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Top 5 moves to improve shoulder flexibility.

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( Shoulder flexibility is all about the glenohumeral joint where the ball and socket joint where your arm bone connects to your shoulder bone. Your entire body depends a lot on your shoulder functionality and a little pain or discomfort in shoulder can cause a lot of problem for you. Hence it is important to maintain the flexibility of the muscles and joints that support the glenohumeral joint. Remember that without adequate flexibility on the rest of your body you tend to cause more wear and tear on your shoulder and thus it is important to heave structured and healthy shoulder flexibility. If the shoulder motion is limited your ability to transfer forces on other body parts also becomes limited. If you are an athlete than you better understand the power and importance of your shoulder movement as without it you cannot stand properly forget any movement. Here are few tips to maintain and improve shoulder flexibility.

Shoulder Car

The shoulder car drill involves actively moving the shoulder joint through its greatest rotational range motion. If you are able to move your shoulder joint in full range of motion than it indicates healthy tissue remodelling and it improves motor control. Overall this exercise improves mobility and joint health.

Sleeper Stretch

This exercise is mainly to feel it in the back of shoulder. You need to make sure to safely pack your shoulder down so it doesn’t roll up towards your ear and then lightly push your hand down and hold. This way you make a movement of your hands using your shoulder thus increasing the shoulder motion.

Cross Arm Stretch

This is an easy and simple exercise where you pull your arm across your body while pulling your shoulder blade back. This exercise will focus the stretch into the rotator cuff and it will enhance both the shoulder and hand movement.

Wall Angels

This is a very basic wall angel exercise which focuses on moving your shoulder blades while keeping your ribs down and maintaining a neutral spine. All you need to do is to lift your both the hands keeping your back towards the wall and hold your hands for some time. This way you will have a proper shoulder movement and add resistance via gravity.

Military Press Dumbbell

It is a simple yet effective exercise where you need to lift dumbbells and hold your hands above your shoulder. By using dumbbells your shoulders have to stabilize through the entire motion and this gives a lot of flexibility to your shoulder by engaging rotator cuff.

Your shoulder is one of the most important body parts and thus a well designed proper warm up can help achieve and maintain maximum flexibility which is important. If you wish to increase your shoulder flexibility than you must incorporate these exercises into your regular warm up schedule and after some time follow the cool down routine. This will help increase the shoulder flexibility as well as help prevent injury and at the same time will boost your potential.

Staff Writer; Carla Moore

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