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Rep. Ilhan Omar’s hijab needs loosening.

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( The towel Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn, wears on her head is apparently tied so tight that it’s causing a variant form of torsion, in which the oxygen is being shut off to her brain – thus restricting her already severely limited capacity to function on even a marginal level.

For those inclined to disagree with me, let me point out that it doesn’t take above average mental ability to hate Jews, marry a family member (in her case repeated reports indicate she married her brother) and sleeping around with married men, destroying their families. Someone with the mental capacity of a pork chop understands that publicly displaying the morals of an alley cat brings shame on their children especially when questions are raised about their real father.

Add to the aforementioned that Omar’s hatred for Israel is rivaled only by her hatred for America. Her sympathy for terrorists was graphically displayed as she mourned the justified killing of Qassem Soleimani, the Muslim terrorist responsible for killing, maiming and injuring thousands of people, including hundreds of Americans. She has been a stain on the U.S. Capitol, which is the property of the American people, since she took office.

Omar is very quick to foment animosity based on skin-color, accusing whites and Jews of being anti-black. But she conveniently omits the fact that she has called for the systematic extermination of blacks; and she has told the world from Capitol building of the United States that she demands taxpayer’s pay for blacks to be exterminated.

In May of 2019 she claimed: “Religious fundamentalists are currently trying to manipulate the State laws in order to impose their beliefs on an entire society, all with complete disregard for voices and the rights of American women.” She also “slammed pro-life Christians as trying to impose their beliefs on society.” (, Jan. 10, 2020)

That’s quite the claim coming from a woman who belongs to a cult that practices Shariah. That’s also quite the claim from a woman who belongs to a cult that practices female genital mutilation. A cult that calls for death to any who will not submit and convert to dictates of Mohammedan laws, which were dreamt up by a satanic pedophile who now resides in the fires of their Jahannam.

Contrary to the beliefs of those who worship Moloch, there is a definitional difference between infanticide and women’s health. Killing unborn children is satanic; it is not health care. It is despiteous to claim otherwise, especially when Omar uses blacks as props whenever convenient.

It is not ipse dixit to point out that no population group in history has suffered from an autoecious parasite like Planned Parenthood more than blacks. As I have written and spoken countless times before: The one thing that is never discussed when Erebusic figures like Omar preach baby-killing is the cost baby-killing places upon future generations.

The numbers are inescapable and undeniable. The future of black people as a demographic is threatened by imprisonment, black on black crime, drugs, disease, poor educational standards and dysfunctional family practices; but nothing threatens the future of blacks as a demographic to the extent that baby-killing does.

And that is not just the aggregate percentage decrease of the demographic, which now exceeds 40 percent. It includes the economic cost to blacks. These are costs that are almost never discussed by those who use baby-killing as a means of birth control and population control for blacks. But I have.

Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics Inc., told me several years ago that, “The cost of abortion to society, if calculable, would be astronomical to the point of the average person being incapable of comprehending it.” A baby necessitates diapers, toys, household items, food, books, clothing and much more. Meeting those needs creates jobs in the manufacturing and service sectors. Children also create jobs in the medical and educational sectors.

Crutcher also told me that for blacks in particular: “Abortion has cost blacks tremendous political power. You cannot reduce the black population by – in some estimates – as much as 40 percent in the last years and not have a debilitating political impact that equates further to verifiable economic loss, even if the loss is astronomical to the point of being incalculable.”

The abortion rate for black women remains almost five times that for white women. In Democrat-controlled cities like New York, more black babies are murdered than are born. In Philadelphia the numbers are nearly as bleak.

How bad for Omar that unlike Muslims, true Christians in America view life as sacred regardless of the color of skin. She only values life if it is Muslim, and it is even more to be valued if it’s an Islamic terrorist who dies like the pig he was when he was alive.

Written by Mychal Massie

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2 Responses to “Rep. Ilhan Omar’s hijab needs loosening.”
  1. Muhammad Abdullah says:

    This is absolutely disgusting.
    I’ve been told this website is anti-islam.

    Why take the hijab, a symbol of modesty and use it as a weapon?
    You are against atheism/secularism attacking Christianity for it’s higher morals, yet you do the same to islam?

    Allah has told me the disbeliever (the christian) will burn in hell for his ignorance and veil behavior. I wished it wasn’t literally true but apparently it is.

    That is okay, we convert many demons, primarily the christian demonic pagan filth into the arms of Allah. If we can’t save you, we will save your friends, family or children. No games are being played. This is of Allah Supana Wa ‘Ta Allah.
    ???? ????

    You should refrain from that talk about our prophet on a person-to-person level
    The gays know not to mess with us, as do the Christians.

  2. Oh my goodness. This article is so full of bullshit.

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