awesome hospitality.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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