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Some Things to Think About if You’re Designing Your Dream Home.

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( Building your own home is a fantastic project. Not only is it a more meaningful way to find a home, but it also ensures that you can create a prime piece of real estate that really works for you.

If you want to go for it and design your dream home, here are a few things you’ll want to think about:

Budget for More Than the Construction

Designing your dream piece of real estate means being realistic about how much money you have to spend. A lot of people design homes that are far too unachievable because they take into account the cost of building, but not the many additional costs such as insurance, landscaping, surveys and service connections amongst other things. If you want to achieve your dream home, get clued up on every expense you’re likely to face and plan accordingly. Oh and plan for a contingency fund because building houses often goes over budget!

Choose Architects Wisely

Residential Architects are an essential element of designing and building a dream home. They know what is and is not possible and can help you to achieve your vision on your budget. That’s why it’s important to shop around and find the architects who have the most experience in designing the kind of home you want to build. The more knowledge and experience they have, the more of your dreams will be brought to fruition.

Think About Space Functionally

Many people make the mistake of not taking function and practicality into account when designing their dream home. For example, they put children’s bedrooms right off the open plan lounge instead of placing them down the corridor, resulting in more noise than necessary. That’s why it’s smart to sit down and really think about what you will be using your space for. Once you know everything you want to be able to do in your home, you can come up with a plan that lets you use every inch of the space wisely.

Add More Storage

A really good tip for budding house designers is to add way more storage than you think is necessary. Unless you’re an ultra-minimalist, you’re always going to need plenty of places to hide away those of your possessions which are not best placed to be displayed proudly. When you’re building from the ground up, you can create ingenious and invisible storage solutions that give you more space and far less need for bulky furniture – that is the ideal.

Go for High Quality

Choosing higher quality building materials, fittings and furnishings may bump the price up and mean that your grand ideas may have to be scaled down a little, but it is generally worth the sacrifice because quality work will last far longer without having to be repaired or maintained than cheaper options. That means they will save you both time and money in the long-term.

Designing your own home can be tough, but it is one of the most rewarding things you can ever do for yourself or your family – just take the time to think carefully about it first!

Staff Writer; Peter Hall

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