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Why Donald Trump Should Win 2020.

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( No I am not on drugs. No I am not Cointel Pro nor a coon with Stockholm Syndrome – unlike the 18 year old African American boy who hugged the white female ex-cop in court who killed his brother, the black female bailiff who fixed her hair nor the black female judge who gave that murderer a hug too. I am wide awake, are you? No I am not a Republican. And no I am not oblivious that Donald Trump is a liar, a cheater, a sexist, a racist, a scam artist, a con man, a Russian asset who puts children in cages, deceives millions, plays all sides against the middle and threatens the very so-called democracy or democratic republic of America. Then why in the H*** would I say Trump needs to win 2020?

I could tell you Trump should win 2020 because the people he appoints to the courts work to save lives of millions of aborted babies, including inadvertently millions of unborn African American children, while you so-called moral or spiritual democrats stay silent. And it’s not just the woman’s body because the unborn child has his OWN BODY! That would all be true, along with the fact that abortions by irresponsible, sorry, selfish women kill more African Americans every year than black on black crime, police brutality, cancer and AIDS COMBINED. Also true.

I could tell you Trump’s stand against LGBTQ perversion is necessary and a stand that Democrats lack the courage to take. That would be true too. I could even tell you that the democratic party which built the KKK, adopted, promoted and supported slavery, racism and discrimination, pushed entitlement programs they knew were actually trap door dependency is a party in no position to lecture Trump about morality, right and wrong. And I would again be accurate. I could even tell you that African American democrats have largely inherited the political party of their captors who secretly see African Americans as dumb and incapable of self-sufficiency. Again, a fact about the party many of you have been brainwashed into thinking cares about you. They simply want your vote and they are willing to buy you off to get it.


I could tell you that a democrat as a president would push perverted same sex agendas into the schools and workplace as tolerance when God called such sins and abominations. I could even tell you that a democrat as president will push for the right for women to kill an unborn child based on convenience irresponsibility and dark heart conscience. And yes I would be correct. But none of the above is the main reason Trump should win 2020. I dare you to think deeper!

Donald Trump should be President in 2020 because he is shoving the exact corruption, racism, treachery, betrayal, dishonesty and evil that America was founded on right down the throat of America.  If you want to talk about Trump and treason, you also have to talk about America’s founding fathers who would have been executed for treason by England if the “traitors’ had not won the war against the British. Donald Trump won because he represents the real America without the mask on. China knows it, North Korea knows it, Russia knows it the Ukraine knows it and any American with a brain knows it too.

Donald Trump has turned the light on bright to expose the millions of Americans who want the times to return back to when women could not vote, African Americans were slaves, Muslims were not welcome and Hispanics were seen as pesky cockroaches. Will that happen? Not likely any time soon but the foundation has been laid.

One day the racists who threw the boomerang realized that it came back in their face and it had TRUMP written boldly on it in red, white and blue. If you are African American, you actually have less to fear from Trump than you think you do so don’t get caught up in the hoopla as such. African Americans have never been in power as a people in this country and as such, we have less to lose. As a people we have always had to live with racism, police brutality, no power, economic oppression, disenfranchisement, disproportionate profiling and incarceration, eugenic genocide, poverty and worse. Therefore we are more prepared than we think and as a people we have less to worry about than those who have oppressed us. In fact the Census Bureau estimates that people of color will become the majority in this country so all we have to do is wait and hold on as we always have. As for those who stand to lose power, control, influence and a whole lot more in this country, they have to worry because you reap what you sow, what goes around comes around and we all know that karma is a b****.

Donald Trump is a wake-up call, a cold bucket of water in the face of the real America. The racists thought they could get him in office, advance their agendas and control him at the same time. Wrong because he ran a scam on them too. Now his power base has grown so strong that he has them terrified because he is spontaneous, unpredictable and does not need them.

You must come to realize there were 5 key groups who voted for Trump in 2016. Group 1 was devious Republicans like Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz who never liked Trump. Notice how they talked about him and exposed who he is until he got in office.  They never liked Trump but they favored Trump over Hillary because they could advance their agendas through a man they thought was oblivious to the game. But Trump plays a different game and they drank the Kool-Aid without even knowing it. Meanwhile Trump was testing the waters to see how far he could push things to the edge – and for the most part, now he knows. Trump knows the Republican party will bow down, step back and fall in line, his line. And in the process of that revelation, since 2016 Trump’s power over the Republican party has doubled.

