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7 Medical Tests Every Health Conscious Woman Should Have.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Arguably, in modern times the significance of whole body checkup regularly cannot be overstated. Women particularly are vulnerable to a host of diseases in the particularly later stages of life. Consequently, the practice of regular whole body checkup is especially beneficial in saving a lot of time and money by detection and prevention of somatic anomalies. Therefore, it is crucial for women to undergo a set of tests regularly to keep the body spick and span. The following are the seven basic tests every woman should undergo:

Pelvic Examination

Pelvic cancer has emerged as one of the leading life-threatening ailments in modern times. A lot of research has gone to determine the intricate contours of the condition extensively. Therefore, it is imperative to undergo pelvic examination especially after the age of thirty. Also, regular Pap smear tests are also recommended by professional medical experts. Generally speaking, this test should preferably be carried out at 21 years of age, and the person should refrain from engaging in sexual intercourse and consuming any form of vaginal medication before undergoing the test. Pelvic examination is done to check the presence of any abnormal growths or anomalous discharge from the vagina. Appropriate consultations with the doctor concerned should be made from time to time.

Breast Examination

Breast cancer is one of the leading concerns of women across the world, particularly in third world countries such as the Indian subcontinent. Periodic breast examination, therefore, is a must. Especially for women over the forty-year threshold, an annual mammogram should be prioritised over everything else. Also, women should learn to undergo a self-examination of the mammary glands. The breasts are typically checked for the presence of abnormal lumps, tenderness, abnormal discharges, abnormal pain etc. Apart from that, the position of the nipples is also examined. If anything is found to be amiss, one should report to the concerned gynaecologist right away.

Bone Mineral Density Examination

Another basic test is the periodic examination of the ratio of bone mineral density. According to recent estimates, over eighty per cent of women tend to suffer from the effects of osteoporosis especially after having achieved menopause. This is basically due to the decreased levels of estrogen in women which is particularly essential for the welfare of bones. The condition usually affects women after menopause, or in certain cases, fractures and abrupt bone deformations due to physical accidents. However, medical experts recommend women over the thirty-five-year threshold to undergo the test every five years to detect the early signs of osteoporosis.

Thyroid Examination

Among the various tests, a thyroid test is possibly the most fundamental one. Hypothyroidism is one of the most common ailments affecting women who usually tend to report such common symptoms as loss of hair, weight gain, fatigue and brittle nails among other things. Especially during such ticklish times as pregnancy and lactation, women are especially susceptible to major hormonal changes which might lead to threatening imbalances. It is also prevalent after a woman has achieved menopause. Generally speaking, medical experts recommend women over the thirty-five-year threshold to undergo the test every five years to detect the early signs of hypothyroidism.

Diabetes Examination

As is evident, diabetes is a raging phenomenon across the world. Irrespective of age, diabetes is largely affecting almost every woman, like an epidemic, thanks to the drastic alterations in the modern lifestyle. Consequently, it is all the more necessary to undergo a blood glucose tolerance test to catch the early signs of the dreaded disease. What is more, women are especially vulnerable to this compared to men, as the former is vulnerable to copious hormonal imbalances throughout their lives. The blood glucose test is recommended for those reporting abnormal blood pressure and other heart anomalies.

Lipid Profile Test

The lipid profile test is undergone to check the levels of cholesterol in the body. Medical experts recommend women over the thirty-five-year threshold to undergo the test every five years to detect the early signs of abnormal or anomalous cholesterol levels. For women susceptible to perils of diabetes in early life, the lipid profile test is especially advised.  At the same time, it is equally important to keep in mind that women reporting astronomically high levels of lipid should undergo the test once every six months, not excluding specified tests also. Consultations with the concerned doctor should be made from time to time.

Vitamin D Examination

Generally speaking, women hailing from the lower strata of society tend to remain confined in their houses. Therefore, they do not absorb sufficient vitamin D from exposure to sunlight. Apart from that, with age, women gradually lose the tendency to synthesise the nutrient. Although there is no particular age for doing the vitamin D tests, it is generally advised to consider it should one report such common symptoms as exhaustion, fatigue, repeated fractures, frequent pain in the limbs, low bone density etc. Additionally, to increase vitamin intake, women should be made to consume fatty fishes and common dairy products regularly.

Staff Writer; Laura Parker

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