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Don’t Block Your Blessings.

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( “God gives nothing to those whose arms are crossed.” Bambara proverb

We live in an abundant universe, there is unlimited energy and potentiality all around us; yet far too many of us have been conditioned to only think within the narrow confines of lack and privation. Even in the hottest desert abundant life exists. It behooves us to think differently about our lives, experiences potential and options. Our thinking is the key; the universe is mental as we have shared recently.

 Life is a fluid, dynamic process; it is a school, a perpetual learning environment. We are always learning one way or another. Sometimes we are the teacher, sometimes we are the student, often we are both at the same time. Life is not stagnant; it is dynamic, full of possibilities, potential and options. Life is worth living to the fullest.

African cosmology teaches the universe is teleological meaning it was/is designed with intelligent purpose and meaning. In a purposefully designed universe everything has intention, function and use.  Everything is interconnected and interdependent, part of a great whole. One of the prime objectives for traditional Africans and indigenous people is to discern their purpose, discover why we are here and how to best fulfill our life’s mission. We will discuss this idea further at a later time.

These ideas fly in the face of the lies we have been told about Africa and primitive people. Notions about a teleological universe animated by SPIRIT also differ greatly from materialistic Europe where people are indoctrinated and trained to become a cog in the profit making machine owned and maintained by a ruthless, greed motivated oligarchy. Deep discussions such as this are lacking in Western society.

African people believe in destiny; meaning each one of us comes into the world for a unique and specific purpose to do great things within a divinely planned universe. When we examine African cosmology and wisdom teachings, we get an entirely different perspective on life, living, ourselves and our environment. On a practical level our ancestors’ wisdom opens doors to personal and collective fulfillment, importance, optimum health and well being. It expands our vision of possibilities.

Traditional Africans believe the material world is interpenetrated by the spiritual realm; that these energies, forces and intelligence can be harnessed for good or evil which is why they placed so much emphasis on good character, communal values and righteousness.

 If one has a worldview of abundance and potentiality then one knows his or her needs will be met because there are entities and forces one can call upon for guidance, wisdom, and assistance. This guidance is readily available and can be used or called upon to make sure one is living in accordance to his or her destiny or life’s purpose.

 European imperialists set out to undermine and destroy indigenous cosmology and cultural values by imposing their religious dogmas using violence, coercion and oppression on the natives. After centuries of indoctrination, many Diasporan Africans are totally ignorant of our profound cosmological heritage. We are clueless about the notions of reality constructed by our ancestors that served them extremely well for thousands and thousands of years.

We need to return to our aboriginal philosophy and view of the universe. We need to reevaluate our standing in the universe. We are here for a purpose and we have all we need to be successful. We are not poor; we just have forgotten the principles of mental alchemy. Our amnesia was/is induced by our enemies who in many ways are our polar opposites. We have forgotten how to raise our consciousness and mental vibrations to resonate on a higher frequency to empower ourselves and attract what we envision and desire.

Africans used ritual to alter their collective vibrations and energy, to assist the whole community; but also knew they could also raise them on a personal level to secure protection, prosperity, optimal health and healing.

The Bambara people have a saying, “God gives nothing to those whose arms are crossed.” Today we are like people with our arms folded across our chests, unable to receive what the universe through people and circumstances offers us. In body language arms crossed over one’s chest signifies a defensive posture, insecurity, keeping others out.

 We also do this mentally. Psychologically we are engaged in psychoclerosis (the hardening of the attitude, which causes a person to cease dreaming, seeing, thinking, and leading. It is the hardening of the mind so that we become unteachable: we stop learning we stop growing and we are unable to receive what the UNIVERSE intends to give us.  In effect we are blocking our own good because we have hardened our minds against the possibilities, options and potential that exists all around us, here and now!

Mental alchemy was thought of as “magic” by unenlightened foreigners and invaders unfamiliar with the principles behind it. As we have discussed earlier, our ancestors knew the universe was mental/ spiritual in nature; that it was the product of intelligent thought, design and creative power.

 Like THE CREATOR we too have the ability to think, imagine, design and equally as important to act in this physical realm. All of these must be employed to make things happen/manifest and they must be infused with emotional energy. We do this all the time already; our emotions can be either positive or negative. Positive visualization is called faith. I prefer to call it eustress: positive imagination, emotions, motivation and biochemical activity having a beneficial effect on health, motivation, performance, and emotional well-being.

Eustress like its polar opposite distress (the Principle or Law of Polarity), is an inside job. We create our reality. We create/manufacture it within ourselves by our thoughts and feelings! Eustress is the beginning of the blessing process; you feel good sending positive energy into the universe. You are actively engaged in living and creating. The universe always responds in accordance to the nature, intensity and degree of your mental and emotional vibration.

Everything is mental. Do a mental self-check; is your thinking positive, energetic, enthusiastic and purposeful or is it pessimistic, lethargic, and willy-nilly? Change your attitude, elevate your vibration and expectations, stop blocking your blessings.

Written by Junious Ricardo Stanton

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