But there are also 4 other groups that got Trump elected. The second is Russia who breached and influenced the election – and they will again. The third is middle-class suburban Caucasian women, the soccer moms who wanted Trump in office – even after he cheated on his wife with a porn star and a playmate, even after he confessed to sexually assaulting women at will, even after woman after woman came forth to accuse him of the very things he admitted to on the Access Hollywood tape. Even after Trump talked about women and their weight, their looks and their menstrual cycles. And regardless of how Donald Trump treats his wife like a nanny mail order bride and his daughter like a wife.

The fourth group that put Trump in office is those people on the fence who took a chance on believing what he promised to do. But wait, there is still no wall built and Mexico has paid for nothing. So what does Trump do? Take it all out on the Hispanic people every chance he gets, lock them in cages, treat Puerto Rico’s American citizens like stepchildren , lie about caravans then blame the whole thing on Hispanic immigrants while they work at his golf clubs.

The fifth group that got Trump into office is the die hard, brainless, Trump-loving, zombie parrots who cannot think for themselves. Largely uneducated, this group is easy to fool and Donald Trump knows it. They are not about facts because he has trained them not to believe what they see and hear unless it comes from him. They repeat whatever he says and defend whatever he does. They are the perfect dedicated zombies fit to be the victims of a skillful con man. Yet all the while their wallets are impacted by Trump tariffs, their farms and auto manufacturing plants are taking a hit. Their air is not cleaner because Trump rolled back clean air and clean water regulations. They have jobs again where they can have the right to die in the coal mines where the work. They, in part, are those who stood in soup kitchen lines after only 1 week when Trump shut down the government. And they still don’t get it.

Why did I have to share all that? Because it all relates to why Donald J. Trump Sr. should be President in 2020. Only Trump can hand this country the very poison it has dished out since it was founded. Only Trump can show the world what the core of America is really made of. He is the blunt face of America without the politics and political correctness. Without the behind the scenes treachery. And it is not likely that any of the 5 I named want Trump as President in 2020 for the reasons that I do. Most people do not think that deep. What about you? Get off the surface and go deeper, if you dare.

Donald Trump has acquired a ton of power and if he becomes President in 2020, he will be unstoppable, even by the entire Republican party. The Emperor does not need new clothes because he has stripped the Republic party, millions of loyal followers and taken theirs. Trump is not the elephant in the room, he is the ringmaster who runs the circus. We see that now.

So what’s next? Donald Trump has not divided this country down the middle. He has exposed how it has always been divided but quiet about it. President Trump is about to drain the swamp, fill the mote and throw racist American right into it. But the swamp was not Washington as so many thought. The swamp is America itself and he plans to expose it, make money from it then tear it apart. Trump must be laughing his head off at how many people actually think he is stupid, confused or a novice. He has no reason to change any strategy. It got him elected didn’t it? I don’t agree with his methods but I understand how he could see it as “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it or if it is broke, blame somebody else”.

Whatever you might think of Trump, he is shaking up this nation, exposing the real America and getting richer in the process, all at the same time. And he is playing the game so well that people on all sides of the aisle are confused or distracted, just like in the Republican debates. Not the work of a stupid man, not at all. He must be in awe that it was that easy to do what is has done. He has said every crazy thing in the book. He has told every bold face lie that came to mind. He has cut every worldwide agreement he could. He has insulted everybody he thought to insult. He controls the media (practically all media) with a tweet – any day, every day, anytime. And he does not have to spend a dime to do it. I recognize an extremely intelligent strategy at work through Trump – whether he came up with it all by himself or not.

Donald Trump represents moral, economic and political judgment day for America. He is America’s grim reaper. Judgment day for every hidden political agenda on all sides of the aisle and every corporation that supports it. For every overt and covert racist. For our entire economic system and how America has done business every since its founders betrayed the indigenous people and brought the slaves to this land. And this is not a reality show, it’s a sci-fi movie thriller playing out before your very eyes.

Trump is causing America to look in the mirror and then implode on itself. Of course I wish there was another way. But then so did those who witness what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah. I am sad to see and say America’s suns of guns and violence are chickens that have come home to roost. From 2000 to 2019 there have been over 300 active shooter incidents and who do they look like? Not me. Not people of color. Not Hispanic immigrants. Not even Muslims. Instead they are the darker sick America.

Does all this sound crazy? Really? Then I suggest you read the book of Daniel where Daniel saw all the craziness happening. The Angel told Daniel these things must come to pass in order for all things to be fulfilled. Take about the latter days, wow! So am I saying who is using Trump? Well you come to your own conclusions. But one thing is for sure. Donald J. Trump Sr. is just the man to hand America exactly what it has always dished out and a storm is coming – the storm of the century!

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

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